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Android Shield 101: 7 Top Reasons Why You Should Have An Antivirus App On Your Android Device

Android Shield 101

For some people, an antivirus app is worthless for their Android device. Common sense is more than enough to protect your phone from all malicious software, and we don’t need any apps to preserve essential information on our device. Antivirus apps will just quickly drain the phone’s battery and occupy a considerable amount of your internal storage. Installing them is just mere nonsense.

But the reality speaks itself. There is more than 3.5 million malicious software on Android devices that were discovered in the year 2017, and some of those are being marketed through Google Play Store without realizing it. With an increasing population of Android devices being infected with malware, do you think you can just rely on your common sense to protect the privacy of your phone? Consider these top reasons why you should have at least one antivirus app on your Android.

To Protect Our Essential Information From Potential Hackers

We store crucial information on our Android phone. Some of those are our bank information, photos, and relevant business documents, which can be the target of potential hackers. This is the reason why you need to find the best anti virus software for your device. Any trusted antivirus app can protect your relevant documents and files from any malicious intent.

Offers Remote Lock

Using any trusted antivirus app, you can easily block information if your phone falls into someone else’s property. This prevents robbers from accessing your private information that can be used for potential threats. Even if they have changed your SIM card, they cannot use, control, or access all of your personal details.

Check All Your Installed Apps

You should not instantly install apps and trust them automatically. Know what it can do with your data, and by allowing an antivirus app, you will recognize the potential harm brought by specific apps you have—in return, protecting your private information like contacts, photos, and bank account details.

Detects Any Malicious File

Whether the app you want for your device is from official or unknown sources, it can still be the source of any malicious file and can put your phone at risk. Using an anti-virus software, any harmful files can be detected and disinfected.

Optimize The Battery Performance

People may think that an antivirus will drain your phone’s battery, but this is actually false. Optimizing battery performance is one of the useful things about antivirus software. It allows you to verify the consumption of a particular app running on your phone and lets you analyze the space it is occupying. When your installed app mostly affects the performance of your device, an antivirus can stop its process, optimizing both your phone and battery performance level.

Useful Additional Features

Some of the antivirus software is not just initially made for virus scanners and detectors, it’s also built with additional features that are useful on your device. These additional features are often for extra security for your phone that needs your subscription fee. Some functions can additionally give you location, remote lock, or even remote access through SMS.

There Is An Evident Growth of Threats and Viruses On Android Device

With more than 900,000 threats for less than twelve months, an Android operating system is regarded as the biggest source of any viruses. Millions of devices are being affected each year, and essential files and documents are being corrupt by hackers. These harmful possibilities can be prevented using any legal and trusted antivirus software.


Existing in a digital era, where most of us depend on any technological devices, is highly exposed to various threats. These threats can significantly affect our private information and documents that cannot be prevented using any common sense. Thus, installing helpful antivirus apps should be regarded as one of the trends nowadays, giving Android users a more secure device.

If you are still in doubt, try to re-read the reasons mentioned above and re-evaluate your thoughts. Some of the software is free, and some require a subscription. Free or not, all of those authorized antiviruses always gives users a high level of protection. Therefore, it would be beneficial to consider this on your phone.

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