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Top 15 Chrome Add-ons for Gmail in 2024

Top 15 Chrome Add-ons for Gmail in 2024

Without a doubt, Gmail is the finest email provider available. This is a free service that lets you send and organize emails. Even while Gmail has every feature you could want for email, there’s always room for more.

To make the most of Gmail, you can use the Google Chrome web browser to install many extensions. Hundreds of extensions are already offered in the Chrome web store that integrates with Gmail to give you additional email management and productivity tools.

Top 15 Chrome Add-ons for Gmail

You can start utilizing some of these Chrome extensions to increase the efficiency or functionality of your Gmail account. Now, let’s examine the collection of top Chrome Gmail extensions.

1. Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail

Among the stylish Chrome extensions that might increase your productivity is Checker Plus for Gmail. You don’t need to open the Gmail website to read, listen to, or delete emails when you use Checker Plus for Gmail to receive notifications.

With over a million users, the extension is quite well-liked in the Chrome web store. Checker Plus for Gmail also has offline viewing, popup emails, voice notifications, and many features.

2. Mailtrack


You can trace each email you send from Gmail with the help of Mailtrack, one of the email tracker extensions on the list. With the help of this free email tracking tool, you can send an infinite number of emails using Gmail.

Installing the Chrome plugin, connecting your Gmail account to Mailtrack, and initiating email correspondence are the prerequisites for using Mailtrack. With Mailtrack, you can follow the emails you send.

You must access Gmail’s Sent Emails folder in order to view the tracked emails. You can see whether an email has been opened by looking at the read receipts for the emails you send using Mailtrack.

3. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail offers more effective email scheduling options than Gmail’s built-in feature. With the Gmail addon Boomerang, you may program emails to be sent automatically at a later time.

Boomerang for Gmail helps you remember to pay bills on time, organize project emails, schedule birthday emails, and more. In addition, Boomerang for Gmail includes Respondable, an AI-powered assistant that assesses your emails and estimates the chance

of a response.

4. PixelBlock


Companies and businesses employ trackers to monitor your email opening behavior. Mailtrack is one of the email trackers that we have mentioned previously. An addon for Chrome called PixelBlock stops these trackers from working.

The best Chrome addon for Gmail is called PixelBlock; it prevents any effort at email tracking, which is used to determine when you open and read emails. The extension has a good amount of positive ratings and is accessible for free.

5. Todoist for Gmail

Todoist for Gmail

For those who don’t know, Todoist is a service that enables you to make to-do lists, set reminders, and save notes. Todoist for Gmail accomplishes the same tasks, but it also offers email management capabilities.

You can add emails to tasks, create follow-up reminders, keep track of deadlines via email receipts, and accomplish more with Todoist for Gmail. Todoist for Gmail can even be integrated with other services, including Google Drive, Zapier, Evernote, Slack, etc., to help you organize your emails and tasks.

6. Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect

There is no reason why you should not use the helpful Chrome addon Clearbit Connect. This little widget is located in the sidebar of your Gmail account. The extension will prompt you to select a firm when you click on the Widget, and then it will list every individual it discovers.

Email marketers may find Clearbit Connect quite helpful since it allows them to retrieve personnel information directly from Gmail. With this extension, you may look up persons by role, job title, or name.

In addition, you may utilize Clearbit Connect to find out more about the people who are emailing you. For that reason, you may trust Clearbit Connect to help you identify the sender of an unfamiliar email you recently received.

7. Notifier for Gmail

Notifier for Gmail

A simple Chrome addon called Notifier for Gmail lets you know when new emails arrive in your Gmail account. You may stop opening Gmail every time to see if an email you’ve been waiting for has arrived by using Notifier for Gmail.

The Notifier for Gmail will display a notice bubble on the browser’s toolbar as soon as the email lands in your inbox. The Gmail extension icon can be clicked to read, report spam, trash, or archive the message.

8. Simplify Gmail

Simplify Gmail

Another fantastic Chrome addon for Gmail that you won’t regret getting is Simplify Gmail. The addon adds functionality, simplicity, and decorum to your Gmail.

It makes Gmail more streamlined, which facilitates the reading and writing of material. To help you focus better, you can also block the notifications and turn off your inbox.

In addition, Simplify Gmail has a plethora of other capabilities, such a full dark mode, the ability to restore deleted categories, the ability to alter the interface fonts, the ability to conceal unread numbers, a more simplistic user interface, and much more.

9. Gmail Sender Icons

Gmail Sender Icons

Use the Gmail Sender Icons Chrome addon if your inbox in Gmail is already disorganized. It’s a straightforward Chrome plugin that makes it easier for you to recognize email senders.

After installation, the sender’s official logo and domain name are shown directly behind the email message via the Gmail Sender Icons extension. Without opening the email, you can tell who sent it thanks to the firm logo and domain name.

10. Discoverly


Discoverly bears a striking resemblance to the Clearbit Connect mentioned earlier. It’s a Chrome add-on that works with Gmail to give you additional information about the people who have emailed you.

Discoverly makes it simple to locate a message sender’s job history, mutual connections, tweets, and other details. Discoverly even displays the social media accounts of the individual who just sent you an email to help you learn more.

11. Gmelius for Gmail

Gmelius for Gmail

With the fantastic Google Chrome addon Gmelius for Gmail, your Gmail inbox becomes the best tool for collaboration. You can effortlessly synchronize your Gmail with your preferred apps, such as Trello or Slack, by using Gmelius for Gmail.

With the help of the Chrome extension, you can communicate by using the @mention tag on email notes, manage shared inboxes, and arrange conversations using shared Gmail labels.

As an extension for business collaboration, it also offers some team management and automation tools, such as setting up repetitive activities to run automatically and using SLAs to track team performance.

12. ActiveInbox


Using the Chrome addon ActiveInbox, you may use Gmail as a task organizer. This Chrome plugin is highly recommended for individuals who frequently overlook crucial assignments.

Gmail gives you complete task management capabilities and lets you handle all of your discussions from one interface. Gmail allows you to add comments to emails, create reminders for due dates, send follow-up reminders, and organize it into folders.

13. Grammarly


For writers and pros, Grammarly is a Chrome extension. With its help with spell check, grammar check, punctuation check, and other features, the addon can significantly enhance your communication abilities.

It might be your first pick when it comes to editing the email language you’ve produced for commercial purposes. Beyond grammar, the plugin can also identify frequently misinterpreted terms in incorrect contexts.

All things considered, Grammarly is the best writing aid add-on for Google Chrome that works flawlessly with Gmail.

14. Simple Gmail Notes

You may use Simple Gmail Notes, a straightforward Chrome extension, with your Gmail account. It is fairly helpful. With the help of the Chrome extension, you may show note abstracts on the email summary page, add notes to email threads, and save notes in your personal Google Drive.

Organize your notes more effectively with the 100% free and open-source Simple Gmail Notes Chrome extension.

15. ChatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ

ChatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ

With AI becoming more and more prevalent, it seems logical to have an addon to make writing emails easier. With ChatGPT, this Chrome plugin may compose emails on your behalf.

Because GPT powers ChatGPT for Gmail by cloudHQ, you can wave goodbye to those awkward errors made while writing an email. Additionally, the extension may generate replies for every email you receive that are appropriate for the situation.

If email marketing is your thing, cloudHQ’s ChatGPT for Gmail can help you build compelling and interesting outreach emails from scratch.

Thus, these are a few of the greatest Chrome add-ons for Gmail. To improve Gmail’s functions, you ought to start using these emails. If you utilize different Chrome extensions for Gmail, please let us know what they are called in the


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