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Top 15 Android Apps for Photo Resizing in 2024

Android Apps for Photo Resizing

The world of technology has evolved in the last few years. Smartphones can have up to four cameras these days. Of course, we can’t help but want to take photos with such advanced camera features. The greatest tool for instantly sharing photos you’ve taken with social media applications is a smartphone.

But frequently, we discover that the photograph is too big to publish at that particular moment. In addition to size, we also handle issues with image size, such as disparate aspect ratios and file formats.

So, we must employ photo resizer programs to address such problems. You can quickly adjust an image’s aspect ratio or crop out unwanted areas with photo resizing software.

Top 15 Android Apps for Photo Resizing

In order to assist you with resizing any image, we have chosen to provide a few of the greatest Android apps in this post. These applications make it simple to resize and shrink pictures without sacrificing quality.

1. Pixlr


A feature-rich photo editing program called Pixlr may be found on the Google Play Store. It provides you with every photo-editing tool imaginable. There’s a resizer function in Pixlr for Android version newest as well.

You may crop and resize photographs with Pixlr’s resize tool. Pixlr also allows you to edit photographs by adding borders, filters, and other elements.

2. Instasize


With the help of the Android software Instasize, you can scale any image to fit on any instant messaging or social networking site. It functions essentially as a toolkit for social media content producers to enhance their images using high-quality filters, borders, and edits.

Instasize offers a collage builder, text editor, over 80 filters, and other features in addition to the resizing tool. All things considered, Instasize is a great software for resizing pictures on an Android phone.

3. Image Size – Photo Resizer

Image Size – Photo Resizer

It’s among the greatest Android apps out there for resizing images to the exact size you want.

Its ability to set the output format in any of the four units of measurement—Pixels, Millimeters, Centimeters, Inches, etc.—is crucial.

4. Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer

Another excellent Android app that may assist you in resizing and reducing the size of your pictures is Photo & Picture Resizer, as the name suggests.

The application is user-friendly and rather quick. Batch resizing is also supported by this free program. Other than that, the original images remain unchanged.

5. PicTools


PicTools can be your best option if you’re looking for a versatile image tool for your Android device.

It allows you to compress, convert, crop, and resize the photographs. The fact that it can convert photos to PDF format is more intriguing. Moreover, it supports batch file processing, Exif support, and offline mode.

6. Image Crop

Image Crop

For those looking for a simple-to-use Android app to crop images and videos, consider Image Crop. You may trim, rotate, resize, and flip images using it.

Users may also edit photos with the app’s text effects, background removal, color modification, and other capabilities. Thus, the finest Android app for resizing photographs is Image Crop.

7. Photo Resizer

Photo Resizer

This quick and simple image optimizer program will adjust the size of your digital photos to fit a variety of uses.

You may either resize or compress your photographs with Photo Resizer. A few more helpful tools, such as batch conversion and batch resize choices, are also provided.

8. Photo Resizer – Image Compressor

Photo Resizer – Image Compressor

One of the greatest picture editing apps for Android is Photo Resizer – picture Compressor. The program includes sophisticated functionality even if its primary purpose is image cropping.

For example, you can select the width and height to resize photos, and you can adjust the compression quality before compressing images.

9. TinyPhoto


TinyPhoto is still among the greatest Android apps for photo downsizing, despite its lack of fame. The functions that TinyPhoto offers, such as batch conversion, photo resizing, and photo cropping, are amazing. The program allows you to transform your photographs as well.

It can convert PNG to JPEG or JPEG to PNG. Thus, one of the greatest photo resizing apps available for Android is TinyPhoto.

10. Image Crop

Image Crop

It can be used for more than just cropping photographs, albeit that is its intended application. To flip, rotate, resize, and other operations on photos, for example, utilize Image Crop.

The benefit of Image Crop is that it allows for the cropping and resizing of videos as well. Thus, videos with a different aspect ratio can also be cropped.

11. Photo Tools

Photo Tools

For resizing photographs on an Android device without sacrificing quality, Photo Tools is among the greatest apps. You may resize the image size using all the capabilities available in the Android photo resizer app.

You also save up some space by lowering the photo’s size. In addition, you may crop photos, change the format of your image, and other things with Photo Tools.

12. Croc Photo

Croc Photo

For those looking for an Android photo resizer software that is both feature-rich and lightweight, consider Croc Photo. You may quickly resize your photographs in any format with this program.

Additionally, the program offers you a few pre-made templates for resizing photos. All you have to do is choose the most well-liked ones from groups like Facebook posts, covers, IG reels, Instagram posts, and tales.

You also have the option to round the edges of the photographs after resizing them. All things considered, Croc Photo is a top-notch Android photo resizer software.

13. LitPhoto


Popular in the Google Play Store is the photo compressor and resizer software LitPhoto. With a few taps on the app, you can quickly lower the size and resolution of your picture.

The app’s ability to handle batch compression is one of its main advantages. You may resize or compress several photos with a single swipe thanks to batch compression.

14. Photo Resizer HD

Photo Resizer HD

Look no farther than Photo Resizer HD if you’re looking for a simple and light-weight Photo Resizer app for Android. You can resize one or more photographs with this fantastic Android app.

Batch photo resizing, basic photo editing capabilities, the ability to retain EXIF tags, and more are some of Photo Resizer HD’s primary features. After the resize, it also gives you the choice to share photographs straight to other apps.

15. Image Compress and Resize

Image Compress and Resize

An Android software called Image Compress and Resize, often known as DotPhoto, can be used to reduce the size of huge photographs. The software says it can reduce the size of your photos without sacrificing quality.

You have the choice to alter the file size, the size of the image, or part of its quality in order to reduce the image size.

Image Compress and Resize supports batch compression and photo comparison prior to compression, just as the other programs on the list.

Thanks to these free applications, resizing photos on Android is simple. I hope you found this essay useful! Please share it with your friends also. Additionally, use the comment section below to let us know about any other apps of this type.

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