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Best Sleep Apps for the Apple Watch users

Best Sleep Apps for the Apple Watch users

 The Apple Watch is a best friend for iPhone users during the day to help its user to manage notifications, track your activity, and message your friends and family members, and so more. But maybe you not know that the Watch can also help you when you switch off your light.

For staying healthy taking a good night’s sleep is very important for everyone. There are many third-party applications that do the same task for you. Here we picked a handful of best sleep tracking applications for Apple Watch users.

AutoSleep ($3.99)

You have no need to take stress about activating AutoSleep before going into your bed. This application automatically tracks your sleep as you wearing an Apple Watch.

When you start it the first time, you have to setup the wizard. If you want you can even tweak this application if you want more sleep. Every early morning, you can also analysis of your sleep, when you are in lighter sleep or when you are in deeper sleep, you can also see your heart rate.

You can also analyze your sleep in the form of a clock interface. Once you get a custom goal, the clock automatically switches from red color to green. To see all of the detail, you have to go Today page, it shows you information such as sleep rating, time asleep, and many more.

Sleepzy  (Free, subscription available)

Most people, find a very difficult thing to waking up and getting out of bed in each day. Sleepzy makes it easy for you. Your iPhone and Apple Watch both track your sleep in night. When Sleepzy finds your lightest sleep phase, then it alarms you to help you feel less groggy when you waking up in the morning.

You can even set your sleep goal. This application also tracks your sleep quality so you can adjust it and improve it according to your needs.

Its premium subscription offers you many great features. You can also see very advanced stats and also track progress over time, you can listen to night sounds and also know about you are snoring or not, and can unlock all sleep insights. It has no advertisements.

NapBot (Free, subscription available)

NapBot works with machine learning technology on both devices iPhone and Apple Watch to find and track your sleep patterns. If you continue to use this application, then it’s become the best sleep tracking application on Apple Watch by using this information.

In the early morning, you can also take a look at your sleep phase such as deep and light sleep times. This application also monitors sounds around you to find out how they affect your sleep patterns. 

The applications subscription gives you two more features. It gives you a complete history of your sleep and also tracks your sleep trends to find out how new habits affect your sleep.

Sleep Center (Free, premium version available)

This application Sleep Center works on both the Apple Watch and iPhone to give you a comprehensive pack of sleep tracking tools. You can also set a smart alarm on your Watch, either in the form of a sound or haptic tap, to wake you every early morning during your lightest phase of sleep.

In night, if the application finds that you’re snoring, then Watch vibrates to alert you to move and this feature makes this application best for snorers.

 The application uses smart detection to record the quantity of your snoring in the night on your iPhone. The application also gives you the nightly sleep statistics that have the quality of your sleep and various sleep trends. To better know about your sleep, you can include various factors such as alcohol, stress, or your mood after waking up.

Its free version gives its use limited features. To get more advanced features, you have to purchase this application.

Sleep++ (Free, premium version available)

Many sleep tracking applications need a subscription to get more advanced features. But Sleep++ is a totally free application to track your sleep. The application has two modes of your sleep tracking an automatic and manual mode. In every night’s sleep, it gives you a report about how long you slept and the quality of your sleep.

The application also gives you the trends of your sleep such as how much you’re sleeping in each night of the day of the week and it also shows you the progress toward reaching a sleep goal.

Its subscription version has no advertisements.

Pillow  (Free, subscription available)

Pillow is the best sleep tracking application for your Apple Watch. The application automatically finds when you’re asleep and start to analyze your data. You can even start a sleep session manually. Every morning, it wakes you by a smart alarm clock; it also alerts you in your lightest sleep stage.

After every night, it gives you a report that has a great variety of information such as your heart rate graph or sleep data. A diagram shows you specific sleep stages such as REM, light sleep, or deep sleep.

The application automatically updates its Sleep category in Apple’s Health application and also compares your sleep quality with other metrics that affect your sleep, such as weight, alcohol intake, and blood pressure.

Its subscription premium gives you extra features such as unlimited sleep history, heart rate data, personalized sleep tips, and so more.

Sleep Tracker for Watch ($3.99)

Don’t take stress if you have no iPhone when you are using Sleep Tracker for Watch. This independent Watch application functions without an iPhone and analyzes your night’s rest. It gives you all the data in the wearable device. When you connect it with your iPhone, all the data can be sent to the handset.

After start a session on your Watch, it gives you an overall sleep view that shows you your bedtime and your heart rate data. To get accurate sleep information you can also adjust its sensitivity level by the watch application.

The application instantly captures your heart rate When you wake up, which is an accurate measurement of your health. On your iPhone, it gives you more detailed information such as REM sleep estimate or the types of your motion that occur in the night.

Get a Better Night’s sleep

In this article, there are a great variety of best sleep tracking applications that gives you better information about what’s happens at night. Many applications of them help you to get a better night’s sleep, although looking for the best Apple Watch sleep tracking applications for your requirements may take some error.

Whichever sleep tracking application you pick up, it’s should be a charged Watch before heading to bed. Make sure that you learn about to save your battery life in your Apple Watch so are you ready to turn it on in night.

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