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Top 13 Android Apps for Find My Phone in 2024

Apps for Find My Phone

It’s a fact that misplacing a smartphone is never pleasant. There are images, movies, personal information, contact details, and more. In this day and age, no one likes to consider the possibility of their phones being stolen since it can lead to both financial and personal problems.

That being said, smartphone theft or loss is common and may happen to anyone. Thus, installing find my phone applications is usually a good idea if you want to be protected. The Google Play Store has a ton of Find My Phone apps; we’ll highlight a handful of them in this post.

Top Android Apps for Find My Phone

The Find My Phone app can help you promptly find your misplaced or stolen phone. Now let’s look at the top applications for finding my phone.

1. Wunderfind


One of the most distinctive phone locating apps on the list is Wunderfind. What do you think? You may use Wunderfind to locate misplaced Android and iOS gadgets, Fitbit trackers, headphones, and AirPods.

This app requires that you connect your devices. The device radar displays all of the nearby devices as soon as it is connected.

2. Find My Device

Find My Device

This is theo official Google Find My Phone app. In terms of functionality, the app performs all of the standard tasks, such as locking devices and setting off alerts. Additionally, you can use the web interface to wipe your phone.

The application uses the GPS on your phone to track the location. The best part is that there are no in-app purchases or adverts, and it’s totally free.

3. Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft

It is among the greatest and most highly regarded device management, data security, and anti-theft apps available on the Play Store.

To notify you when a device enters or exits a control zone, you can draw control zones on the map using the app. Prey Anti Theft is renowned for its precise GPS geolocation tagging in addition to this.

4. Durcal


Compared to all the other Android Find My Phone apps on this list, Durcal is a little bit different. You will need a Durcal smartwatch to use the app, which allows you to locate any phone or smartwatch connected to the family on an interactive map.

The twist is that each member of the family or group must decide whether to divulge the location of their mobile phone. The phone cannot be located by the app if the group member rejects it.

This app, which focuses on family safety, is meant to be helpful for all age groups. All things considered, if you own a Durcal watch, finding the watch and the phone attached to it may be facilitated by using the Durcal app.

5. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number

Try Phone Tracker By Number if you’re looking for a reliable and precise GPS tracker app for your Android handset. The Android app’s purpose is to use your child’s mobile number to locate them.

Setting up the Android app and registering a phone number is the first step. After that, you will be able to follow the device’s GPS location.

6. Locator 24

Locator 24

Another excellent parental control app for Android that can be used to find a misplaced smartphone is Locator 24. Using the software, you may make profiles for your parents and children. Next, the app creates a special code that you have to share with the other devices based on the choices you make.

The software notifies you when someone reaches a certain location, sends an alarm in the event of an emergency, and allows you to view the location history of the circle members once you’ve added them.

7. Sharing Location Tracker

sharing Location Tracker

Family members and friends can privately share their location data with each other using the iSharing Location Tracker. You may track lost or stolen cellphones, see the whereabouts of newly added contacts, and get real-time alerts about location-based activities with iSharing Location Tracker. There are free voice messaging services in the app as well.

8. GeoZilla


One of the greatest Android apps for tracking family locations is GeoZilla. This app and the others mentioned in the article are rather similar.

You make a circle, invite your relatives, and share your location with others using this app. Subsequently, your precise location within your circle can be viewed by other family members.

To give you real-time location-sharing capabilities, the app needs location services. All things considered, this Android find my phone app is excellent.

9. BetterLife Family Tracker

BetterLife Family Tracker

An Android GPS location tracker app is called BetterLife Family Tracker. Using their phone numbers, you can utilize this software to locate your loved ones, family, or friends.

Create a family connection on the app and send it to your loved ones to get started. They must download the app and sign up for the family connection. You can share your location or follow theirs once you’ve joined.

It has capabilities like sending SOS signals, making private groups, and more in addition to location tracking.

10. Familo


With the help of the Android app Familo, you may share your current location on a map with other people. You can use this straightforward location-sharing software with your family and children.

It can be used to share your location or to find out where other family members are. In addition to the standard location-sharing functions, Familo offers chat capabilities.

You may stay in touch with your loved ones in private family chats, receive notifications when they arrive or go, and much more. Familo is a great location-sharing software that you shouldn’t pass up overall.

11. Find my Phone – Family Locator

Find my Phone – Family Locator

The Android family location app Find My Phone – Family Locator may also be used to track a cell phone because it makes use of the GPS capabilities on your smartphone.

The software is intended to be the best family tracker and locator available. Among the helpful features offered by Find my Phone – Family Locator include the ability to share location with family members, receive notifications when they arrive at their destinations, and create secret groups for those who are closest to you.

The app can locate a lost or stolen smartphone using its GPS features. You should have the excellent find my phone app Find my Phone – Family Locator on your Android device.

12. Connected


The Family Locator app on Find My Phone and Connected are comparable. With the app, it’s simple to locate and follow your family in real time.

You need to use a family link to build a circle and invite your family members to join. After joining, you can instantly find out where they are.

Since the software relies on GPS capabilities, it is possible to locate the tracked members’ phones using it.

13. Family360


One of the best location tracking apps for Android available in the Google Play Store is Family360 – GPS Live Locator. This family locator software, like the majority of others, tracks position and offers mobile phone tracking functions by utilizing a phone’s GPS capabilities.

On the app, you have to add your family members to a circle that you construct. Every person that has been added to your circle has a live location that you may view.

In addition to real-time location sharing, it also offers real-time traffic information on maps, finds stolen or misplaced phones on the circular map, notifies users when any other member is over the speed limit, and more.

Thus, these are a few of the top Android find my phone applications. These Android apps will help you locate your phone with ease. Furthermore, if you are aware of


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