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Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC


Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC

With the world’s digitalization and evolution in technology, the world has become more like a global village. Gone are the times when you have to wait for years to see your friends and relatives living far away. Now, it’s possible with just one click. The availability of video calls has reduced the distance between people. These Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC have contributed a lot in bringing people together.

One important thing here is that, even though the concept of virtual meetings is not new, the use of video calling sites has increased significantly during the pandemic. These Apps are used for professional as well as personal uses. Whether it be connecting to a long-distance friend or arranging a business meeting, the calling apps have played their part.

5 Best Video Calling Apps

With the increase in the use of these apps, their number has increased too. There are a lot of video chat apps in the market at this point. With so many apps, it gets difficult to pick one. If you are confused between these apps, too, we have you covered. To make the task easier for you and provide you with the best app out there, we have picked out the 5 best apps in the market. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best. Let’s get into these apps and find out which will turn out the best for you.

1. Skype

Skype is a name that doesn’t require any introduction. Without any doubt, it deserves to be on the top of this list. It is the most used app in the market and has numerous features that distinguish it from all other apps out there. Numerous years have passed since the emergence of Skype. Time has got nothing to do with the exceptional performance of it. In fact, there has been a significant increase in all the amazing features it comes with. With the appearance of so many apps in the market, Skype is still the best of them all. The interface is almost the same but is pretty user-friendly. Not to forget, the affordable price packages it offers.

Pros & Cons

Like most of the apps, Skype also has some pros and cons. These include:


  • Great sound and video quality.
  • Formation of Groups
  • One-to-one video or voice calls


  • Does not offer free mobile calls.

Download Skype!

2. Google Hangouts

Google has expanded its services with time. In the beginning, it was a simple email service. Now, Google has evolved and is a provider of numerous services such as video calls, meeting apps, etc. Google Hangouts is one of the finest video call service platform. It enables its users to connect with people through video calls but allows them to text each other, send and receive messages, make audio calls, etc. The process of using google hangouts is pretty simple and hassle-free. You need to make a Gmail ID and enjoy virtual meetings. The best thing about this video platform is that it allows you to chat with 10 people simultaneously. Google Hangouts can be accessed through Gmail and can be downloaded and used separately too.

Pros & Cons

Google Hangouts has a bunch of pros and cons too. Some of them are:


  • HD Video Quality
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Default Screen-Sharing


  • Not ideal for group calls.

Download Google Hangouts!


LINE is one other free video and message app. Like most of the Windows PC apps on the list, LINE is also specialized in cutting down on distances between people. It’s available on PC and comes with a pretty user-friendly interface. Although the use of LINE is more common among smartphone users, it is also used by some people on PC. The best thing about LINE that people usually love is its vast collection of cute stickers and emoticons. These cute little stickers also come in different themes and expressions. People love to use them in their chats. LINE also works as a platform to send and receive messages, videos, audios, and other such stuff.

Pros & Cons


  • Group chats with over 100 people
  • Stickers and Emoticons
  • HD Quality sound and video


  • Not good for extensive groups
  • It cannot be used for numbers instead of LINE.

Download LINE!

4. Viber

In this list of the best video apps for PC, Viber has to be included. This is because of the multiple features of this platform. The easy-to-use interface of Viber is a plus too. You can use this app to interact with any Viber users worldwide, and that will not require you to pay any charges. All of its users love the high-quality video calls of Viber. Moreover, it can be used as a platform to share multimedia files. The adorable and cute stickers that are available on Viber add to the beauty of your chat. You will be able to find almost all types of stickers and emojis on this platform. The best part about Viber is that it enables its users to sync the mobile app with the PC app for better handling.

Pros & Cons

Viber also comes with pros and cons. These include:


  • International Calls
  • Stickers and Emojis


  • Calls outside the US are not free of cost.

Download Viber!

5. Wire

Wire-another Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC in the market. Wire’s interesting fact is that it was developed by the same set of engineers who had developed Skype in the past. Wire as an open-source platform and can replace Skype in a pretty efficient manner. If you want a video conferencing app that can help him arrange virtual meetings more elegantly and competitively, the wire needs to be your pick. The users will be able to make encrypted calls through Wire. These calls can be video as well as audio. Another amazing thing about Wire that its users love is its separate database or profiles for personal and professional use. You can create a personal and professional profile on it and switch between both easily. This will enable you to separate your personal work and professional tasks.

Pros & Cons

Just like Skype and other such video apps, Wire has some good and bad things. Some of them deserve mention here. These are:


  • It can be used even when the internet signals are weak.
  • Keeps conversation history safe.


  • Video conferencing is applicable to four users only.

Download Wire!

Video Apps are Versatile!

All these Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC play a vital role in making your life easier. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of these apps in our daily life. You are now aware of some of the best apps in the market. You are free to choose one but make sure to choose the app that goes with your needs.


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