Zbigz Alternatives in 2021 – for high-speed download torrent files

Looking for ZbigZ alternatives? If your answer is yes, then at that point this article is for you. Here we have listed the 10 best ZBIGZ alternatives which will assist you with downloading any Torrent Files fast. Read the following description, and you can utilize any of these 10 best ZBIGZ Alternatives to download files from the Web and save them in your Personal Cloud Storage. Therefore, read the article cautiously?

What is Zbigz?

Zbigz is the most famous torrent downloading site that permits individuals to download distinctive torrent files at high speed without any cost. Individuals can begin utilizing the administrations offered by Zbigz by making another account on it. 

To make another account on Zbigz administration, the clients don’t have to pay cash. The clients can secure the administrations of the Zbigz account altogether for nothing of cost. 

The clients can utilize all services altogether for free. The clients need to make some installments for getting admittance all the superior highlights on the Zbigz account. Well, you don’t need to go to the installment to buy all these administrations. We will help you in giving the free Zbigz premium administrations for nothing without spending a single penny. The Zbigz premium account gives the client id and password to the clients who are looking for its administrations.

Main Features of Zbigz Torrent Downloader

Here is a portion of the key features of Zbigz Torrent Downloader that allows the clients to download torrent files without any cost. Look at it! 

  • Zbigz torrent downloader lets you download files at high speed. 
  • The clients can gain admittance to various torrent files at fast. 
  • All the download files that you have downloaded will store as the cache by utilizing the high-speed cache feature. 
  • Utilizing this Zbigz account, the clients can download the files in a quicker way. 
  • The clients can undoubtedly download the torrent files without hanging tight for the download. 
  • The clients can download limitless files sincerely free of charge. 
  • The speed of your download on the account relies upon the web service supplier who offers the speed. 
  • On the Zbigz account, the size of the files is restricted to 500 MB. 

Best Zbigz Alternatives 2021 

 Sometimes individuals propose the clients use the Zbigz service as it offers great downloading speed for all its users. The clients can download the files at a speed of 150 KBPS. One of the main issues with Zbigz is that they delayed down entirely and you could face cache issues. 

In this post, we have listed the best alternatives to Zbigz. Rather than utilizing the Zbigz account, you can utilize the following mentioned alternatives of the Zbigz.  


Bitport is a good service, giving better cloud facilitating services and direct downloads of torrent files. Bitport has SSL encryption, which means one’s online exercises, cannot be followed through ICP. An individual can enlist for the Bitport for nothing out of pocket, and afterward one can download up to 2 GB torrent from the free record. You can browse the torrents by utilizing this service Bitport, yet you get unlimited bandwidth speed and download speed with that. A steady dashboard is upheld by Bitport, and its servers are quicker, it even has a premium form, however, you need to pay more cash for it. 


ByteBXByteBX is probably the best alternative for the Zbigz premium account. In the event that you refer to a companion about this service, you can get free admittance to 14 days of the premium features on the ByteBX account. The ByteBX premium account gives a sum of 100 GB of bandwidth for all the premium users. This is perhaps the most competitive alternative for the Zbigz. 

You should simply straightforwardly download a file and upload that file link to the ByteBX account. Else, you can even paste that torrent file link to the ByteBX account. 

The ByteBX will store that file, and the clients on the same page can see a direct download link.


FilesLoop is among the absolute best alternatives of Zbigz actually, it is a cloud storage service and spout downloader that works in a program and not through a software app client. The website makes it simpler for you to search for torrent files utilizing its multisite motor, transfer spouts, and download your documents quickly. 

Since it offers cloud storage, it is less complex to save your documents to a provided account and either see them or download them to your gadget. Despite the fact that FilesLoop is a predominant service, a free option with restricted highlights is offered for all clients.


Filestream is the best and free ZbigZ alternative. You can download more files in 1GB with a file stream with very quick speed. To store your files in a hurry, upload your torrent files to filestream. You can likewise copy-paste that file links on Filestream. Filestream encrypts links so don’t stress over your protection. Filestream not choke your speed with the goal that you will get the biggest download speed of your ISP. Simply attempt Filestream free account today and if you are happy with their administration, you can purchase its premium plan for just $ 2. Prime Filestream accounts permit enormous file download and you won’t ever confront any interference. 

What satisfies me more than anything is that Filestream helps downloads many document-sharing sites like 4shared, Rapidgator, and so forth Filestream Provides a direct download of your huge documents so you can download them with IDM. Not just that you can likewise stream your favorite videos on your Android so you won’t have to store videos on your PC. In the event that you purchase a premium service, you have got high download speed.


Off-cloud is another famous Zbigz Premium alternative. This site empowers clients to download their favored files without any cost. This Off-cloud administration has a rich UI so the clients can gain admittance to it from any of your gadgets like a cell phone, or tablet. 

With this help, the clients can download torrent files in a moment. This site is viable with the component of a resume. You can delay and resume your download if you are much occupied with some other work. This is totally secure and safe approach to download files. Independent of the size of the torrent files, the clients can download the files at high velocity in less range of time. The web supplier or another organization administrator couldn’t follow your online exercises by utilizing this Offcloud premium site. 

Offcloud offers a safe and defensive dashboard for all clients. The clients need to go through cash or pay for gaining admittance to the exceptional highlights of Offcloud administration. Well, the expense of the premium account is somewhat modest so you can purchase limitless speed.


Torrents site is an extraordinary alternative to Zbigz accessible on the web for all torrents users. Utilizing this site, the clients are adequately enough to download various torrents file in a second. Utilizing this top-notch administration, the clients can download the files from in excess of 90 file facilitating administrations. 

To obtain its administrations, the clients need to have a top-notch account on this torrent downloader. Subsequent to obtaining another account, you can copy the file link and straightforwardly paste it on this Putdrive site. The clients can acquire admittance to limitless downloading content; they need to buy the account at a cost of 9.99 Euros each month.


Seedr is a site that works on the way toward streaming and downloading multimedia files over the web. This site is especially dealing with torrent and many other multimedia documents and it is a freely accessible site over the web from throughout the world. Seedr is specially designed for deals torrents on the cloud. 

It allows its clients to stream multimedia documents and surprisingly read advanced books and do substantially more in a flash and remaining private constantly. If you can’t download torrent effectively or the torrent downloader isn’t offering a lot of downloading speed then Seedr is the best source where your torrents files will truly work.


TorrentSafe is a web-based alternative that is called to be an unknown cloud torrent customer. This alternative permits clients to anonymously download links to torrent files. The good thing about TorrentSafe is that you have no need to register on this site. 

Before paying for its top-notch version, you can use its free trial, Downloading any file by means of TorrentSafe is very simple and easy. You have to just paste that torrent file link and its downloading will begin quickly. The downloading by this quick and private torrent downloading administration will consistently occur in your internet browser.

Sonic SeedBox

Sonic SeedBox is a super-quick alternative that offers the best cloud administration for its users because it permits its guests to download any file with the help of download servers. It likewise permits its clients to change over their torrent documents to direct HTTP link with rapid and even download the files with no ISP limitation and data transfer capacity limit forced by the BitTorrent too. 

The great benefit of Sonic SeedBox is that it permits its clients to change over torrent documents to direct links and get that downloading from any place in the world. It saves the cash of its clients by offering the extra room and many great highlights for better downloading and it gives its clients to get the benefit of various locations to download servers all throughout the planet. The files that are submitted to the Sonic SeedBox will consistently be streamed through various servers.


TransferCloud is the best source that provides its users the direct downloading of the torrents files to the cloud storage and even to the FTP servers and it is the most secure path over the web to recover content from the sites. In any place of the cloud, the clients can transfer the documents also. 

TransferCloud is a good source over the web for downloading files straightforwardly to your cloud accounts. The method of working with TransferCloud is clear and direct. All you need to paste that file link, to the TransferCloud, and that files will be either downloaded or safely transferred to your cloud account according to your own decision.


Bytesloader is an online downloading administration that helps its clients to download and save any cloud-based documents over the web. The good thing about Bytesloader is that it has an online audio and video downloader that empowers its clients consistently to download the documents to any gadget and operating system too. 

The clients can download the documents to the PC and to the personal cloud account and it is very easy to move the information too; it is likewise simple to erase the downloaded files from the account too. Bytesloader additionally permits its clients to download the great media files also; in any case, sometimes, it can’t download the complete data. is a web-based stage that functions as an individual secure storage stage and brings the multimedia files over the Internet and empowers its guests and streams them quickly. As a matter of first importance, you will require an account, and from that point forward, you can begin streaming media documents. 

Furk makes it simple for its clients to stream any video and even their most loved music from any gadget and stage. For the data of the readers, it imposes few limits on its guests; there is a bandwidth limit and disc storage limit too. is a cloud-storage service that takes files across the world from various outlets and shops them into the advanced archive of a client. For your sake, the supplier will import documents and afterward make them accessible to you on whatever PC you have. Faiba 4G switch cost and how to get in Kenya Unlike other related sites, the option of picking singular documents from a torrent isn’t utilized by clients on Instead, to limit bandwidth, it gets the full torrent rapidly. That is one reason that documents from the web are handily taken to the site.


BitTorrent is the best alternative to Zbigz since it empowers you to download torrent files within a couple of moments. You can use it to download your documents in a flash or stream them. As one of the underlying desktop torrent apps, BitTorrent allows quick and massive document downloading from the desktop. 

It likewise utilizes refined customization options, and clients can appoint more bandwidth to one document with the goal that they can download it a lot quicker. The app is accessible for nothing out of pocket and through a yearly enrollment.


Tribler is a downloader of Tour-roused torrents. It makes a forum without thinking often about the restriction to look and download spouts online secretly. Utilizing it will assist you with remaining secure online in light of the fact that on all downloads, it gives secure encryption. Also, long when you quit transferring your documents, the web makes uploading videos simple for you. For Windows, Mac, and Linux, Tribler is promptly open. Inferable from the way that the product is an open-source project, it is totally free to download and utilize.

Last thoughts

So, these were the best alternatives to Zbigz. The vast majority of the options have a premium plan, which means you have to go through cash to utilize all the usefulness. But, assuming you need a Zbigz premium account, the upsides of sites like Zbigz premium usefulness can be exploited without going through cash. You can download any file you need to download with ZbigZ’s paid highlights just as its substitute alternatives. 

These are generally open, and all the services can be acquired in a simple manner. To appreciate the high-level highlights of ZbigZ, you don’t need to contribute a great deal of time and assets into getting the free ZbigZ premium account rapidly. You need to do some online exploration to get the data about how to get a free ZbigZ premium account.

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