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A Review of Environmentally-Friendly Web Host GreenGeeks

Every website on the internet needs many things in order to function properly. One of the major requirements includes finding a web host because it will hold all the files that compile your site so that users can view them in their browsers. It can be difficult to choose a web host because there are so many options available. is an example of a web host provider that services a wide variety of clients. We will be delving into GreenGeeks and the plans that it offers and determining whether it is a good choice of web host.

About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 and is based out of Los Angeles, California. The company has achieved a great deal of success and is currently hosting over 300,000 websites worldwide.

GreenGeeks works hard to remain an environmentally friendly company. They try to alleviate the environmental damage that they cause, as the web hosting industry tends to generate a big impact. GreenGeeks reduces their carbon footprint by 300%, as they purchase wind power credits to more than offset their energy usage. The company is also recognized as being a Green Power Partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Web Hosting – Pricing

Depending on what type of service you are interested in, the pricing can be as low as $2.95 per month for a “lite” hosting plan. However, to achieve this low price, you will need to sign up for three years in advance. If you prefer not to do that, the cheapest plan will cost $9.95 per month. This lite plan is great for smaller blogs or websites that do not see a great deal of traffic.

The “pro” plan is available for $5.95 per month if you sign up for three years in advance. Otherwise, it costs $14.95 per month. This plan is geared towards websites that are rapidly growing and require more resources to expand.

The next largest option is the “premium” plan, which skews towards busy websites or stores that have a lot of daily transactions. It can be purchased for $11.95 per month if you sign up for three years in advance, or $24.95 per month otherwise.

VPS – Plan Options

GreenGeeks also offers a variety of managed VPS (virtual private server) options for clients.

Their first VPS service contains 2GB of memory and is available for $39.95 per month. This service is meant for clients who have a small website and do not anticipate major growth any time soon.

The next VPS plan has 4GB of memory and can be purchased for $59.95 per month. This is the standard service for clients who have growing websites.

Finally, the 8GB plan comes in at $109.95 per month. This is for more intense usage and is meant for clients who have large online businesses or busy websites.

Reseller Hosting

GreenGeeks also offers reseller hosting. This service allows individuals to purchase rehosting from another provider and sell it as their own. GreenGeeks has three plans available for this type of service:

  • RH-25 for $29.95 per month
  • RH-50 for $39.95 per month
  • RH-80 for $59.95 per month

Customer Service

GreenGeeks has an excellent overall rating for customer service. When you have problems or questions, you can be connected to a representative via live chat within a minute or two. Their customer service reps tend to be very knowledgeable in the field of technology and can get to the root of the issue fairly easily. GreenGeeks has a team that is available 24/7 in the form of virtual help or over the phone. The website also hosts a wide array of questions and answers in their knowledge bank, where users can search at their own discretion.

Refund Policies

GreenGeeks’ plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. However, this does not include certain fees such as the initial $15 start-up cost, domain fees and any add-on features that you have incurred.

GreenGeeks offers a free domain name when you set up with them. This will save you about $10 for the year. However, if you end up canceling your contract with them during the 30-day period, they will charge you for this service. This domain fee registration fee could be up to $25.

Is GreenGeeks a Recommended Hosting Service?

GreenGeeks is a good, reliable option for you if you require web hosting services. They provide a wide range of options and can work one-on-one with you to ensure that your website is operating correctly.

The fees that GreenGeeks charges are a little high compared to industry standard. However, if you decide that you will stay with them for the long-haul, you can sign on for three years and pay the lower amount.

GreenGeeks makes a genuine effort to reduce its environmental impact, which is what more companies should be doing. They are definitely worth a shot if you are shopping around for web hosting providers!

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