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5 Reasons Generosity is the Key to Great Leadership

To become a leader, all you need to have is a great strategy and a sound mind. You are going to head a team through wars and horrors, so it’s reasonable. But is being generous that important? Generosity defines how well and responsible for a leader are you while handling the position of leadership. Qualifying for a leader is easy, with all sets of skills in most domains. But is a generous leader considered far better? Well, here are 5 reasons generosity is the key to great leadership.

1: you become a true leader:

Leadership is cleaner and more disgusting than being a dictator. With great pros and cons, a touch of generosity makes you an exceptional leader in the eyes of your team members. Does it? Your team members would always want to assist you in a task no matter if he or she is fit for the job. If you are generous, you will give a chance to everybody to prove themselves, which ultimately proves worthy for your team. Aside, your respect becomes their priority too after this noble job.

2: becoming closer to team members:

Being generous shows your good side to others, even if you don’t want to help. Some people take it for granted but most appreciate it. Since they care and know its meaning to a great extent. On the other hand, you become closer to your team members, thus knowing what are their weaknesses and strengths. Helping them on those focus points can yield a lot for their career and yours too, as a great leader like Sam Mizrahi founder of Mizrahi Developments a private real estate development company in Toronto.

3: your team members trust you more:

Trust is not easily maintained, at least not in a business or a company. But for a generous leader, he or she will try to gain the trust of the team members. And the job becomes easier when you show your generous side. Guiding them on an assignment or a technical project realizing their shortcomings and undervalued qualities, you ultimately help your team members come out of their fear zone. They began to trust you more as you become their soul mentor and guide. Simple as that.

4: you build one hell of a team:

Better teams can are highly important for a business to take over newer and tougher projects. How does this relate to being generous for a leader? Well, a generous leader tries to put his team forward rather than himself. He helps to make everyone in the team more experienced as he is. Also, a generous leader brings out the greatness of his team members. All those followed and a perfect team is ready to take anything that comes in front.

5: you gain incredible experience:

Experience is nothing for a leader unless and until he strives for it. Teaching, guiding others, helping out members is a tough way. But an easy way is to show your generosity to others. With experience, you learn a lot about others, their side effects, fears, and shortcomings. Such things keep a price when you are working with a collapsed team and want to make things better. Your experience and generosity can help you out easily.

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