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5 Web-Based Applications Everyone Needs To Bookmark

web Based Applications

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best web-based applications that everyone should have. Save these recommendations in your bookmark folders! Because as we move on to a more online world, having the savvy to bookmark certain sites that make work and school more convenient is smart and can help you in the long-term. Here are five browser-based applications you need to have:

A trusty suite of PDF editing applications

Trust us when we say that you’ll probably need an online PDF editor every now and then, especially when you are working from home or a student that has online classes. Now, there’s a good chance that your desktop or laptop already has a default standalone PDF editing software, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to use it every single time. It will take a lot of computing power, and sometimes, it’s slow to load.

For quick edits like splitting a PDF, or for when you want to rotate PDF online, PDF Bear’s suite of PDF editing application is perfect for quick touch-ups. You can also seamlessly convert Office-based file formats to PDF and vice-versa, encrypt confidential documents and even password-protect it so that only the intended person who needs to access the document will have access to it.

A “tomato timer” to improve concentration

Concentrating on a task can be very difficult to achieve these days. As more and more sources of distractions lead people to be half as productive as they can be, it helps to have self-discipline. The Pomodoro technique can be used by anyone who wants to not be distracted, and there are online tools that let users access the technique while they’re working online.

An online tool that keeps you out from going down the rabbit hole of social media.

Social media may be great for some reason, but it’s also one of the many reasons kids and even adults have shorter attention spans. Infinite scrolling can be very addictive, and temptations of “just a glimpse” or “only five minutes” never work. It’s important that when you are in the middle of a task, you concentrate and stick to it.

Search for an online tool that keeps you out from opening and accessing social media sites. Set the timer you want to be out, then work on whatever it is you need to work on until the time elapses. If you want to reward yourself with a little scrolling after, then it’s your prerogative.

An online tool for automatically identifying grammar mistakes

Even the most skillful grammarian needs to have a second eye to look for mistakes that may have been missed from just one or two readings. So if these people need an online tool to help them identify grammar mistakes, every person who writes in English, and communicates with it needs to have this tool installed. There are a lot of options out there, and a quick Google search will yield thousands of results.

A note-taking tool that syncs all your notes

It’s an open secret that the default notes app on your desktop and smartphones basically holds some of the most random and intimate things that you may have written, but when it comes to jotting down notes from an online class, Evernote rules. There are several templates you can start from, and you can even organize notes for different classes.


With these online browser-based tools, you only need your trusty browser to make things possible. You can edit PDF files, take notes, and even improve your grammar skills! Create a separate bookmark for these sites, and you’ll soon find yourself having more space to be creative and resourceful!

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