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Top Android Apps for Merging Videos in 2024

Android Apps for Merging Videos

Social media has been overtaken by short-form videos, such Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Stories. Even though some social networking applications have good editing capabilities built in, our top picks for specialized video editing tools are more feature-rich and don’t require sharing your work publicly.

Social media has been overtaken by short-form videos, such Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Stories. Even though some social networking applications have good editing capabilities built in, our top picks for specialized video editing tools are more feature-rich and don’t require sharing your work publicly.

Android Apps That Are Best For Combining Videos

You may get help merging many videos into one with a lot of Android video merger apps. Here are five highly recommended ones for you to try:

1. Fimora


With features like eye-catching stickers, effects, emojis, and portrait video editing, Filmora catered primarily to millennials and Gen Z. Select from over 5000 premium stickers, over 1000 sound effects, contemporary text styles, and reverse playback. Videos can also have their aspect ratio changed and have a background added. For social networking networks, this program makes the ideal video editor. However, the advertisements and watermark can get annoying. To get rid of them, you have to subscribe to one of the premium programs.

2. iMovie – Video Editor

iMovie - Video Editor

iMovie lies at the middle of the professional and amateur video production spectrum. For example, it offers a variety of filters, supports 4K and multi-track editing, and allows you to add free music that automatically changes to fit the duration of a film. To get past the iMovie learning curve, you don’t need to be an expert in video editing.

iMovie’s theme collection is one of its most remarkable features. Pre-programmed themes include Comic Book, Neon, Sports, Photo Album, and Travel. You can save time and effort throughout the editing process by utilizing the text overlays, music, and transitions included with each option.

It’s worthwhile to use iMovie again if you haven’t used it in a while. Apple adds new features and settings to the platform on a regular basis. August 2020 saw the tech behemoth install three additional filters and 25 iTunes music for movies.

3. Splice


Splice gives you access to desktop-caliber video editing capabilities on your Android phone. Using an easy-to-use timeline, you can select your best video clips, add text and overlays, music, and finishing touches. Additionally, you may change the pace to quickly produce amazing slow-motion videos. With the app, you can post your videos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok and export them in high definition.

4. Magisto


After videos are recorded, they can be combined using the iOS and Android video editor Magisto. Additionally, it has a number of editing tools to assist you in making beautiful films, such as the ability to add text, stickers, and transitions, alter the orientation of the video, cut out undesired scenes, and more. But if all you’re looking for is a basic video merge program, it can be pricey.

5. InShot


Influencers are the target of most of InShort’s features. It provides both simple and complex video editing capabilities for making stylish videos. You can use AI-enabled body effects, make slideshows, edit films, change the speed, and rewind them. To produce expert videos, it adds distinctive AI effects and detects the body. You can easily make your video stand out on social media with our 1000+ stickers, humorous memes, creative backdrops, and support for fashionable picture collages. All it takes is a few minutes.

6. KineMaster


Clips can be adjusted, trimmed, and cut frame by frame. That obviously also holds true for audio recordings. These fine-tuning features guarantee that your films will look exactly how you want them to.

If you’re used to editing on other apps or tools, KineMaster lacks a standard timeline, so your clips will overlap rather than move down on a distinct track. Nonetheless, you can add a ton of text, graphics, and video effects to produce a complex end result. Be aware that removing watermarks will require an upgrade to the pro version.

Additional capabilities of KineMaster include lighting tweaks, chroma key, blending, and transitions. These tools are all accessible through a user-friendly interface.

7. VivaVideo


For all types of editors, VivaVideo is a feature-rich program for video editing. For daily use, it provides the most basic tools for video editing. The software also provides a ton of stock footage for commercial use, ranging from realistic to cartoon videos. Additionally, VivaVideo has a wide range of AI effects that can recognize an object and automatically frame it with glitter, stickers, or pulsating video effects. This makes it ideal for producing viral TikTok content.

VivaVideo has an integrated auto caption ability to convert speech to text for anyone who enjoys recording social media videos on their phone but finds YouTube or Instagram’s auto subtitle feature difficult to utilize. The voice changer is another feature that sets VivaVideo apart.

8. Video Merge

Video Merge

Video Merge is intended especially for the purpose of merging videos, as its name suggests. With this free Android video merging tool, you may combine two videos into a single file. It is compatible with several video formats that have varying frame rates, identical frame sizes, and identical audio rates. It works best for customers who want a simple-to-use tool that combines videos.

9. InVideo Filmr App

InVideo Filmr App

One of the simplest Android video editing apps is InVideo Filmr, especially if you’ve never edited a video before. It provides a mobile-friendly user interface for editing videos. You can easily combine videos using it and apply transitions, effects, and filters.

Additionally, the app offers settings for aspect ratios that work well with YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Even with the free edition, you may export your videos without a watermark and enjoy a large music collection. After that, the videos can be posted straight to social media platforms.

10. PicPlayPost – Best Video Editing

PicPlayPost - Best Video Editing

A frame with several videos playing simultaneously can be quite helpful. You can use motion shots to show off several stages at once for how-to instructions, trip destinations for travel filming, or exercise routines.

With PicPlayPost, you can easily create slideshows and video collages while editing videos. Animated text, stickers, effects, filters, and music can be effortlessly added to slideshows and collages using this program.

The software asks you to choose an aspect ratio before letting you start working on a project, such as when you want to share it on a specific social media site. After you’ve chosen your films, the app makes the process extremely simple by suggesting collage frames to pair with them.

For creating a simple video collage, PicPlayPost is a great tool excellent decision. It isn’t regarded as a comprehensive video editor program, though, because it lacks many additional functions and other fundamental video editing capabilities.

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