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Finding the Perfect Galaxy: 4 Best Samsung Galaxy Phones in the Market

What kind of Samsung phone do you own right now? Is it time for you to get an upgrade and replace your old phone with these new phones from Samsung? In this article, we will be helping you decide which is the best samsung phone you can buy in the market today.

Finding the perfect Samsung phone for you is no easy job. You have to know their specs, features, and whether they have the right size for you. So, we made things a lot easier for you by compiling this list and giving you a short review of some of these smartphones.

The latest report in the smartphone market share is showing us that Samsung is continuing the lead with 20% in the market. So, if you’re not using a Samsung phone right now, when are you going to switch to these latest and innovative smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Starting the list is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is known to be the best Samsung smartphone that the company has ever manufactured. The phone may come with a very hefty price, it is built with high capability, and it is very functional. Talking about the quality of the camera, the phone can reach up to 100x zoom power and has 108 megapixels, which will assure you high-quality photos.

The phone has a 6.9-inch display that would show everything on the screen if you’re into watching movies on your smartphone. It also comes with a powerful RAM and huge internal storage in it. So, what are you waiting for? Go and see it for yourself. You might even like it better if you have the chance to see and hold it in person, right?

Samsung Galaxy S20+

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is an incredible smartphone. It has a high-resolution zoom-in camera that would be able to capture high-quality photos even from a hundred feet away. It is also packed with amazing features, such as the ability to wirelessly charge it. It has a Snapdragon 865, which is responsible for running the apps on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is still one of the most famous smartphones that Samsung has ever developed even after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20. It has a really wide screen of 6.8 inches and comes with an S pen that would give you the ability to make air gestures, remotely take photos with it, and so much more.

The phone has 12GB of RAM and can store files and data of up to 1.5 Terabytes. If you’re worried about the charging time, then you haven’t researched enough about the phone. The Note 10+ is capable of fast-charging even with its high battery capacity of 4,300 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S20

If you are interested in almost the same power and functionality of the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy phones but want to have a smaller size of it, then Samsung Galaxy S20 is the one you are looking for. The display size is not that far from other Samsung phones with its 6.4-inch display size.

The Samsung Galaxy S20’s camera may not be to the level of its successors, but you wouldn’t even barely notice any difference. The front camera has 10 Megapixels, and as well three rear cameras which have 64 Megapixels. It is also capable of recording videos in 8K resolution and would give you a lot of amazing shots.


Now that we have given you a sneak peek of these amazingly built Samsung smartphones, have you already chosen which one you would be buying? This is just a short review, and we will let you discover all of the features that these smartphones can offer. Although these phones may not come at a low price, if you’re interested in upgrading to a new phone, these are just a viable choice for you.

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