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6 Benefits of Managed Moodle Hosting

Moodle Hosting
  • Introduction
  • Quick Facts About Moodle
  • Benefits of Using Managed Moodle Hosting
  • Possible Disadvantages
  • Conclusion


Are you considering launching an e-learning portal powered by Moodle?

That would be a great decision because Moodle is one of the most popular choices when it comes to learning management systems. Hosting your Moodle site is a major decision because it can either help your project take off, or can result in unnecessary delays.

In this article, I will discuss the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of using Managed Moodle Hosting for your projects.

Quick Facts About Moodle

Sites 157,000
Courses 26,000,000
Users 215,000,000
Enrolments 1,124,000,000
Forum Posts 482,000,000
Resources 226,000,000
Quiz Questions 2,786,000,000
Countries 241


Benefits of Using Managed Moodle Hosting

A managed hosting accelerates the project take-live phase by providing a solid foundation for the hosting of the project. There is also the angle of saving costs because many managed hosting providers bill you for the resources consumed rather than a fixed monthly amount.

Here are six major benefits of Managed Moodle hosting that add more power to your project.

1.    Low Launch Cost

When it comes to launching a Moodle project, you probably do not want to spend a lot setting it up. With managed hosting, you don’t waste money buying and setting up a dedicated server. This allows you to focus on creating quality content and resources.

2.    Fast Deployment

Managed hosting doesn’t require a lot of complex technical knowledge as the hosting provider takes care of the infrastructure and deployment. Managed hosting can help you focus on the education material while they take care of the technical aspects of hosting your Moodle project.

3.    Reliability

Reliability is an important factor in enabling online education. Lag ruins the user experience and distracts everyone. Managed cloud hosting doesn’t rely on a single physical server and thus there are no worries of outages as the load is moved to another machine or the services are restarted automatically.

4.    Accessibility  

Managed hosting tends to offer better accessibility to your Moodle site. The developers, designers can easily access the site to make or deploy the changes through several channels such as a native file manager or SFTP.

5.    Scalability

As the traffic starts to increase at your Moodle project, it requires more resources to cater to increased visitors without compromising on the quality of services. A managed hosting solution has your back as the allocated resources to your site can be scaled as per your site’s requirements.

6.    Security

Managed hosting servers have high security and offer continuous monitoring for your Moodle sites. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure at all costs.

Possible Disadvantage

A managed hosting solution might not let you access the backend, mainly because of the managed nature of the solution. The solution delivers all options at the frontend and thus there is no need to access the server CLI. In many cases, all tools required to manage the Moodle site (such as SFTP, and resource usage monitoring) are part of the frontend management panel.

This could be a drag for experienced users who need more control and access over their cloud servers.


I have established the facts about the benefits of managed Moodle hosting and how it can help save time, cost, and resources. You pay for the server resources consumed by the Moodle website. Similarly, the server resources can be scaled as your site grows. As a result, the project stays well within the planned budget and you feel more confident about the operations.

There are multiple Moodle Hosting options in the market and in the end, it depends on your preferences and project requirements. However, it is fair to say that managed hosting for the Moodle website is a fair bet in every aspect.

Let me know in the comments section below about your experience and preferred hosting platform for Moodle. Happy Learning!

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