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10 Best Remarkable Online Video Converters

A remarkable video converter for you would be the one which is quick, simple to-utilize, and can convert any video document to a format that is playable on your device. 

 Plenty of decisions available, it might be difficult to pick the best video converter software, particularly when there is draw of free converter software too. However, it is a typical conviction that free converters can damage the files or system.

It’s critical to understand that not all free converters are questionable or malignant. There are a few converters which you can trust for quality and secure video transformation, despite the fact that with functional limitations. However, a paid proficient video converter can offer a variety of advanced featured as compare of free video converter.

10 Best online video converters:

Video Converter

Video Convert, can convert over your videos online for free. Its supports all significant file formats where you can convert MOV over to MP4, M4V to MP4, MOV to MP3, MOV to MPEG, and some more. This stage has used to convert over 25 million files until now. It gives unlimited file size to transferring and supports over 190+ media formats. 

This Online Video Converter also gives batch conversion of different files to save time. So this incredible and free online video converter quickly removes uploaded files records once converted files in downloaded by you.

File Conversion

Convert File is a powerful online stage that converts all video files into various video formats. You utilized this Online Video Converter to convert over to OGG, MP4, MOV, AVI format, FLV, RAW MPEG, and some more. 

It grants you to convert files into a low, moderate, high, and exceptionally great quality based on your specifications. So you can even choose the video file size for powerful outcomes. Convert File also encourages you convert audio documents or convert an archive when required.


KeepVid Online Video Converter gives reliable and quick solution to convert videos to well known video and audio format in a one click. You can drop or drag files or select files from your PC. This powerful converter also converts audio files, MP4 converter, MPE converter, iPhone converter, and considerably more. 

KeepVid is a Free Online Video Converter instrument to ensure the best quality after the conversion. It can convert files over to more than 150 diverse audio and video formats with no restriction on document size, input video quality and furthermore output video quality. Besides, you can choose video resolution before conversion for best outcomes.

Online Convert

Online Convert is a one-stop solution application for all your document conversion requirements. It functions as advanced audio converter, video converter, picture converter, PDF to JPG converter, and furthermore PDF to Word converter. For developers needs, it functions as an Online Video Converter and furthermore software converter to save time. 

So not just that, however it additionally helps you convert Ebooks, and works like a hash generator for your next online media campaign. Online Convert supports all important document formats, including MP4 and RAW video footage to convey successful outcomes.


Convertio gives solution for help you with convert files. It grants you to choose documents from local storage, from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can even take the URL of the video where it will get the video content and furthermore helps you convert it without any problem. While it ensures quick results, it doesn’t compromise on video quality. 

However, it supports conversion on all devices, including Windows, Linux and Mac. For better document security, Convertio erases all convert records every 24 hours from its servers. So it offers simple customization where you can alter video quality, set codes, aspect proportion, and change other vital settings. It is the best Online Video Converter.

Onvico Online Video Converter

Onvico is truly outstanding and amazing Online Video Converters that helps you convert videos to MP4 and MP3 file format. It’s also support all file format to convey exact outcomes. Onvico Online Video Converter supports more than 400 sites to convert videos. So it works quick on desktop and on cell phones to present instant results. 

You can use this converter to Video Converter Online to mp3, social videos online, convert YouTube videos, and considerably more. It works like a superfast CDN downloader and furthermore online playlist downloader instrument. Additionally, the best part is, it doesn’t trouble you with irritating ads, and it is totally safe to utilize.

ZamZar Online File Conversion

ZamZar Online File Conversion makes file conversion extremely simple for you. It supports more than 1000 formats to convey the best outcomes. Its work in three easy steps where you have need to add files from nearby storage, select the conversion format and afterward let the device convert the File for you. 

ZamZar Online File Conversion supports all video file formats. Moreover to that, it also functions as an eBook converter, video converter, music converter, picture converter, and significantly more.

Free Online Converter 

Free Online Converter, one of the biggest and powerful Online Video Converter. It helps you to convert files into different formats utilizing a collection of conversion options. Utilizing this instrument, you convert the files to some conventional forms, for example, MP3 or MP4 or even you can convert them over to other formats, for example, FLV, WAV, AVI, and so on 

It gives consistent user experience on all devices, including mobiles, desktop, and tablets. Its advanced security highlights, it keeps your information security and protection flawless.


SaveTheVideo powerful Online Video Converter can convert video over to 421+ formats on all of your devices. Its supports all file format, including MP4, MOV, HEVC, AVI, and some more. Additionally, you can utilize this Online Video Converter on your iPhone and Android device. 

It helps you to convert DVD effectively to various advanced formats for playback on media or make a backup. It gives various customizable settings to get quick and exact outcomes. SaveTheVideo also functions as helpful audio converter.


ConvertFiles being one of the most proficient Online Video Converter supports 250+ file format. Their supports all file format and helps you convert up to 250 MB files for free. To convert a file utilizing this apparatus, you need to choose the File from local storage, pick a destination format and afterward download your converted File right away. 

 You can even send a download link to your email address. Also, it functions as a audio converter, picture converter, file converter, report converter, presentation converter, drawing converter, and some more.

Bonus Tip: Lots of people facing the problem of  “audio renderer error”. The Best way to fix
audio renderer error is to disconnect and then reconnect your audio device again. The problem occurs because of a faulty connection or a corrupted driver. If this doesn’t fix your problem then, start the Audio troubleshooter and then update your audio driver.


If you’ve been struggling attempting to convert your files, a good converter can save you the stress. While free ones are extraordinary choices for basic use-cases, paid ones are also acceptable considerations for more professional use. However, whether you’re simply converting files or a professional managing with different files types, there’s certainly a good converter out there for you.

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