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Apple Watch SE Or Watch Series 3: Which One You Should Buy

Apple Watch SE Or Watch Series 3

Apple is tendering a bang with the new Apple Watch entrants products – Apple Watch SE or Series 3. The Apple Watch SE is comparatively affordable and is a more modern sibling of the powerful Series 6. But, is it worth paying that enough money on Apple Watch SE or watch series 3? Is there are a better option for Apple Watch SE or watch series 3 you can purchase right now? Is ordering Apple Watch 3 at the instant a steal-deal?

Let us examine how we can distinguish the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3 and conclude which one is suitable for your necessity.

Apple Watch SE Or Watch Series 3

Apple Watch SE or Watch Series3 both come under a completely separate series. You are anticipating a big difference in the key features of both the watches. Even though several, Apple Watch Series 3 still competes fitter with Apple Watch SE in many characters.

Apple Watch SE is an inferior powerful variant of Apple Watch Series 6 (or a slightly upgraded Series 5, let’s say). In reality, Apple Watch Series 3 originated with most of the “Apple Watch-ish” features, at a cheaper cost.

These are the significant innovations you could keep in mind before selecting aside for taking the latest Apple Watch. The foundation features, well, most of them stay the same, and we will describe them to you here.

Difference Among Apple Watch SE or Watch Series 3


When you are paying several hundred bucks on a watch, you must be exacting a stylish appearance. Well, no smartwatch could give you the technique of old-school dual chronograph classic style watches. Apple Watch is no distinct, yet they are stylish in their design.

Apple Watch SE and Series 3 both come with similar design components. But, take an approaching look at both, and you will start to sense the variations.


Commencing from the display, the earlier Apple Watch Series 3 appears with a rectangle retina screen that may resemble some Chinese counterparts, at least in 2020. On the other hand, Apple extends to develop the iPhone-like curved corner screens for Apple Watch SE, which they have been using for Apple Watch Series 4.


The casing size for both the watches is distinctive too. In contrast, the Apple Watch SE gives 40 mm and 44 mm options. While the Series 3 has 38 mm and 42 mm box size. Both come with aluminum-made quandaries. While buying a new Apple Watch for your youngsters, Series 3 with 38 mm casing would be a more suitable match than the large 40 mm or 44 mm given by Watch SE.


Picking the better performing, the faster model is not just suitable for phones or computers. Apple Watch is a micro version of a laptop on your wrists, so the execution matters.
Looking at the professional side, Apple Watch Series 3 owns the S3 SiP chipset from Apple. It can manage most of the apps and does not put you fluff in day-to-day usage. The S-5 SiP chip on Apple Watch SE is obtained from the Watch Series 5, and Apple says it’s double faster than the previous.

The variation in performance can be revealed in day to day practice as well. As of now, Apple Watch Series 3 can work just as nearly as SE. However, future updates may break down the Series 3, ultimately missing out on features.


Apple Watch Series 3 and SE both drop out on many characteristics indifference with the modern Apple Watch Series 6. You don’t perceive always-on-display, ECG, Blood Oxygen Monitor on both.

Health Monitoring

When it befalls to health monitoring and special care features, Apple Watch SE is a cut beyond. Fall apprehension is one thing you can perceive on Watch SE, and not on Watch Series 3. Well, if you consider if it’s a thing, it had served many in history.
Emergency SOS is possible for both the watches. Apple Watch SE takes the edge of Cellular supports and provides international emergency dialing.
Series 3 does offer a GPS variant only, which is a notable turndown if you are viewing to use the WatchOS 7 features like Family Setup. It would support if you had a Cellular Apple Watch to setup Watch for children or the adults who do not have an iPhone.

Fitness Comparison

Additionally, the newly announced Fitness+ feature only confirms Apple Watch SE here. If these are something that you are searching for, Apple Watch SE is what you require.
Heartbeat monitoring in Apple Watch SE is lightly faster and accurate related to that in Series 3. Same with the slumber tracking, the new accelerometer beside 32 g-forces in Watch SE can cover your sleep time more exactly.

Direction For Hikers

For the hiker in you, the builtin Gyrocompass and always-on altimeter on Apple Watch SE is, for certain, a good part. You can also unite the real-time altimeter complication on the Watch appearance in Watch SE. Apple Watch Series 3 wants both. However, there is an Altimeter that you can use manually. The good thing is that both watches are waterproof. Up-to 50 meters in sea-depth.


Both the budget-watches from Apple can advise you about abnormal heartbeat swings and help you take help if the heart rate disturb. Also, the loudspeaker on Apple Watch SE can identify noise contamination with the Noise application.

Memory Capacity

Don’t worry. We didn’t miss the storage section. If you are someone who serves to install too several apps, watch features, generate new emojis, and download lyrics from Apple Music on Apple Watch, pay consideration. Apple Watch Series 3 becomes with only 8GB of memory. In contrast to this, Apple Watch SE sports 32GB of memory, which is 4x more important than Watch 3.


You are thrilled about the modern series of Apple Watch wearables, but don’t want to pay too much on something that is “radically a watch.” That’s why we are considering this here. Let’s view the price patches both Apple Watch designs come with.

  • Series 3 With 38 mm: Price $169/-, 42mm 219.99 $
  • SE GPS with 40 mm: Price $279/-, 44mm $299.99/-
  • Watch SE GPS+Cellular 40 mm: Price $329/-, 44mm $359

Notwithstanding its old chipset and peculiarities, Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a marginally cheaper price tag. You can purchase it for almost $199and be the most suitable if you are getting for your kids. 

If you are amenable to pay a few more dollars, you can purchase Apple Watch SE with modernized features and approximately long-time software updates and maintenance. The Cellular modification of Apple Watch SE takes roughly as double as the Apple Watch Series 3, which may not be worthy of it if you don’t certainly want the cellular options.

Reason To Buy Apple Watch SE

We comprehend that you are a short messy here. Match your intention with the list here and examine if you are;

  • Resembling for the most affordable Apple Watch.
  • Requires an Apple Watch with fundamental functionalities.
  • Don’t necessitate much memory capacity in the apple watch.
  • Not watching for a cellular selection.
  • Not harmonizing to cover a lot of applications on the apple watch.
  • Require a smaller, compressed watch dial.
  • Nevermore considering fall apprehension, gyrocompass, and other additional peculiarities.

Reason To Buy Apple Watch SE

If your intention is still attached to the latest models in the Apple Watch starters, it harmonizes. You can go for the modish Apple Watch if you are;

  • Willing to spend a bit higher than just $199.
  • Searching for an Apple Watch with long-term assistance and updates.
  • Requires a lot of memory capacity.
  • Marking for cellular connectivity.
  • Desires to test the latest Apple features like Family Setup.
  • Watching for a stylish watch with a wider display area.
  • Craves the latest Apple Watch, but not ready to pay an extra $350.
  • Viewing for a wearable with hiking supporting features like fall disclosure, gyrocompass, always-on altimeter, and many others.

Make A Final Decision 

Now, it’s time to build up your inclination. Apple Watch SE or Watch Series 3? Analyzing the facts, Apple Watch Series 3 is comparatively generations late, contrasted to the fresher Watch SE. If you are watching at buying the advanced one, the accord for Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch Series 3 arrives with all the primary functions and features, like the Watch SE. You will drop out on fascinating Apple Watch SE elements but meriting the deal if you search for an economical watch.

Operating various apps on both would be excellent, but the Watch SE will outperform the adored one. Even if you purchase the Apple Watch Series 3 immediately, we can assume the watch to receive the WatchOS updates for several years from today. But, do not suppose the same execution over time.

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