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Your emails: Seeing red over Code Vein

Friday’s arrived and that means we’ve once again trawled the emails from our excellent readers to find and answer your burning tech questions.

Make sure to check back every Friday lunchtime for our letters to the editor – and get involved by sending your emails to [email protected]. We’ll feature the best on this very page at the end of each week.

Foxsat vs Humax

Having used the original Foxsat I recently upgraded to the HDR 1000S unit (did I say upgrade?). In comparison the 1000S is nothing less than a heap of junk, it is unintuitive to use, the menu structure makes little or no sense, and operation is dodgy at best. With the old Foxsat, if I needed the menu it was straightforward to find – the 1000S is impossible to find. Can you please inform Humax their new boxes are simply not fit for purpose?

— Geoff

Thankyou for letting us know. We originally tested this product seven years ago, so a lot has changed in that time.

Show me the direction to the Moto G7 Plus

Can you please tell me if the Moto G7 Plus has a magnetometer? I’m asking you because I have not been able to find a clear yes or no anywhere else so far.

 I want to use apps that make good use of a magnetometer e.g Flightradar 24 or Star Walk.

 — Paul Lister

If by magnetometer you mean compass, for other Motos it depends on the region. But Motorola confirms here that G7 Plus does have a compass in all regions. The Motorola rep goes onto say he’s getting the specification info updated on the various Motorola websites, as this has not been clear enough.

iPhone XR vs 11

I like to consider myself an informed buyer and I like to make sure I exhaust all the review site opinions before I make my decision, especially now that the differences between phones are starting to become ever so slight.

I’m coming from an iPhone 7, and even though I love Apple, I was just wondering your honest opinion on the phones, especially the future for them.

— Bora Ergör

We were very positive in our iPhone 11 review, giving it a Recommended award. It’s the natural successor to the iPhone XR in Apple’s range. But you can find out our full view on how the various iPhones compare, including one of the iPhone 7 range.

On the future, you can’t really bet against well executed tech from the biggest company in the world.

Stop-start Dyson V10 fix

Just found a very simple solution to the stopping and starting problem with the Dyson V10 which no one seems to have found or mentioned in any article.

On the right hand side of the motor there is a small space where debris and dust gather, it can be easily accessed with something as simple as a knitting needle or small screwdriver – in there you will be amazed at how much you will find when you clean it.

— Francis Sullivan.

Thanks very much for the tip. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but perhaps our readers can let us know if this works.

Old lag

Regarding your Philips OLED804 review, you mentioned that switching to Game Mode reduces the input lag to 15ms. However, other reviews state 30-33 ms of input lag. Your review is the only one out there stating that this TV has 15.

Could you please clarify / if possible do additional testing?

— Paul

We’ve reached out to our reviewer for a comment and will get back to you next week.

Code Vein code red

I am writing to complain about your Code Vein review. As someone who purchased the game and put a lot of hours into it, I find the review written by Sayem Ahmed to be a gross misrepresentation of the title itself. Not only is his rating far different from most other review sites, it’s clear from his writing that he’s reviewing a game outside of his personal taste zone while pretending to be objective about it.

I could go on, but I’m not here to dissect the entire review. He goes on to say that boss fights are unfair (they aren’t, he’s probably just bad at the game), and that he found the environments “bland” (despite many online praising the level design). Both of these things are incredibly subjective and yet he uses it to justify an extremely low score. His last justification of giving the low score is to criticise the design of our companion, saying it’s “questionable” (but he never goes further into this).

It’s just incredibly clear that this was an extremely biased, negative review of the game done by someone who has no true appreciation for the genre.  

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— Erica

Thanks for the note. We should point out that all reviews are ultimately subjective and a matter of opinion, and our reviewers are free to say what they think. We appreciate that not everyone will agree with our view, but we’re glad you’re enjoying Code Vein anyway. We specifically chose Sayem Ahmed to review this title, precisely because of his extensive experience with the genre – particularly FromSoftware’s library, which has inspired so many games in recent years.

Much of the critique comes from his love of the genre, and how, in his view, Code Veins apes the best of the best without bringing enough new to the table. If you’re curious about what our author thinks of other Souls-likes, he’s got a personal ranking, too.

P30 camera request

I recently read your review of Huawei P30 Pro camera for photos. I have this small request, could you also do a review of it in terms of video recording and possibly an article on best video camera mobile phones? Thanks in advance.

— Paari

Thanks for reading the review. We are definitely looking at doing more around phone’s video capabilities and will be including this a lot more in our reviews going forward. We’ll also be including more video samples both in the reviews and in our Best Camera Phone round-up.

That’s it for another week. Thanks again to all the people who emailed in, and keep emailing in to continue the conversation.

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