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Best Fitness Trackers To Enhance Your Workout Experience

Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker helps you stay more energetic and active by motivating you to reach your aims faster, whether the number of calories burned or the number of steps taken. A fitness tracker with GPS takes it even further by enabling you to track your walks & runs more accurately. While there are numerous trackers with companion-GPS, they have their limitations. For example, you’ll always have to take your smartphone when you go out for your runs or walks. The Best Fitness trackers with built-in GPS solve precisely that. You can proceed with your morning walks & runs without the hassle of carrying your mobile.

So, if you’re in the market looking for the best fitness tracker with built-in GPS, here are some of the best ones.

Best Fitness Trackers

1. Garmin Fitness Trackers

Model: Vivosport

The Garmin Vivosport is an excellent option for you if you want a fitness trackers with accurate measurements and no extras. It’s lightweight, slim, and the waterproof feature for starters means you can wear it throughout. It’s not a beauty. You’ll get an always-on color touchscreen display and a variety of sports widgets. More importantly, advanced features such as built-in GPS, accurate heart-rate monitoring, and onboard music controls make it an excellent tracker for the price.

Besides, the Vivosport’s battery is built to last. On a single charge, it will last around seven days. If the GPS is switched on, the battery life naturally takes a plunge & gets as low as 8 hours.

It tracks various activities like cycling, walking, running, etc., and counts the necessary activities such as steps taken, sleep, stairs climbed, and intensity minutes automatically. Interestingly, the Vivosport contains a VO2 max feature that shows the measurement of your aerobic activities as per your age. It even measures your stress, and if it’s elevated, it prompts you to do some breathing exercises. Additionally, it throws an alert as soon as your heartbeat goes over a threshold value.

When it comes to GPS, it’s entirely accurate. The lock-in time is less than twenty seconds. Although, it’s not without its share of limitations. As per the people at CNET, the Vivosport takes a little time to sync & start. Furthermore, it lacks a dedicated swimming mode. It is available in three colors, and the Fushcia Focus variant packs a gorgeous look.

2. Fitbit Fitness Trackers

Model: Charge 4

If the looks of the Garmin Vivosport are a matter of concern with you, you must check the Fitbit Charge 4. The newest addition to the company’s fitness trackers lineup offers almost similar features to the table, like music controls, heart-rate monitoring, Spotify integration, and onboard GPS. The inclusion of some extra features like NFC mode for mobile payments makes it stand out from the rest. The top part is that the Vivosport looks & feels modern.

Furthermore, Charge 4 has what Fitbit calls Active Zone Minutes. And this neat feature measures your workouts based on your age & heartbeat and rewards you with one point per minute you spend in the fat burn zone. And the goal is to collect around 22 such points per day.

That said, it enables you to track several exercises through the sports widgets. Necessary activities such as steps taken, floors climbed, calories burned, and heart monitoring automatically.

The onboard GPS is quite handy. Not merely does it track your walks and runs, but it even shows you your pace and distance traveled on your wrist. The significant part is that should you want to preserve the tracker’s battery life, you’ll turn on Dynamic GPS, making the tracker switch to your mobile’s GPS. Its battery life lasts up to 7 days on one charge and plunges to five hours when on GPS. It’s not without its share of limitations. Charge 4 has a monochrome screen—no vibrant & punchy colors on this one.

3. Huawei Fitness Trackers

Model: Band 3 Pro

The Huawei Band 3 Pro is the ideal middle ground between the Fitbit Charge 4 & the Garmin Vivosmart. It’s a sophisticated version of the Honor Band 4 and sports a colored 0.95-inch AMOLED screen, which is intense & shows lively colors. The band is sleek and slim, and the side to a border display screen of the screen adds to the experience. The heart of this fitness trackers is the going swimming method, which operates as superb in the going swimming pool as it performs in open-water.

GENERAL PRACTITIONER on the Huawei Band 3 Pro is completely precise. It is an innovative variation of the Honor Band 4 as well as sporting activities a tinted 0.95-inch AMOLED show, which is vivid & displays lively colors. The band is modern and slim, and the side to the border display screen of the monitor includes the experience. What’s more, it also guarantees to better or strengthen your strokes. Currently, that’s something.

Various other than that, you’ll discover all the usual tastes such as sleeping tracking, heartbeat monitoring, and the likes. It’s worth keeping in mind that the check outperforms certainly not have an ambient light sensor, as well as you’ll possess to lower or improve the brightness by hand. Navigating between the different food selections is easy & straightforward. All it takes is a set of swipes & flicks, and also, you’ll show up at your destination in secs. Besides, GPS on the Huawei Band 3 Pro is exact. Like its own versions above, it calls for a little time for lock-in, as well as once performed. It sets to do its task fairly efficiently & swiftly.

4. GTS Fitness Trackers

You can certainly not move inappropriate with the Amazfit GTS if you’re questioning for a classy as well as a slim fitness trackers. It bears a powerful resemblance to the Apple Watch and also performs certainly not stop there. This fashionable smartwatch-like system loads some impressive attributes as well as has an inexpensive rate tag. In addition to 5ATM water protection and a long battery lifestyle, it even features 12 sporting activities methods and allows you to track your walks & jogs without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the bevy of desirable check out encounters incorporates into the meeting.

Like many typical systems, it regularly advises you to take a breather when you have been sitting for far, incredibly long. You’ve effortless accessibility to the heart-rate screen and the rest system for starters; you can easily modify the vibration style.

Besides, a 220mAh battery device energies the GTS, as well, as one fee purchases you roughly 14 times of electric battery life. Switching on the GPS lessens or reduce the battery lifestyle to 20 hrs. Mentioning the GPS, it’ll track seven sports tasks, and also it could be conveniently activated along with a long press on the edge switch.

Amazfit markets the GTS as a smartwatch. There are far fewer to no intelligent functions. For example, you can not answer an email or even a message coming from the view. The various workout modes and the soul fee tracking create it additional of a fitness trackers. Details that it tends to over-estimate the steps at opportunities. If you’re a supporter of round view dials, you can quickly even inspect the Amazfit GTR. It includes a much longer battery life additionally has the right heft to make it pass off as a conventional watch.

Concluding Remarks

With every passing year, fitness trackers are getting improved and better at tracking your movements & sports activities. Although, if you want a bit more from your wearable, it’s great to invest in a smartwatch that combines fitness features & an intelligent quotient. If you’re an iPhone user, the Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the excellent wearables. It contains precise tracking, & the ECG hallmark is the cherry on top. Purchase Apple Watch Series 5

People who use Android can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Active 2. It has a cool digital rotating bezel that enables you to navigate between the different widgets & menus. From automatic tracking (swimming, cycling, walking, running, etc.) to breathing exercises to writing emails and checking incoming messages, you can do a lot.


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