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Best iPhone 7 /7 plus Replacement Screen to Buy (March 2020)

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

To a great deal anticipation, the brand new and advanced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus werereleased in early September. Apple is promising higher battery lifestyles, progressedfront and rear-dealing with cameras, and evenextra onboard storagespace. Though initial contention arose while it changed intorevealed that the iPhone 7 does now notconsist of a headphone jack, othertop notchfeatures, such as the reality that the telephone is water-resistant, have provenmotivesufficient to improve.

whilstseveralenhancementshave been made, now not even Apple can contest human blunders. If an accidentcauseddamageto your iPhone 7 /7 plus display screen and is impairing usability, you’ll need to have it repaired or changed.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Costs

The rate of iPhone displayrepairs can varybased on the model you personal and where you move for the service.

Official Apple Store

At an legitimate Apple keep, costs for brokeniPhone 7 or 7 plus screen replacement to buymonitors run among $29-$349,depending on if you got AppleCare+. at the same time as all iPhones come withtwelve months of hardwarerepaircoverage, this constrainedwarranty does no longerpractice to beauty or accidentaldamage. AppleCare+ includestwo incidents of unintendeddamage (even though a carrierfee is charged) and gives a $29 display screenrepair.

if your warranty expired or you have not purchased AppleCare+, displayrepair or replacement can price $149. And if you have any additionalharm that impairs the alternativepaintings, this price can moveup to $349.

CPR Cell Phone Repair

At CPR mobilephonerestore, our professional technicians are preparedto handle iPhone 7 repairstogether with cracked screens—at an inexpensivefee. at the same time asexpenses are contingent upon region, all CPR storesprovideunfasteneddiagnosis and estimates, as well as a restricted lifetime warranty.CPR professionals pride themselves on quick turnaround and will accommodate walk-in, mail-in and same day repairs, whenever possible

Other Service Providers

Other repairofferings, like Geek Squad, require a pay as you gosafety plan that incorporates a month-to-monthcharge. And somestores, like uBreakiFix, lack the locationinsurance that CPR boasts, so their nearest savemay be states away.

How to Replace an iPhone 7 /7 plus Screen


  • Power off the iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus.
  • At the bottom of the phone locate the two pentalobe screws and remove using a TS1 (0.8mm) screwdriver.
  • Place a suction cup directly on the display, above the Home button and gently try to remove from the rear casing.
  • If necessary, use a wedging device to carefully break the seal of the adhesive and pry the display from the rear casing.
  • Open the iPhone 7 like a book.
  • Remove the four, tri-point screws to free the display plate.
  • Use tweezers to lift the display plate away.
  • Then, use your wedging or spudger tool to pop off the three LCD connecting cable strips.
  • Unscrew two more tri-point screws at the top, right-hand corner that hold down your proximity sensor.
  • Remove the plate over the proximity sensor reveal one more cable strip that, when disconnected, will free the front display from the back of the phone.
  • Remove the three Phillips-head screws from the bracket behind the ear speaker at the top of the display side.
  • The bracket will pull away revealing the iPhone’s camera.
  • Pull back the camera to remove the two screws holding in the ear speaker assembly.
  • Lift the ear speaker out.
  • Gently wiggle and pull up on the proximity sensor to remove it.
  • At the bottom of the display side, locate the touch ID assembly.
  • Unscrew the four tri-point screws holding down the bracket.
  • Remove bracket.
  • Gently wiggle to remove touch ID, which will slide out the front.
  • Then remove the LCD back-plate by unscrewing six, tri-point screws.
  • Using your wedging or spudger tool, lift up the LCD back-plate to reveal the cable strip connected to back-plate.
  • Once you free the LCD back-plate of the cable, it should disconnect easily.
  • Discard your old, damaged LCD and replace with the new screen, folding down your cables and lining up the side mounts, to put the 6 screws back into place.
  • Continue to follow the steps in reverse to reassemble the phone.


iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Kit

There are DIY display screenalternative kits on the market, which come with all importantelements and gear, and freerepairmotion picturesto lead you through the process. at the same time asthose kits might alsoseem an low-pricedopportunity to a expensiverestore, for a meanperson, matters can get complicated—and notto sayirritatingquickly. To keep away from the headache of attempting the restoreyour self, in addition to the time it takes to complete the activity, deliver your cracked iPhone 7 display screen to CPR where our technicians thrive on those tedious tasks.

Protection Options for iPhone 7 Screen

To save you inevitable screendamage and keep away fromrestorefees, invest intelephoneinstances and screen protectors on your iPhone 7.

Screen Protectors

.Crafted from tempered glass, just like the Alpha Glass display Protector from OtterBox and Black Ice Plus display screen Protector from systemshield, display protectors protect your cellphonein opposition to scrapes and scratches without compromising touchscreen sensitivity or image quality.

Phone Cases

Speck, OtterBox, and RhinoShield–as well as many otherbrands– make long lastingphoneinstances and covers to offerextraprotectionin your iPhone 7 and guard it from scratches, drops, and dust. CPR cellularsmartphonerepairshopsdelivera variety of iPhone 7 cases to save youin additiondamageon your iPhone.

A Good Clean

Because your iPhone 7’s display screen is the interface of the device, it’s milesbound to get smudged and grimyspeedy from the time spent the usage of it. whilecleansing your display, by no means use a chemical cleansing solvent. rather, use water and a smooth, lint-loose, scratch-resistant material, together with microfiber. dampen the clothnow not the display screen–and gently wipe off with even strokes.

if you aren’t feeling assuredenough to try an iPhone 7 cracked screenrestorein yourown, or are experiencing otherissuestogether with yoursmartphone, no issues! CPR Cell Phone Repair is here to help.

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