8 Best Free Weather Widgets For Android

On the off chance that we glance around, we will find that bunches of clients have a daily practice to screen the climate day by day. You will discover individuals making arrangements for up and coming occasions in the wake of watching the meteorological forecasts. Those days are gone when we need to depend upon the Television and Radio to know the meteorological forecasts, nowadays we can get the climate estimate from our cell phones.

In the event that we talk about Android, there are a lot of climate gadgets accessible on the Google Play Store that can furnish you with precise meteorological forecasts of a specific day or time allotment. These gadgets live on your home screen and let you see the climate data at a brisk look without opening some other application.

8 Best Free Weather Widgets For Android 2020

So, in this article, we are going to share some of the best weather widgets for Android 2019 that you can use today. It’s worth noting that there are plenty of weather widgets available on the Google Play Store, but only a few of them are worth your time and attention. So, let’s explore the list of best and top-rated Android weather widgets 2019.

1. 1Weather


1Weather is one of the best and most popular Android weather app available on the Google Play Store. You won’t believe it, but the app is right now used by millions of users to know the weather reports. The great thing about 1Weather is that it brings in a wide range of widgets to choose from according to your taste. On 1Weather, you can choose from circle to square widgets available in different sizes. Apart from that, users can also customize the color, transparency, and opacity of the widget.

2. Weather Live

Weather Live

Weather Live is another top-rated Android weather widget available on the Google Play Store that’s now used by millions of users. Just like 1Weather, Weather Live also provides users a wide range of widget options. Weather Live also offers users an option that covers the entire screen with current weather conditions. Apart from that, Weather Live also allows users to customize the widgets like adjusting the transparency, colors, opacity, etc. So, Weather Live is another best and top-rated Android weather widget 2019 that you can use today.

3. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is probably the most popular Android weather widget app available on the Google Play Store. If we talk about the weather widget feature, AccuWeather provides users only four options. However, the app provides users far more controls to the widgets compared to any other app listed in the article. For instance, you can set the refresh interval, time or date, temperature, theme, text color, opacity, etc.

4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Well, Yahoo Weather is not a very popular Weather widget app, but if you are a Yahoo fan, then you will love the app for sure. Yahoo Weather provides users seven different widget options to choose from. The great thing about Yahoo Weather is that it uses a random Flickr photo as a widget background. Apart from that, the weather widget shows temperature, current weather conditions, and lots of other basic weather details.

5. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is another best free and full-fledged Android weather app available on the Google Play Store. The great thing about the app is that it provides users a handful of widgets as well. Users can choose from squares or rectangles while creating a widget. If we talk about the widget features, the app allows users to make doesn’t allow users to make any adjustments apart from selecting the location. The widget shows current condition details, hourly, and daily forecast reports.

6. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Weather & Clock Widget for Android

If you are searching for an Android widget app to stay updated with the latest weather observations, then Weather & Clock Widget for Android might be the best pick for you. The widget app provides users with lots of customizable widgets to show current weather, hour/daily forecast, moon phase, etc.

7. Simple weather & clock widget

Simple weather & clock widget

It’s another best weather and clock widget app that you can use on your Android smartphone. It adds a simple-looking weather and clock widget on your home screen. If we talk about the customization, the app allows you to change widget background color and transparency.

8. Live Weather&Local Weather

Live Weather&Local Weather

Well, it’s basically an app from where you can grab daily and hourly weather forecast reports. The app also offers a few customizable weather and digital clock widget that could change the look of your home screen. The weather widget can display radar information like forecasts, sunrise time, sunset time, etc.

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