Top 9 Free Gramblr Alternatives in 2021

Gramblr Alternative is a computer-based programme that allows you to submit photos and videos to Instagram. You’ve undoubtedly heard of this app if you’ve been using Instagram for a long. Instead of using a smartphone, you may use the Instagram app on your computer. This is an excellent app. This programme was initially introduced in 2008, and it soon became popular. The alternative applications for gramblr, on the other hand, have been removed from the company’s official website and are no longer available. If you’re seeking for a tool comparable to gramblr, you’ve found it here. You have a wide range of options from which to pick.

What is Gramblr?

Gramblr is an excellent free software that runs smoothly on both laptops and desktop PCs and does not require smartphone compatibility. It allows you to upload photos and videos directly from your computer to your gramblr instagram account.

Top 9 Best Gramblr Alternative You Can Use in 2021

Each Gramblr Alternative app has its unique set of benefits, so select wisely. We’ll tell you about each programme and provide a link to download it. As a consequence, you’ll be able to get the programme and start utilising it right away.

1. Flume

Flume software allows you to use your computer to access your Instagram account, send and receive messages, publish photographs and videos, and more. This is the best gramblr reviews replacement. Switching between several accounts is straightforward. This application may be used for both group conversations and quick picture and video transfers. If you have an Instagram Business Profile, you may use this tool to get information about your comments and followers.

2. InstaZood

Another gramblr alternative is InstaZood. The maximum handy techniques for handling your Instagram account out of your computer. With the incorporated Instagram bot, you could count on to advantage greater Instagram followers. All you should to do now could be increase a dependable and tremendous Instagram profile.

3. Later

The word “later” is regularly used as a grammatical stand-in. The latter app has seen an increase in use in recent years. Therefore, everyone on Instagram is presently looking through their analytical report. There are paid and free versions of this application. Posts may be scheduled to go live at any moment in the free edition of the Instagram scheduling tool. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium edition if you want to bulk schedule posts. In a nutshell, you can schedule Instagram posts using the Later app.

4. Windows Instagram App

For Windows 10, you may get a complimentary copy of Instagram through the Microsoft Store. All of your Instagram direct messages, as well as recent likes and other features, may be viewed at any given time. If you want to post photographs to Instagram from your PC, you may use this app. You may either choose an image from your computer’s gallery or take a picture using the camera on your desktop. This is the greatest replacement for gramblr.

5. Grum

With the Grum app, you could effortlessly time table Instagram posts for a week. On your PC, use this software program to put up or time table snap shots on your Instagram account at any time. This is the fine gramblr opportunity app. Filters, hashtags, and calendar postings also are on hand for Multi-account postings. You won’t need to to log inside and outside each time you turn among debts when you have severa debts.

6. GetUplet

The GetUplet app enables you to share all the moments that matter to you. A Mac-only app that allows you to connect with your Instagram followers is available. Uplet was designed to help you get noticed on Instagram. It’s the finest gramblr replacement software out there. A Mac software for posting photos and videos to Instagram is unquestionably simple to use.

7. Desktop for Instagram

You can use a easy app to get right of entry to your Instagram account in your PC withinside the equal manner which you do in your smartphone. It permits you to immediately upload, open, and down load high-decision pictures out of your PC. You can evaluate the notifications that have been added to you. This app permits you to carry out the entirety you could do on a smartphone. The simplest difference is this software program can be run on a computer. This is pretty helpful. opportunity app to gramblr.

8. AiSchedule

Using the AiSchedule app, you may upload photographs to your Instagram account at a time that is convenient for you. It’s also easy to list the most popular Instagram stories because of this. You have the option to plan posts for days, weeks, or months in advance, depending on your needs. You may use it to sign in to many accounts at the same time. Using our gramblr app replacement technology, you may safely republish your content. It may be used for geotagging as well as individual tagging. With the aid of a powerful Hashtag searcher, you may generate very informative articles. You may use this app to react to comments automatically.

9. BlueStacks

Bluestacks is the maximum famous emulator and the nice gramblr replacement. It works with each Mac and Windows computers. It is likewise absolutely unfastened to down load, and not using a in-app purchases. So, down load the app and hyperlink it on your Gmail account to your PC. After downloading the app, check in on your Instagramlr account. That’s the unmarried factor there’s to it. .Start the usage of Instagram on your computer if you don’t have a smartphone.


Finally, here are a few alternatives to grambler that you may choose to consider. One of these applications could be useful if you were a regular user of the Gramblr alternative. These websites and applications each have their own perks. As a consequence, be sure your selection is based on your personal preferences. We hope this information was helpful to you. In each of the programmes listed above, you may manage your account and upload images in different ways.

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