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5 Best Free PC Cleaners for Windows 2023

PC Cleaners

Over time, the computer gets slower and we need to clean it. Using Windows’ built-in system maintenance tools is a good option, but it takes time. Instead, you may use a PC cleaning tool from a third party to handle the problem.

The best free PC cleaners make maintaining the performance and efficiency of your computers quick and easy. There are many free PC cleaners available, but not all of them live up to their claims of providing greatly quicker performance. Because of this, we tested all the most widely used choices and collected the ones we think will give your PC an important speed boost without any extras or bothersome adverts.

Advanced SystemCare is the best free PC cleaner on the market right now with a feature-rich toolkit that has everything you need to delete unnecessary files, tweak your PC’s settings, and protect your privacy all at once. However, if your needs are simpler, we’ve also listed four additional top-notch tools that will thoroughly clean your PC.

Use the Pro edition of these PC cleansers if you’d want more features. Advanced features like scheduled scanning and secure file deletion may be used for deeper operations.

5 Best Free PC Cleaners for Windows 2023

1: Advanced SystemCare 

Advanced SystemCare looks to deal with shortcuts, privacy, registry, and junk files. Like most of the best PC cleaners in the market, it uses a straightforward, simplified dashboard to remove unnecessary files and folders, clean up the Windows registry, and fix hard disk issues.

The app can scan and find different problems with just one click and it not only finds them but also easily fix them. Additionally, you can tweak your device for faster performance. Everything is automatic and it’s the best part of this tool.

There are two versions of Advanced SystemCare: a free version that just offers basic PC cleaning and a pro edition that also includes real-time optimization, privacy protection, deep registry cleaning, and round-the-clock technical help. Three PCs are allowed to use the license.

No matter whatever version you select, Advanced SystemCare’s user interface is intuitive and well-designed. Even the most inexperienced PC users can use the tool with no difficulty.

2: CCleaner 

Similar to Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner has been available on the market for a long time. It can clear parts of your computer that many other free system optimization apps and keep it to be popular.

The free version of CCleaner takes care of the basics, like deleting temporary files, clearing browser caches, deleting unnecessary cookies while keeping helpful ones, and so on. A paid version is available that includes real-time protection and cleanup scheduling.

This free PC cleaner can be used if your computer feels slow. Even though it lacks some of the more complex functions, its PC clean features are good enough to be worth using.

3. Ashampoo Winoptimizer

The best part of Ashampoo Winoptimizer is its adaptability. With just one click, you can scan for junk files, damaged registry entries, and browser cookies, and with another click, you can remove them all.

As an alternative, you can go over each scan result one at a time. Each issue is fully described,  including what it is and any recommendations for removal. After that, you can decide whether to keep or delete it.

Additionally, Ashampoo Winoptimizer comes with a collection of modules for standard maintenance jobs like improving startup procedures and defragmenting hard disks. Windows has the ability to perform the activities on its own, but having them all in one place is more practical and only requires one click.

4. Iolo System Mechanic 

Iolo System Mechanic clears RAM, deletes different logs, browser history, and caches, removes junk files and not wanted apps, prevents bloatware and unwanted auto-run settings, and wipes garbage files and unwanted apps. This not only releases important system resources but also protects your privacy by erasing records of your internet behavior.

Its toolbox for PC optimization is effective and it can give a startup speed boost. Although the free version is great, you should also take into account the paid versions if you use it frequently.

All of the tools in System Mechanic can be found on the panel, which has a simple and basic UI. You can quickly access several tools and everything stays organized and clutter-free.

You must download and install the app in order to use the tool. The next step is to create an account and then select the analyze button and give it time to browse through all of your files.

5: Restoro

Restoro is a powerful PC cleaner for Windows that has many different ways to improve your computer’s performance. 

This tool is an all-in-one app that may modify settings, clear junk files, clear faulty files, fix startup programs, recover missing registry entries, and much more. Users can enjoy hassle-free devices by removing unnecessary trash, freeing up space, and even speeding up their computer’s response time.

Restoro is also a great way to get rid of ransomware, browser hijackers, adware, and other harmful programs. It can be a great help in getting over a serious virus threats.

Questions and Answers

The questions you might have concerning the best PC cleaners are all answered below.

Q1. How often should I clean my computer?

For the computer to remain in good operating order, cleaning is important. As a result, you need regularly maintain and clean your computer to ensure smooth computer functioning and prevent system crashes, etc. problems.

Q2. Do PC cleaners really work?

Yes, PC cleaners indeed work. Your system gets more storage as well as run faster. These tools will thoroughly check your system for unwanted files and remove them.

Your system becomes chaotic as a result of several useless files collecting over time. Therefore, it will be more difficult to work with the computer. The PC runs more effectively if you use the PC cleaning tool this way.

Q3. Which is the best free PC cleaner?

The PC cleaners discussed in this article each have unique features that make them the best in their own way. However, Advanced SystemCare is our top choice for cleaning our PC, as it’s free to use and can optimize the computer with a single click. 

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