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What is EDM Marketing – Electronic Direct Mail

Today Marketing is very important part for your online business. For the sake of records of your sales, grow and for your business nourishment you have to make it noticeable for your audience. If your business does not have a strong marketing strategy, that’s mean you are not reaching at the point of dozens of potential customers as they simply not realize your business exists.

In the world of online business you need good marketing tools to attract your customers. Hence, you can adjust very easily with your audience’s requirements and current market trends. One of these tools is EDM marketing, which is a great addition in world of email marketing.

What is EDM Marketing?

EDM or Electronic Direct Mail is an email marketing tool that used for building an email database of your customers and prospects. It is sending timely, relevant promotions through email that keep your company in touch with your customers until they are ready to use your services.

In a Digital Marketing strategy EDMs uses many types of communication to keep in touch with their customers. These communication channels have remarketing ads, PPC and social media campaigns, with the purpose of gaining consumer loyalty.

Let’s further discuss the benefits and the characteristics of EDM which can bring in your business and the difference between EDM Marketing and Email Marketing.

Benefits of EDM for your Businesses

Strong Customer Relationships

Sending emails to your customers is the best way to improve your relation with your customers. You can also add personal touches in your EDMs, getting your customer’s attention to your message more.


How much resources you are providing is always a very important consideration, whether you are running a small business or a large organization. EDMs, directly reach a great number of audiences.

In fact you have to create an account and pay for that email marketing platform which you use for your EDMs. Electronic direct mails promise its customers better results for a very small budget.

Useful customers Insights

EDMs help you understand your consumer behavior because mostly email platforms are enough powerful that let you know about how many people visit your email, what device they used to see it, and even the location from where they seen it. These are very useful information that helps you to know about your consumer behavior.

With these insights, you can easily find what type of content will be good for your audience, and what type of content needs improvement.

 Characteristics of EDM

The Characteristics of strong Electronic Direct Mail are the following:

Very Simple and Interesting

Most people don’t have enough time to read promotional emails. Always make sure that your EDMs are interesting for the audience and should be straight to the point. In doing this, you are now enabling your readers to grasp your message without any issues.

Targeted at a Specific Audience

Aside from having very clear content, your EDMs must target a specific audience. This will involve your mailing list to sell you services aligned with their needs particularly if you cater of both consumers and the businesses.

Clean and Professional

Besides having clear content, your EDM must be very organized and pleasing to the eye. A good looking EDM offers an authoritative branding to your customers.

Mobile Responsive

About 41% of peoples see their emails on their mobiles. For this reason, mobile responsive EDMs are very necessary for you to get the great number of customers you want across your market. A mobile responsive electronic direct mail ensures you that your images load very fast.

EDM Marketing vs. Email Marketing

EDM marketing is largely based on email marketing due to this reason many people use these two terms interchangeably. 

EDM main focused is email database. It means it building an email database of customers and directly giving your offer to them by email. So, how are both terms EDM marketing and email marketing are different from each other?

It’s different in terms that it usually has more than simple email communication. The best EDM campaigns uses cross media channels and uses printed materials, social media promotion, and SMS messaging to communicate with their audience.

When you should use EDM marketing?

EDM marketing also has other marketing channels. If you think that you can use alone email marketing for your result then it’s not possible for you. That will be not enough for you to get require results. You can also retarget your customers who visit your site by Facebook Custom Audiences and Google AdWords Remarketing, For instance.

If you want good results which depend on the quality of your lists, or you’re clean, updated database then you should use EDM marketing tool.

Last words: Go and start EDM marketing right now

Don’t use old email marketing strategies when you can use EDM marketing. EDM marketing uses its traditional principles that gives you a good customer experience and transform it into a very advanced marketing miracle.

You can engage your customers very easily by using EDM marketing. Technology and the best marketing practices are constantly changing and it can be difficult for businesses to keep up. So, go now and use the best and cost-effective EDM marketing strategies.

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