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15 Best Investment Portfolio Management Tools In 2022

Best Investment Portfolio Management Tools

Tools for portfolio management are necessary for investors to keep track of things like investment returns, costs, asset allocation, etc. You would undoubtedly wonder why you need investment portfolio management tools when you can use a tracking spreadsheet or to do it manually. Only up until a certain point are they viable options. Investing can produce numbers that are beyond the capabilities of the human mind. These management techniques are useful in situations like this.

What do investment portfolio management tools do?

Investment Portfolio Management Software is a platform for automating processes associated with trading and investing as well as fund administration and accounting. They support the clients’ business portfolios, create custom dashboards for them, and give them insights into previous choices. Investment portfolio management software is used by financial advisors, portfolio managers, financial companies, brokers, traders, and individuals. It is also known as stock portfolio management software, wealth management software, or fund administration software.

Best Investment Portfolio Management Tools

But how can we choose the greatest option for us when there are so many possibilities available? The top 15 investment portfolio management tools are included in this list of the best tools, which we have put together for you to review.

1. Right Capital


Right Capital 


Capital  Thousands of advisors are currently using it to expand their businesses globally and set up their clients for financial success. You can show how a successful tax-efficient distribution strategy can enable your clients to save money. Ensure the safety of your clients from death or financial impairment. Consider their wants and requirements in many contexts and devise strategies to assure their success in each one.

2. Morningstar Direct


Morningstar Direct 


Chicago serves as the corporate headquarters of Morningstar Direct, a Morningstar subsidiary. It is a platform for managing investment portfolios with an emphasis on financial and risk analysis. For many years, Direct has given investors more power, and it keeps coming up with new strategies to assist people in achieving their own financial security and independence.

With the top product analysts in the world and in-depth insights from one of the largest independent equity teams, Direct gives you the chance to advance your skills and learn about the most productive business trends that are pertinent to your line of work.

3. Advisor Engine


Advisor Engine 


This company, which was created specifically for financial advisors, gives advisors the ability to manage both standard wealth management customers and totally digitally operating clients from a single platform. It so happens that its functions are integrated with numerous technologies and CRMs for financial services.

Through a clever automation facility, this wealth management platform equips financial advisers to function at scale while providing a more engaging, personalized, and informed client experience.

4. MoneyGuidePro




MoneyGuidePro was created specifically with financial advisers in mind, and it offers solutions and clever approaches to assist advisors in guiding their clients through financial difficulties. Envestnet now offers the product’s support on a global scale.

Using the Retirement Cash Flow Chart technology, you can see your client’s retirement years and plot their goals, possibilities, and potential pitfalls based on their current plan inputs.

5. Geneva




For hedge funds, asset managers, financial advisers, and wealth management managers, Geneva from Advent Software, an SS&C firm, has established itself as one of the best worldwide portfolio management solutions. It has a reputation for doing exceptionally well at position management and portfolio accounting regardless of instrument, structure, or location. Geneva enables investment managers and advisers to effectively manage and expand their businesses, whether it is locally installed or hosted in the cloud.

6. Ajaib




Specifically for Indonesians, the trading platform Ajaib enables the purchase and sale of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. This brokerage platform, which is run by the Ajaib Group, enables online access to mutual funds from Ajaib Reksa Dana, PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia, and their own securities firm, Ajaib Sekuritas, which offers quick and inexpensive access to equities.

Ajaib’s mission is to inform the Indonesian populace of the value of the investment sector as a resource for the future.

7. Riskalyze




An Auburn-based portfolio management solution is called Riskalyze. By helping investment advisors better measure client risk tolerance quantitatively through a variety of in-depth analyses and insights, it has contributed to the transformation of the advisory industry. The said client data will be used to attract new clients in the future, check and meet expectations, and determine suitability over the long term.

You can use Riskalyze to access in-depth analytics of the security, account, and portfolio fronts, enabling you to create the ideal investment plans and methods for customers.

8. RedBlack




Asset management organizations, wealth managers, investment advisers, brokers, and reputable financial institutions employ RedBlack Software’s portfolio management, rebalancing, and trading solutions, which are among the best in the industry. It supports an automated rebalancing procedure and swift trade execution, which improves the performance of its clients’ and investors’ portfolios. RedBlack provides a more effective and lucrative business model that enables advisers to interact with their clients more and comprehend their interests’ future prospects.

9. FutureAdvisor




BlackRock owns FutureAdvisor, a free wealth management tool for managing your stock portfolio. Consumers are able to manage their assets with the automated financial insights and web-based subscription services provided by FutureAdvisor.

It enables various financial and asset management companies to invest with institutional quality and depending on their goals.

10. VestBerry




Software for portfolio administration and reporting called Vestberry is exclusively for the venture capital and private equity industries. By using cutting-edge analytics, Vestberry manages LP and GP relationships to foster openness and sound decision-making. It assists in managing investments totaling around $4 billion that have previously been made in a number of internationally operating businesses and financial institutions, including Wolt, Masterclass, and Telegram.

To help its clients make better investment decisions in the future, Vestberry provides workflow automation, reporting tools, communication with restricted partners, and access to in-depth analysis.

11. Allvue LP


Allvue LP


A platform called Allvue Portfolio Management solution came to let investors who are members of strict partnerships carry out front-, middle-, and back-office tasks in a single cohesive environment. In order to provide a single product on a single platform, Allvue has combined the functions of services like CRM, deal monitoring and analysis, portfolio management and analysis, various reports, and investment accounting. Users can manage several asset classes, monitor new business prospects, produce and examine performance information, and receive a customized, in-depth analysis of their present assets.

12. Wealth Block


Wealth Block 


A fintech company called Wealthblock has been working to develop a white-label platform for capital raising. integrating certain important funding technologies with their core functionality to improve process efficiency and strengthen authority, such as CRM, investor verification, fund administration, etc. According to statistics, Wealthblock currently supports 50+ venture capital, private equity, and placement, investment banking, and broker-dealer firms who use the market to provide investors with products including funds, assets, A+, and R.

13. Clearwater Analytics


Clearwater Analytics 


A web-based investment portfolio management platform called Clearwater Analytics provides institutional investors with options. Currently, Clearwater is serving more than 1000 enterprises and provides the most reliable data integration, reconciliation, investment accounting, and reporting services.

In order to give clean data to all of your investment accounting operations, it is coupled with downstream systems.

14. Backstop




Hedge fund support is provided by Backstop Solutions Group, a cloud-based technology company based in Chicago. It integrates with a wide range of programs and equipment needed for investor communications, document sharing, accounting, and the analytics and study of financial investments. In addition to offering all of these services, it is a top tool for managing investment portfolios. On a single platform, it offers a fully customizable research management system that supports several asset types.

15. Envestnet




Envestnet provides data, technology, and services to financial advisers, businesses, and other organizations throughout the world. Enabling them to advise clients on a variety of financial issues. Asset management, customer service, and business development are the main areas of concentration. Envestnet assists you in gaining a greater understanding of your client’s portfolios. And gives you access to information on their recent investments. Providing you a transparent sense of how to draw in more clients.

Envestnet is now a platform with seamless tools for the network. Giving you access to and a fair level of influence over your clients’ investments.

What to Take into Account When Choosing an Investment Portfolio Management Tool

You should keep the following considerations in mind when using investment portfolio management platforms:

What degree of system integration does it have?

Only when you’re starting from scratch can you assume that you don’t already have a number of management tools. And procedures in place for your company. So that you can receive a complete overview of your data on a single platform. And quickly manage your portfolio management chores. An effective portfolio management system should be able to seamlessly interface with these currently existing programs.

Does it encourage cooperation across teams and departments?

Working in business typically entails collaborating with a number of teams and departments. In order to effectively support cross-team cooperation, be sure the portfolio management software you employ is up to the task. You can use cloud-based tools, which let all authorized users access. Interact with, and experiment with data in real-time while updating crucial data for all users. This facilitates user uniformity and the elimination of redundancy.

How adaptable is the tool you’re using for portfolio management?

Because portfolio management is a dynamic process, the software must be flexible enough to adjust to changing client needs. Ideas and requirements, and commercial opportunities. Any open-source financial portfolio management software will give you the power to alter the system’s settings. And add the necessary tweaks. Even if and when your business changes. It can always give you the tools you need.


We looked at some of the top portfolio management tools in this article. We have a wide variety of platforms to pick from. In order to evaluate and analyze which platform would work for us the best, we bring the essential aspects of the tools that are available to us in this post. When one wants to grow exponentially in the realm of finance, portfolio management, a very strategic approach to investing, is crucial. We hope you investigate each of these choices and select the ideal one for you.

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