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Best GBA Games


Best GBA Games (Game Boy Advance) to Play in 2021 

Gracious the occasions, they are a-evolving. At the point when the Game Boy line of hardware appeared in 1989, the possibility of a gadget that could play completely fledged games in a hurry was progressive. Presently we have cells that permit us to converse with others, transfer video, mess around and look into realities (like what year the Game Boy appeared) in our hands. However, let us always remember these devoted little machines, or the remainder of its heredity, the Game Boy Advance (GBA). 

This was the handheld that gave us astonishing games like Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand, Advance Wars 2, and The Legend of Zelda. It hosted a wide scope of third-party support, refreshed variants of SNES classics, and probably the most dazzling sprites this side of Rainbow Road. The library traversed in excess of 1,000 titles, yet we’ve searched through that broad rundown to present to you the 25 best GBA games of all time.

To make your search somewhat easier, we have listed the best GBA games all time of each kind presently out there. In this article, we will survey the following aspects with respect to the best GBA games: 

  • Best GBA role-playing games
  • Best GBA action games
  • Best GBS sports games

Best GBA Role-Playing Games

1: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

You cannot talk about the absolute best GBA Nintendo consoles without comprising of GBA Pokemon games. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Version are both effective best game boy advance ever with more noteworthy than 16 million frameworks sold around the world. 

They are the underlying doorways in Nintendo’s Pokemon PC game arrangement, called third era (furthermore called the “innovative generation”) games. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire both happen in the Hoenn Island where you need to pick Torchic, Mudkip, or Treecko to ration Professor Birch. 

As the best game boy advance continues, you should stand firm against the underhanded Group Lava (Ruby) or Group Aqua (Sapphire) to save the environment of Hoenn. 

Both Ruby and Sapphire renditions have exactly the same objectives and missions, aside from a couple of unpretentious changes in the battle.

2: Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green 

These are the changes of unique Pokemon Red/Blue from the original GBA Pokemon games and storyline. In the event that you are a fan of the original Pokemon and the Kanto locale then this is the game you are searching for because it has the best designs and an astonishing storyline for the Kanto district for you. You can rediscover the first era of Pokemon in great graphics and furthermore exchange it with third-era games once you finish the fundamental story. The two variants have practically a similar storyline, yet there are a couple of contrasts in the accessibility of the Pokemon in every version.

3: Pokemon Emerald

Seemingly extraordinary compared to other Pokemon GBA games at any point made for the GBA. Pokemon Emerald is the finished rendition that joins the integrity of both Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire into one game and gives you an epic excursion. You take on the world with your Pokemon and train them to turn into the boss. Pokemon Emerald adds a great deal of new Pokemon that are not accessible in different variations of the game. There are even additional territories and post-game missions that occupy a great deal of time making it an astonishing RPG experience on the GBA.

4: Kingdom  Hearts: Chain of Memories

It is co-created by Square Enix just as Jupiter in 2004 for the best game boy advance framework. Memories are an all-new move parlor game that takes place all through Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Times just as basically a year prior to Kingdom Hearts II. 

The computer game consents to Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they find a mystical castle while adapting a group of reprobates. It was called among the principal GBA games to include full-movement video clip (FMV) Kingdom Hearts is, without a doubt, quite possibly the gba best games that will unquestionably keep up you on your seat for hrs.

5: Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga 

This is a blend of thriller, adventure, RPG, and platformer including both the Super Mario Bros. in one game. The mission is the same, to save the princess yet this time around the battle style is not the same as different games and there are significantly a bigger number of activities other than hopping and gathering coins on the planet. This time there is a story, there are exchanges, and afterward, there is a turn-based battle to crush the malicious powers of Bowser and his plotting mates.

6: Golden Sunlight

Brilliant Sun is a parlor game made by Camelot and distributed by Nintendo for the best game boy advance, It is the absolute first computer game of the great Golden Sunlight arrangement, perceived for its interesting game segments, such as utilizing uncommon ‘Djinn’ that can be utilized to battle against the rivals. 

The computer game’s story sticks to a band of magic-adjusted Adepts, whose goal is to shield the globe of Weyard from a conceivably demolishing force of Alchemy.

7: Beyblade: G-Revolution

If you are an aficionado of the rotating tops called Beyblades, after that this last period of the first anime assortment of Beyblade can turn into the best GBA-ready you. The assortment centers on a group of young men who sort out groups with which they fight each other in competitions using Beyblades. The renowned Beyblade arrangement last scene closes with Tyson just as Kai having one final fight. 

Beyblade: G-Revolution ascribes incredible designs with especially outlined just as all-around modeled Beyblades that will put any gamer directly into the core of a fight.

8: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Prepare yourself for the harvest season since you will get what you really ask for. This is the most worshiped game where you begin as a sow. Players are left with a huge farm and your responsibility is to do harvest in each season. You additionally make companions around the town and assist them with the trip games. You can reap crops, breed animals, own poultry, and considerably more. There are loads of chances in this game to bring in cash. You need to finish various undertakings also to keep on with the main storyline of the game and transform your little ranch into perhaps the best homestead in the Mineral town.

9: Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

In the event that you are a fan of Goku and his companions, you will fall head over heels in love for Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure game on the GBA. This game follows the experiences of Goku all along. You will move gradually up from that point and you can play as 27 different characters also that incorporate Krillin yet the genuine story just follows Goku and you will possibly see the story bend when playing as Goku. You can likewise play multiplayer One-on-One fights. The game incorporates various missions that you need to finish to progress through levels.

Best GBA Action games

10: Metal Slug Advance 

SNK Playmore’s most mainstream shoot’em up game did at long last figure out how to make its way onto the best gameboy advance games. Metal Slug Advance is the solitary Metal Slug title accessible for the GBA and it’s outstanding amongst other action games accessible on the stage. You will play as totally new legends and shoot your way through the enemy area in vehicles or by walking. There are incalculable weapons and vehicles to browse and the ongoing interaction is speedy and energizing. If you have never played a Metal Slug title, this one is the ideal one to raise you to an acceptable level with the game.

11: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The story of Zelda: The Minish Cap is an extra action-pressed experience in the recurring Tale of Zelda arrangement, for the conspicuous Gameboy Advance framework. Co-created by Capcom just as Front runner, with innumerable changes that keep up the storyline new, suitable, and a genuine joy to play. 

The Minish Cap has gotten a lot of recognition among cynics and picked as the twentieth gba best games in an IGN work. In this Story-driven activity computer game, your work is to gather Kinstones, fix intense issues and beat enemies simultaneously.

12: Final Fight One 

Cody and the posse are back to clean the roads of their city in this activity stuffed game for the GBA. Final Fight One is the GBA variation of the exemplary arcade game. The interactivity is the same, the illustrations are extraordinary, and the activity is amazing. You need to battle your way through the roads of the metro city, routing all of the bosses, and salvage the lady in trouble, Jessica. You have 3 extraordinary and amazing warriors to help you in your battle. Utilize destructive weapons or your hands to break few bones.

13: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past 

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past is the only name that really reclassified the entire series and took it to an unheard-of level that we see today. This game got stunning reviews from the top publishers and gamers hence were ported to GBA with a little change. The ongoing interaction is as yet unchanged with stunning background music and a grasping storyline. Your responsibility is to save the universe of Hyrule and Princess Zelda from the grasp of Evil Ganon. Cut your way with the sword or shoot bolts to kill your foes, simply get the job done in this exemplary activity experience RPG.

14: Megaman No 2

Megaman No 2 is the second portion in Mega Male Absolutely no subseries of Huge Male computer games, made and delivered by Inti Creates and furthermore Capcom explicitly for the GBA support. 

Huge Male Zero 2 follows a similar grasping storyline as its antecedent, Mega Male Zero, being a furious, side-looking activity computer game. The game gets a place in the general public where robots are attacked by a hard government called Neo Arcadia.

15: Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

Mysterio is concocting inconvenience alongside his pals and it’s dependent upon Spider-Man to stop all the wreck. Get ready for some web-throwing activity with your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man and kick some genuine butt in this game. Gather astonishing catalysts to try and upgrade Spider-Man’s solidarity and dexterity and you can likewise gather various suits for Spider-Man that make him significantly more impressive. The last symbiote suit will recuperate him over the long run making him practically immune to harm.

16: Advance Wars 

Advance Wars is without a doubt one of the top GBA games, however, it’s criminally misjudged and still remaining parts a specialty game. It has strategic interactivity where you need to utilize operational fighting and military strategies to win the conflict. There are three Wars series which incorporate Black Hole Rising, Dual Strike, and Days of Ruin. Of the three games, you can play the initial two series on Game Boy Advance and the keep going one on Nintendo DS. Advance Wars spins around the Orange Star Army which is confronting grave assaults from armies of different nations. 

The Orange Star Army is blamed for assaulting troops of other countries with no incitement. In this profoundly charged game, you can play from the two sides and rout the adversaries utilizing Battle Maps, effective thinking, and savvy procedures. Basically, Advance Wars is an incredible GBA game and you ought not to miss it in the event that you love strategies games.

17: Metroid Fusion 

Metroid is another of Nintendo’s most well-known activity shooter games where you control the ionic Samus in her chase for outsiders. This game is quite basic, your main goal is to crash each alien being that is possessing our earth and attempting to dominate. You have your shield suit and heaps of weapons to battle any sort of fiendish that comes in your way. You tackle little riddles to progress to the following levels and bounce from one stage to another to arrive at your objective. The game gets going as simple however gets really troublesome with each level.

Best GBA Sports Games

18: Fifa 07

Fifa 07 is positively among the best GBA games in the EA Sports series of football simulator PC game, empowers you to choose bunches from 27 top worldwide leagues just as play the weekly schedule matches to discover on the highest point of the group table. 

It likewise incorporates an inventive AI–so you can encounter the sensible goalkeeper reactions and furthermore much more credible off-the-ball movement. 

FIFA 07 moreover offers you the choice to play in Supervisor Mode where you can bargain worldwide football gamers from around the planet.

19: Fifa World Cup Germany 2006

This is another football title distributed by EA for the GBA and it’s practically indistinguishable from Fifa 07. The only distinction is that this one highlights and spotlights intensely on the world cup and every worldwide team that partook in the Fifa World Cup 2006. You can play as any of the partaking teams and play as untouched top picks like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Lucas Toni, and some more. The ongoing interaction is basic and the illustrations are extremely bad quality, notwithstanding, that is the most GBA could deliver in any case.

20: Mario Power Tennis

Another Mario sports diamond that made it to the top records. This game has the ideal mix of tennis and some fun over-the-top activity to make it perhaps the most pleasant game title for the gameboy advance sp. The activity in this game is truly preposterous, the shots you take, the strikes, the cuts, everything has been done impeccably and it’s perhaps the most high-speed tennis match-ups you will at any point play on any stage. The activity is more arcade-like rather than the exhausting tennis interactivity which makes this game a truly astonishing one that never gets exhausting at any stage.

21: Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Starting your motors and attach your safety belts, because the supreme Kart Racing game is back for the best game boy advance. This portable game highlights the five-game modes that are Mario General Practitioner. Fast Run, Fight, VS., and Time Trial with forty tracks. Likewise eight shocking characters including Mario, DK, and furthermore Bowser! 

Each track supplies stand-out challenges gather coins and furthermore impact. Your opponents with a tool kit of red, eco-accommodating, and spiked Koopa covers to finish on the top.

22: F1 2002

For a GBA game, F1 2002 has one of the incredible-looking visuals and astounding sounds back in the days. This game had speedy hustling activity and brought all the Formula One activity directly into your hands inside your GBA. The game was not as energizing as the console forms, but rather it was as yet very decent games and dashing game for the GBA. In the event that you are racing action and need to appreciate the Formula One races, on the whole, their wonder then this game is the ideal thing for you in any event when you are in a hurry with your GBA.

23: Madden NFL 07

Madden NFL 07 is a Football PC game for Game Boy Advance console dependent on the National Football League (NFL). In this running computer game, you can venture up as the lead blocker to deal with the tailback. Just as crush through, or utilize a variety of moves to keep away from would-be tacklers. 

The gamer can pick the other Madden players when the circle is broken, and the computer game cam will surely. Focus on the arrangement with, fullback, office, watch, pass collector, or restricted end selected.

24: Sk8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Get ready to play out probably the craziest tricks and tricks in this stunning skating match-up on your handheld. Tony Hawk is back with his companions and there are a lot of new tricks and actions that you can act in this energizing skating match-up for your GBA. The interactivity is too energizing and there are diverse game modes to keep you snared for an extreme test in the realm of skating. Pick your #1 skating proficient and begin playing out the most stunning tricks you have at any point envisioned in this invigorating skating activity game.

25: Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

Bike stunt games have truly become less well known these days and there are relatively few BMX stunt games that you can get on the current generation consoles or even handhelds, nonetheless, back in the times of the exemplary GBA, Mat Hoffman’s BMX 2 was an excellent game that had stunning game modes that included the coolest BMX tricks to give the player an energizing ongoing interaction experience. The game highlights a variety of play modes that give you incalculable long stretches of fun and energizing interactivity in a hurry.

Last thoughts-Best GBA Games to Play in 2021

Every one of the games mentioned above is accessible on GBA and some of the games are even accessible on different stages too. If you don’t have a GBA, you can get one on eBay or you can simply download an emulator for your PC to play the best GBA emulator. However, you should possess the GBA games to play those with your emulator. 

It’s your sole obligation to ensure that the games you get are done by means of a legal channel. All GBA game carts are accessible for two or three bucks on the web; we have given links from Amazon/eBay for each game in the rundown. If you have any ideas for the above list or assuming you need to add some GBA games to a particular class, remember to remark beneath and let us know.

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