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15 Top iOS Keyboard Apps for iPad & iPhone

iOS Keyboard Apps

The first cellphones that come to mind when we hear about them are Android and iOS. When it comes to smartphones, iPhones are the most popular and intelligent devices on the market. If you’ve been using an iPhone for some time, you may be aware of the dearth of capabilities in the iPhone’s native keyboard.

Fortunately, using the keyboard applications on your iPhone can improve your typing experience. The Apple App Store offers a wide selection of iOS keyboard apps that offer the best typing experience possible.

Top 15 iOS Keyboard Apps for iPad & iPhone

We’ve chosen to present a selection of the top keyboard apps for iOS devices in this article. The greatest typing experience will be provided by these keyboard applications. Now let’s investigate.



You may search for and share GIFs in your discussions with GIPHY, an iPhone GIF keyboard app. The world’s largest collection of free GIFs, Clips, and Stickers is accessible through the app. You may use GIFs, stickers, and clips to contact your friends when you use this iPhone keyboard software.

Furthermore, the program gives you the ability to share the GIFs with other instant messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and a few others. All things considered, GIPHY is a great iPhone GIF keyboard software.

2. Color Keyboard

Color Keyboard

Look no further than Color Keyboard if you’re looking for an extremely configurable keyboard software for your iPhone. With hundreds of pre-made themes, Color Keyboard is an iPhone keyboard software that can be customized. You also have the ability to design your own themes using eye-catching fonts and unusual colors.

In addition, Color Keyboard lets you personalize the functional buttons, text, and quick access to emojis, among other features. All things considered, Color Keyboard is a superb and incredibly customizable iPhone keyboard software.

3. RainbowKey


An iPhone keyboard software called RainbowKey has a lot of functions relating to emojis. You may choose from over 5,000 brand-new, animated 3D emojis and stickers with the keyboard app.

In addition to emojis, RainbowKey has a ton of keyboard customization features, such as the ability to apply different themes and alter the swipe typing experience.

4. Gboard


Probably the greatest keyboard software for iPhone users is Google’s Gboard. With so many functions, typing will be a breeze with this keyboard software.

You may access GIFs, emojis, and glide typing on the top panel. You also have access to a ton of other useful functions, such as a translator and a clipboard.

5. Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard

Of course, Swiftkey Keyboard is the best keyboard app, and it works with more than just Android handsets. It may be downloaded for free from the iOS app store as well.

Swiftkey Keyboard stands apart from other keyboard apps thanks to its special features, which include typing error correction and emoji prediction.

6. NextBoard


Although NextBoard isn’t as well-known as other iPhone keyboard apps, it’s still a fantastic keyboard app to check out. With this keyboard app, you can maximize productivity like never before.

With the help of the software, you may add repetitious words, make clever keyboard shortcuts, and more by setting up custom phrases and templates. In addition, it offers a clipboard, the ability to remap special characters, and other features.

7. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard has special features that can help you become a better typer and grammar checker. The iOS keyboard app recognizes typos automatically and displays the right word.

Furthermore, Grammarly Keyboard not only fixes grammatical mistakes but also provides a concise explanation for each correction.

8. Better Fonts

Better Fonts

If you’re looking for an iPhone keyboard software that lets you text in gorgeous and weird fonts, Better Fonts might be your best option. What do you think? Users can text in a variety of font types with Better Fonts.

Users must hit the F button to choose the font and begin typing after installing the app. Therefore, one of the greatest iOS keyboard apps available right now is Better Fonts.

9. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard by Tenor

Tenor’s GIF Keyboard may be the greatest option if you’re searching for a keyboard software with a ton of GIFs.

Tenor’s GIF Keyboard is fantastic since it lets users search for GIFs, browse through their categories, and save them for use in chat. Consequently, Tenor’s GIF Keyboard is yet another of the top iOS GIF keyboard applications available.

10. WordBoard – Phrase Keyboard

WordBoard – Phrase Keyboard

One of the unusual keyboard apps on the iOS app store is WordBoard – Phrase Keyboard. It’s not a fully functional keyboard app that lets users customize keystrokes. This implies that you can save some typing time with the keyboard app.

You may add a key to automatically input your email address, hashtag, rapid responses, phrases, etc. with WordBoard – Phrase Keyboard.

11. Bobble GIF Stickers Keyboard

Bobble GIF Stickers Keyboard

Bobble GIF Stickers Keyboard, as the name suggests, is an iPhone GIF sticker keyboard app that adds a ton of entertaining stickers, GIFs, emojis, memes, themes, and more to your device.

It boasts a few remarkable features that might elevate your typing experience on the iPhone keyboard. The Bobble GIF Stickers Keyboard is renowned for its dependability, speed, and customizable word recommendations, among other things.

12. Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard is the only keyboard software you need for your iPhone if you want to add some flair to your social media posts.

Numerous social networking and instant messaging apps, including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, iMessage, and others, are compatible with this iPhone keyboard software.

You can get emojis, stickers, typefaces, and themes from it. The most recent version of it also includes themes for quotes, emoji artwork, and GIF compatibility.

13. V Keyboard

V Keyboard

An iPhone app called V Keyboard makes the claim that it can transform the way that people text each other. It’s an extremely customized keyboard software for iPhone that offers skins and themes.

Numerous social media apps, like as iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram, are compatible with the keyboard app.

Moreover, all of the app’s features and premium content are unlocked with a subscription plan.

14. WordBoard


WordBoard is slightly different from all other keyboard apps listed in the article. This one is basically a keyboard app for phrases and responses.

With the help of WordBoard, you can control what the keys input and save time typing. You can insert snippets, templates, phrases, and more in just a tap with the help of WordBoard.

15. ViVi Keyboard

ViVi Keyboard

An excellent AI keyboard app for the iPhone is called ViVi Keyboard. The keyboard app enables spelling and grammatical checks to guarantee that your messages are error-free.

ViVi Keyboard’s countless customizing possibilities are what make it so popular. Numerous themes are available in the keyboard app, which can significantly enhance your typing experience.

It also offers other helpful features, such as the ability to configure intelligent responses and include a grammar and spell checking.

Thus, these are the top iPhone keyboard applications available right now. You can get rid of the inadequate functionality of the built-in iOS keyboard app by using these alternatives. Please leave a comment if you would want to recommend any more keyboard apps.

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