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Top 10 Remote Access AnyDesk Substitutes for 2024

Top 10 Remote Access AnyDesk Substitutes for 2024

Anydesk, a well-known remote desktop program, experienced a significant cyberattack lately that affected its production servers. Even though the remediation measures have been properly carried out, many Anydesk users are afraid as a result of the assault.

Many Anydesk users have therefore begun to hunt for alternatives. So, are there any more superior Anydesk substitutes out there? Yes, without a doubt. For PCs, there are hundreds of different remote access programs available; some of them have more functionality than Anydesk.

10 Greatest Remote Access AnyDesk Substitutes

Thus, if you have used Anydesk for remote desktop access and you intend to stop using it, go ahead and read the article. The top Anydesk substitutes are listed below for easy remote desktop access. Let’s go ahead and begin.

1. DWService


Although DWService isn’t as well-known as Anydesk, it’s still an excellent remote desktop program. This software, which is free and open source, attempts to make your need for remote access simpler.

The host needs to download and launch DWAGent in order to use DWService. For the client side to run commands, manipulate the screen, or access files and folders, they must log in using any web browser.

DWService is an ideal solution for one-time access and is very simple to set up and use.

2. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Another excellent Anydesk substitute that offers unattended remote access and enterprise-grade remote help is Zoho Assist.

The ability to access mobile devices is a feature that further enhances the usefulness of Zoho Assist. With the help of this free tool, you may connect to distant PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers securely and on-demand via the web.

You can share files and information, record displays, and do a lot more in a remote session.

3. Splashtop


Given that Splashtop enables IT experts to remotely assist and resolve a variety of difficulties with computers and devices, it could prove to be a highly useful tool.

Splashtop is a reasonably well-designed remote access program, much like Anydesk. You must download and install Splashtop SOS, an intuitive remote help tool that offers multi-platform support, in order to utilize it for free.

Everything about Splashtop is good, from features to performance. The only thing we don’t like about Splashtop is that it takes a little longer to set up than most other remote access products available. Furthermore, Splashtop’s pricing schemes are not easy to comprehend.

4. TeamViewer


TeamViewer ought to be your first choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use substitute for Anydesk for PC access. TeamViewer gives you the same remote access and control features as Anydesk.

In addition, it provides additional services like chat, file sharing, and more. Since the firm claims that its security protocols ensure that all of your remote sessions and file transfers are protected against numerous threats, TeamViewer’s security system also merits special attention.

Additional benefits of TeamViewer include the ability to record screen images and activity reports, excellent technical assistance, and competitive price for the premium edition.

5. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is only intended for personal use; the other items on the list are intended for both commercial and personal usage. This multifunctional software gives you remote access to any computer on the planet.

You may transmit and receive files to and from a remote desktop, view the remote screen, move the remote mouse pointer and send keystrokes, and more using Remote Utilities.

The ability to use “Internet ID” to handle up to 10 PCs at once makes Remote Utilities the most intriguing feature.

6. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

In reality, Anydesk or other specialized remote desktop software is not required on Windows 10/11 in order to access a distant PC. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), an integrated solution, offers comparable functionalities.

You may share files, launch apps, troubleshoot software, and connect to numerous Windows PCs via a network with the Windows Remote Desktop Connection feature.

Windows 10/11 typically comes with the Remote Desktop Connection program installed, but if it doesn’t, you may download it from the Microsoft Store.

7. LogMeIn


One of the most dependable remote desktop programs available right now is LogMeIn. This one can be used for non-commercial purposes as well, but it is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

Similar to Anydesk, LogMeIn allows remote access from desktop and mobile apps to any workstation. In order to increase remote access, you can also add users.

Extra capabilities offered by LogMeIn Pro include multi-monitor display, remote document printing, 1TB of cloud storage for file sharing, and more.

8. RemotePC


Another excellent Anydesk substitute that offers safe remote desktop access is RemotePC. This one allows you to work from any location; it’s easy to use and takes little time to begin going.

You can pre-configure your computer for remote access with RemotePC’s always-on remote access capability, giving you complete control over your computer at all times.

Additionally, the most recent version of RemotePC allows file access, so you can use any PC or Mac to access files on distant PCs.

File transfers, remote printing, remote reboots, online access, access to Android devices, and more are some of the other functions of RemotePC.

9. AeroAdmin


Although it’s not as well-known as AnyDesk, AeroAdmin is among the first remote desktop programs available. AeroAdmin remote desktop configuration is incredibly easy to implement and only takes a few seconds to complete.

AeroAdmin doesn’t need to be installed, just like Anydesk. Simply open it and enter the code that appears on the distant computer that you wish to access.

Additionally, AeroAdmin allows for parallel sessions, allowing you to create several remote connections with different computers at once.

10. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is one of the oldest remote desktop software available for PCs. The functionality of Ammyy Admin is very similar to TeamViewer, but it’s more lightweight and has fewer controls.

Ammyy Admin is a zero-configuration remote desktop software providing an easy way to establish a remote desktop connection.

Ammyy Admin has built-in support for voice chat and a file manager. The file manager can easily retrieve files from a remote PC.

So, these are the few best Anydesk alternative you can use to establish a remote desktop connection. If you want to suggest any other similar apps like Anydesk, drop the name in the comments below.

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