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8 Best Internet Speed Test Websites in 2020

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Presently, you have to test your web speed. In this way, how about we look at the best sites to test your web association. Indeed, on the off chance that we glance around, we will find that nearly everybody currently has an individual web association at home and in the working environment. Discussing the home web, when we pursue home web, we regularly follow through on the cost dependent on web speed. The quicker it is, the more we pay.

On the off chance that you are getting more slow web speed of late, at that point there may be a few purposes for that. It could be anything from your sign quality, mode, or DNS issue. In any case, more often than not, it was the ISP that swindles us with moderate speed. Things being what they are, is your ISP conveying the information speeds you were guaranteed? The most ideal approach to realize that is by visiting the speed test locales.

There are a lot of speed test destinations accessible out there that can test your system speed instantly. These web speed test sites check your web speed progressively and give you the most precise speed. Another beneficial thing is that these speed test sites take out the requirement for additional products.

Here is the list of 8 Best Internet Speed Test Websites in 2020.


Speedtest is one of the best and top-rated website which you can visit right now to check your internet speed. You won’t believe it, but almost ten million internet speed test was done through The user interface of is quite simple, and it shows the internet speed in real-time. Not just download, but it also shows the upload speed and PING as well.

2. from NetFlix is another best internet speed test website that you can consider today. The internet speed test website is known for its clean user-interface, and it just shows the download speed in real-time. Yes, you can also click on the advanced section to check the upload speed, latency, etc. The web app is powered by Netflix, and its one of the best sites to check the internet speed.

3. is known for its great and clean interface. In fact, has the cleanest interface amongst all that had been listed in this article. On visiting this website, it checks and tells you the current internet speed. When the test is completed, it shows the latency, download, and upload speed. For tech-savvy users, it shows detailed results with more information about your internet connection and speed also.

4. is for those who are searching for an easy to use and a great website for checking the current internet speed. The great thing about is that it can be accessed from desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphones, etc. To begin a test, just click on the ‘Test’ button, and it will show you the most relevant information about your current internet speed.


It’s another website that can help you find details about the different parameters of your internet connection. It actually provides users three different options to check the internet speed – Download, Upload, and Automatic. Under the automatic speed test, it benchmarks your internet connection bandwidth automatically.

6. Speed Test From Google Seach

Speed Test From Google Seach
Speed Test From Google Seach

Well, Google search engine also has an internet speed test tool. For that, you don’t need to visit any website. Just search for ‘Internet Speed Test’ on Google and it will show you the internet speed. Google Search checks your internet speed in under 30 seconds and it usually transfers less than 40MB of data to check the speed.

7. Centurlylink Speed Test

Centurylink speed test
Centurylink speed test

CenturyLink has a free internet speed test tool that shows you the download and uploads speed in real-time. But, the only thing is that it grabs the results from the Speedtest website which had been listed above. The only thing that makes a difference is its user interface which is clean and simple compared to

8. OpenSpeedTest

OpenSpeed test
OpenSpeed test

It’s an HTML5 based internet speed test website which shows you the most accurate internet speed of your broadband or WiFi network. Apart from the Download and Upload speed, OpenSpeedTest also shows the PING and Jitter results as well. So, OpenSpeedTest is another best website to check the internet speed.

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