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Top 15 Free Stock Video Websites in 2024

Free Stock Video Websites

Undoubtedly, the amount of video content is increasing. The most widely used website for streaming videos, YouTube, is now a well-known venue for content producers. Not just YouTube, but a plethora of other websites also pay people to create original videos.

With all of the people who own Android smartphones and enjoy viewing videos, it might be a fantastic time to enter the YouTube market. Making movies on a regular basis is more difficult than you may imagine. Before releasing a video, a creator should think about a lot of different factors.

Because the right equipment and resources are required, producing video content can be costly. As a result, to help with the process a little bit, we will list some of the top websites for free stock video that offer distinctive

The Top 15 Sites for Free Stock Video

These stock films are just as safe to use as stock photos. To make your content even better, you can incorporate these videos into it. Now let’s examine the top 10 lists of websites with free stock videos.

1. Mixkit


Even if Mixkit isn’t as well-known as the other websites on the list, it’s still a great choice. Thousands of free stock video clips may be found on this website for use as website backgrounds, music videos, promo videos, adverts, and more.

There is no need to register and almost all of the videos on the website are free to download and use. When it comes to video genres, Mixkit offers a wide range of options, including business, fashion, travel, technology, performing arts, and more.

2. Coverr


Another excellent website for free downloads of high-quality stock videos is Coverr. The videos on Coverr don’t need to be attributed and don’t have watermarks. Numerous video genres are available on the website, including Virtual Backgrounds, Fitness, People, Love & Relationships, and Nature.

You can download and use almost all of the videos hosted on the website for free. Consequently, Coverr is yet another top stock video website where you may get free videos for your work.

3. Pixabay Videos

Pixabay Videos

In terms of stock photos and movies, Pixabay appears to be the greatest choice. Currently, Pixabay provides over 1.2 million images and movies at no cost.

All videos made available under the Creative Commons Zero License may be used for offline or internet projects. There are several stock videos on the platform. To find the unique videos on the platform, you must delve deeper.

4. Pexels


Another excellent website where you can find free stock images and films is Pexels. Videos on Pexels are likewise licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license, just like the photos.

The best part about Pexels is that downloading the videos doesn’t require creating an account. There are no limitations on downloading videos.

5. Videvo


You can utilize a lot of the stock videos on Videvo without having to provide attribution. The ability to upload videos to Videvo for other users to download is even more intriguing.

This implies that Videvo could provide a venue for you to showcase your artistic abilities if you are a video creator. Let me tell you that if you’re looking to obtain free stock videos, there are a ton of royalty-free videos available there that don’t need you to give credit to the creators.

6. Life of Vids

Life of Vids

Perhaps the greatest option for you is Life of Vids if you’re searching for a free video website with regular updates. The website is well-known for its extensive library of videos, and it offers a wide variety of original content.

You can download and utilize any video for both personal and professional usage, and the user interface of the website is quite tidy.

7. Videezy


Another excellent website where you may get free movie clips is Videezy. Videezy’s well-organized interface is one of its best features. For HD videos, the website offers a separate pane. Other than that, a variety of types of videos are available.

The website provides both free and premium videos; to get the free videos, use the filter option.

8. Filmsupply


Although Filmsupply is a video website, its content is primarily premium. Three free clips are yours to use on any business project when you create an account. The high-quality video on the website exudes an imposing, epic atmosphere.

You can use the website to search for videos by mood, category, or keyword. It is true that the cost of each footage varies based on your needs.

9. RocketStock


Recently, Shutterstock purchased RocketStock, a provider of numerous original video clips. RocketStock does, however, have a greater selection of high-quality videos than free ones. There are still some worthwhile videos available for free download on the website.

10. Vidsplay


Another top stock video website with a ton of free video footage is Vidsplay. The weekly updates to Vidsplay’s website are one of its best features.

This implies that each week, there will be more original stuff to come. You can use the search box on the website to find the specific video clip you’re looking for. Nevertheless, there are no 4K videos on Vidsplay.

11. Mazwai


Known for its meticulously selected and edited videos, Mazwai is a website offering free stock footage.

There are no sign-up requirements, easy licensing options, and a hand-picked selection of videos by an internal team of video professionals for every film posted on the website.

The website lets you select your preferred video category by displaying the most popular ones directly on the home screen.

12. Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock

Renowned for its 4K and HD nature stock films, Free Nature Stock is yet another fantastic free stock video website on the list.

Nearly every video on the website can be used for free for both personal and business applications.

13. Motion Elements

Motion Elements

For those who want to make videos, Motion Elements is a website that provides royalty-free stock footage, soundtrack, and designs.

This is a website that video creators shouldn’t miss. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of your video requirements.

There is a premium plan available as well that permits limitless downloads. All things considered, Motion Elements is a fantastic website offering free stock videos.

14. Freepik


For those looking to get royalty-free footage and motion graphics, Freepik is an excellent resource for free stock video. Thousands of royalty-free videos are at your fingertips thanks to this website.

Although you can download the free films from the website, you should note that if you do so without a premium membership, you must provide credit to the author.

All of the site’s videos are available for download without needing credit if you have a premium subscription. Additionally, editing and sharing them on social media platforms is a breeze.

15. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Go no further than Adobe Stock if you’re looking for the ideal stock footage website to enhance your movies, vlogs, social media videos, and more.

Everything you need to kickstart and improve any creative video production is available in Adobe Stock. With Adobe Stock, you have access to millions of royalty-free stock images, audio clips, video templates, and more.

Thus, the greatest places to obtain free stock videos are listed below. These videos are available for use in any campaign or on social media. What are your thoughts on this, then? Comment with your thoughts in the space provided below.

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