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Best CPU temperature monitors: The top 10!

Without any doubt, Android is the best mobile operating system in the world of technology. Android provides more features to its users as compared to another mobile operating system. Android always stood first on the top of the other mobile operating systems due to its great application ecosystem.

If we look at the Google Play Store, we will find their many applications for every different purpose. Just same goes for the CPU monitoring applications for Android. The Google Play Store is filling up with many monitors to monitor CPU temperature and frequency in real-time.

Why it is so important To Monitor CPU Temperature?

The high temperature of your CPU might be damage the motherboard or other devices. To avoid this harmful thermal damage, your CPU temperature should be monitored regularly if you are using the CPU intensive programs. Also monitoring the CPU temperature will also help you to maintain its performance.

Temperature is the great factors that can affect a server room. If the temperature of your CPU is too high then the servers can get damaged. Overheating might be cause permanent damage of your CPU.

To sure the overall reliability and uptime within the data center it is very important to maintain the recommended environmental levels like temperature, humidity, power, etc. So server rooms require to be monitored with internal as well as external sensors. Almost all the CPU and processors has integrated internal sensors.

List of Best CPU temperature monitors

So, in this article, we have shared some Best CPU temperature monitors and frequency history data. Some of the applications also offer you great features such as status bar floating windows, overheat alarm, etc. Let’s check out each monitor.

CPU monitor 

It’s one of the best and great CPU temperature monitors available for Android smartphones. With this temperature monitor, you can very easily monitor your CPU temperature and frequency in real-time. It also provide you lots of great tools such as a one-tap boost, ram widget, CPU widget, battery widget, and so more.


Well, CPU-Z is the best temperature monitor on the list that can be used to monitor the CPU temperature. It has a special panel for temperature where it shows you the CPU temperature or the temperature of various sensors, etc. It also shows you the other system information such as device brand, model, and storage type, screen resolution, etc.


It is a new CPU & GPU temperature monitor available on the Google Play Store. The application shows you the some important information like CPU utilization, CPU Frequency, CPU temperature, Battery temperature, GPU Utilization/Frequency, etc. The application is totally free to use, and it also runs on Android version 8 & above.

Cpu Float 

Well, Cpu Float is a widget type temperature monitor for Android available on the Google Play Store. It also adds a floating window on Android’s home screen, which shows many key pieces of system information. CPU float can show you the CPU frequency, CPU temperature, GPU Frequency, GPU load, Battery temperature, and many more. The temperature monitor is not much popular, but it does its job very good.

3C CPU Manager 

If you are using a rooted Android smartphone and looking for an advanced application to monitor your CPU temperature, then 3C CPU Manager might be the best choice for you. It’s a CPU control application for root users, which shows you a complete summary of CPU/GPU loads, frequency, and temperatures. Besides from that, it also lets you configure the governor settings, see the frequency usage table, etc.

DevCheck Hardware and System Info 

This is a best temperature monitor to monitor your hardware in real-time. The best thing about DevCheck Hardware and System Info is that it shows you entire information about your device such as model name, CPU & GPU details, etc. The dashboard of DevCheck Hardware and System Info shows you the CPU & GPU frequencies, temperatures, battery stats and so on.

Device Info HW

It’s a great hardware and software information monitor for Android. It has the ability to give the information about the temperature of both CPU & GPU. To show you the temperature of both CPU & GPU, it uses thermal sensors. Additionally it also shows you the other useful details for the screen, operating system, cameras, sensors, flash, etc.

Simple System Monitor 

It is not much famous but Simple System Monitor is still one of the best system monitoring monitor that you can very easily use on Android. The best thing about Simple System Monitor is that it gives you the information about the temperatures of all of the thermal zones. It also shows you the storage of CPU and frequencies for each core.

HWMonitor PRO 

If you are looking for a phone health monitoring monitor for Android, then you have to give HWMonitor PRO a try. HWMonitor PRO shows different sets of temperatures in real-time. on the other side, HWMonitor PRO also shows you the battery information, CPU utilization and so more.

Cooling Master 

Cooling Master is an Android monitor that lets you monitor and maintain the temperature of your smartphone. If it finds CPU overheating, its quickly scans and shows you the applications that are responsible for that. Cooling Master analyzes CPU usage dynamically to find applications that are overusing your system resources.


So these were the 10 best CPU temperature monitors in real-time. Hope this article will help you in picking up the best CPU temperature monitor. If you have any suggestions and recommendations regarding our article or list then feel free to express your thoughts with us! 

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