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Do You really Need a Navigation systems Unit?

Navigation systems Unit

Do you need to have a GPS navigation Unit? The truthful answer is yes you will as whilst it’s possible to use your Smartphone, they have a couple of major factors which if you neglect can cause you problems.

Firstly, they are awfully expensive which means that should you drop your Cellular phone of the floor and damage the display screen, you are likely to have a large bill to replace it. Secondly, nearly all smartphone units, are not waterproof and thus if you are outside in the rain, you will not be able to use your Cell phone in case it gets wet. This is means that if you are using your navigator for a motorcycle for example, the minute it starts raining, you will get lost. Let be honest, in the UK right now it rains a lot, and therefore its much better to simply get a GPS unit.

Satellite Navigation Units

While Satellite Navigation units are not cheap, the costliest version is usually cheaper than a low-priced Smartphone therefore if it does get stolen, lost or broken the problems for your wallet are significantly less. In addition, they will often include lots of great features that may help you with your navigation. These features could include turn by turn directions, in-built speakers, or even lane assistance all to help you get from point A to point B in the quickest time.

In my view it is obvious that you do require a decent navigator, however, the actual question is do you need to choose the best GPS model, or is it possible to actually cope with the cheapest unit on the market. Often large, highly-priced GPS models come with a lot of functions that you do not really need meaning that you will have actually spent lots of money on features that you really need not have got.

Unless you are going to do some serious cross-country driving, you really need to traffic alarms? The honest answer is that although these are great to have, the extra cost means that you can quite happily do without them. Choose a GPS device that comes with beneficial features but features that you are likely to use. If you are not planning to use the features, then there is basically no point in getting this model and you might as well save the money and buy a more affordable unit.

What Features Should A Great Car GPS Have

There had been a time when the old GPS navigators only took you from one point to another, but things have changed for better. And in order to choose a GPS for your car, you must know the features:

Screen Size – In the past, its always been bigger is better. This was because screen resolutions were so bad that you needed a big screen to be able to see your directions. Today this is not the case, screen resolutions are much better and as a result, you can look at 5-inch screens being the norm.

Smart Chip’s – Make sure that even if there are dense forest and congested skyscrapers, your device should be able to receive signals.

Direction – these include specific details such as the names of streets, distance, and of course the direction your heading. Traffic alerts are also a great option to help you stay out of traffic.

Bluetooth hands-free – The latest GPS devices are compatible with Bluetooth devices. This helps you to have your “hands-free”, you can concentrate on driving, speaking to the device to guide you through the ways, and navigate through the touch screen.

These features are the latest ones and are must-haves in your device. If you are using one that is old dated, it is time that you change your device and buy one that is trendy and cool in terms of its facilities. But of course, before you buy one, you must assure your budget and find a brand that offers all these features within your budget.

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