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Top 15 Android Spy Camera Apps of 2024

Android Spy Camera Apps

The greatest mobile operating system available is Android. Compared to other mobile operating systems, Android provides you with more features and customization possibilities. One of Android’s advantages is the variety of apps it offers for various uses.

There are apps for family and home security as well. There are numerous acceptable uses for these spy camera applications. You can use a spy camera app, for instance, to protect your children from harm, monitor service providers, or stop crooks.

To take quiet pictures and videos with your Android smartphone, use these spy camera applications. Thus, this post will provide a list of some of the top spy camera applications for Android devices.

Android’s Top 15 Spy Camera Apps

Important: There are responsibilities associated with using spy camera software. Use these applications only if your home allows surveillance apps. Furthermore, avoid using these apps for illicit activities.

1. AlfredCamera Home Security

AlfredCamera Home Security

One of the most popular security or spy camera apps for Android smartphones is AlfredCamera Home Security. Two devices are required for the app to function: one for capturing the region you wish to monitor. The recorded video stream will be viewed on the other.

AlfredCamera Home Security has the advantage of providing you with a plethora of helpful functions. For instance, you can use the walkie-talkie capability to communicate between two devices and record the sections you deem relevant.

2. SeeCiTV


An additional top app for turning your Android smartphone into a home security camera is SeeCiTV. This app and the AlfredCamera Home Security app mentioned above are quite similar.

This app requires two or more Android devices to use. One device will record the video, while the other will be used to watch it.

It also has other features including motion detection, live video recording, and remote flash.

3. background video recorder

background video recorder

Compared to the other video recorders in the post, the backdrop one is a little bit different. Using this app, you can capture videos on your smartphone inaudibly.

In order to keep others from knowing that you are filming, it mutes the camera sounds while you are filming. Moreover, users of a background video recorder can plan a recording for a later time.

This software allows you to record videos using your front and back cameras, edit videos after they’ve been recorded, and more.

4. IP Webcam

IP Webcam

With the help of the app IP Webcam, you may use your Android phone as a network camera. The benefit is that watching and recording the camera feed doesn’t need using two distinct devices.

With a web browser or VLC Media player, you may watch your camera feeds on any platform. It can be used as a spy tool even if it only has a few security camera functions.

5. Presence


Another excellent spy camera software for Android handsets is called Presence. To use the Presence app, you must download it to two different devices. One will be used to capture the videos, and the other to watch them.

This app allows you to capture videos on-demand and stream live audio and video while keeping an eye on your children, infant, pet, and other belongings.

The flaws in Presence are its main drawback. Numerous consumers have complained about glitches when utilizing the smartphone app.

6. Cawice


Although Cawice isn’t as well-known as other apps, it still functions. Cawice also transforms your outdated smartphone into a home security camera, just like every other app on the list.

To utilize Cawice, you will require two devices. A security camera will be the second, and a viewer the first. It has a ton of helpful features, like motion, sound detectors, two-way communication, quick alerts, automated video recording, etc.

7. WardenCam


Another excellent spy camera app for Android is called WardenCam. Using this app, you may use your Android tablet or smartphone as a home security camera.

Like many spy camera apps, WardenCam requires two Android devices to function. While the other will be utilized for viewing, the first will record the footage.

The fact that WardenCam works flawlessly with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE network access is one of its advantages. You may also upload videos to Dropbox and Google Drive, two cloud storage services.

8. Third Eye

Third Eye

The above-mentioned background video recorder app and Third Eye are rather similar. With this one, you can record videos even while your screen is off. If you want to record videos without anyone knowing, Third Eye might be your best bet.

9. Faceter


Using the Faceter software, you can use your Android smartphone as a security camera. Installing the app and positioning the phone at the desired monitoring location are required. The video will be captured by the app and stored in the cloud.

The software is helpful, but configuring it could be challenging. Despite having a lot of favorable reviews, the app is not as well-known as the other one on the list.

10. Security Camera CZ

Security Camera CZ

With the help of the app Security Camera CZ, you can install a home security camera on your outdated tablet or smartphone. The program captures observed motions rather than creating films as a collection of images, which is the issue.

As of right moment, there is no way to capture motion detection as video. Among Security Camera CZ’s primary features are intelligent motion detection, a motion detection scheduler, modifiable motion detection sensitivity, and more.

11. Surveillance camera Visory

Surveillance camera Visory

Visory, the surveillance camera app, is a lot like the majority of the other apps in this post. It’s an Android app for CCTV cameras that can be used for dog or pet care or home security.

You must first connect at least two devices to your Surveillance camera Visory account: one for recording footage and one for viewing it. Additionally, it works well with iOS-based gadgets.

12. Cawice


Another fantastic Android security camera app is called Cawice, which transforms your outdated Android smartphone into a functional security camera. You can keep an eye on your child or pet after converting your outdated smartphone into a security camera.

Setting up and using the app is not too difficult. You need to use the same Google account to log in and install the app on two phones. Both cellphones will pair as a result.

Once attached, one phone will function as a security camera and the other as a viewer. In addition, the software offers multi-user mode, motion and sound detection, two-way communication, and more.

13. Saby


Compared to all the other apps in the article, Saby is a little different. This software lets parents monitor their infant and offers helpful features.

Saby makes it simple for you to keep an eye on your child over WiFi, 3G, and LTE networks. Similar to other spy camera applications, Saby needs two Android phones to work.

The purpose of one is to view the streams, and the other is to record the audio and video. The program detects when a user wakes up by using AI features.

14. NinjaCam


An Android background camera software called NinjaCam can record videos or snap pictures in silence. With the help of this app, you can capture videos without opening the Camera viewfinder.

The fact that this program accomplishes its goals covertly makes it a real spy tool. The program is especially helpful for securing private images and videos, making high-quality background recordings, and more.

15. Background Camera

Background Camera

Lawyers and journalists frequently utilize the Android app Background Camera. In essence, you may record smooth videos using this program without having to preview them first.

But even though it’s a background camera app, you have to manually activate it. To begin recording, you must tap the Background Camera app icon.

The upside is that you may switch out the official app icon on your home screen for any other app, like a calculator or compass.

The spy camera apps on our list are capable of taking both pictures and videos. If using surveillance apps is permitted in your area, you can use these apps. If you would like to recommend other apps, please let us know in the comments.

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