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Top 15 Websites for Online Resume Creation

Online Resume Creation

No matter how qualified you are, securing a job opportunity requires a polished CV. Thankfully, there are hundreds of resume building websites online that can assist you in producing quality resumes fast.

If you have minimal design knowledge and are proficient with Microsoft Word, you don’t need a resume builder. However, if you lack the knowledge or resources to produce a resume, resume generators can be your best option.

There are hundreds of resume builders on the internet right now. While some are packed with functionality, others fall short of meeting your resume-building requirements. You can also look at both free and paid resume builders.

Top 15 Websites for Online Resume Creation

The top websites for creating professional resumes online are listed in this post. While some of the websites are free, some need a premium membership. Now let’s examine the top resume builders available online.

1. VisualCV


The most likely resume builder website on the internet is VisualCV. One benefit of VisualCV is that you can use it for free to produce a single cover letter or resume. And using VisualCV to create a professional resume is quite simple.

VisualCV comes with a large number of built-in templates in its free edition, but accessing them all requires purchasing a premium membership.

2. Canva


On the versatile website Canva, users can design various documents such as resumes, articles, and brochures. You might use a few different templates to remove the text and achieve the most captivating style.

This tool is practically free, but in order to access the premium resume templates, you will need to purchase the premium subscription.

3. CV Maker

CV Maker

In case you’re searching for a user-friendly resume creation website, CV Maker may be your top choice. To help you produce a professional resume, CV Maker provides a ton of resume editing tools and templates.

Using CV Maker to create resumes is simple; just choose a template and add your material. The site’s one downside, though, is that downloading your resume requires purchasing a subscription.

4. Zety


One of the greatest resume builders available right now is Zety. Zety’s greatest feature is its collection of over 20 resume templates, which you may use to craft a resume that looks polished and current.

Zety can be used to draft a cover letter as well. In addition, Zety lets customers keep track of their resumes.

5. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume

You can visit My Perfect Resume, which is another fantastic resume-maker website, right now. My Perfect Resume’s greatest feature is its ability to make it as simple as possible for consumers to produce a unique resume.

My Perfect Resume’s simple prompt function adds intrigue to the website. You may effortlessly write the ideal resume that will get you the job with Easy Prompts.

6. Resume Build

Resume Build

Resume Build may be the greatest website if you’re seeking for a browser-based resume builder that looks professional. What do you think? You can quickly and simply build creative, professional resumes with Resume Build.

Currently, Resume Build provides a drag-and-drop resume creation interface. Thus, Resume Build is yet another top resource for crafting a polished CV.

7. Novoresume


Another excellent online resume builder that you might want to look into is Novoresume. What do you think? In just a few clicks, Novoresume allows you to quickly and easily construct a professional cover letter and resume.

Users can choose from a variety of features and resume templates in Novoresume’s online resume builder.

8. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark can be the greatest website for you if you’re looking for a free online resume creator. You may quickly and easily design a resume that looks professional and has all the necessary elements with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark also takes care of all your resume requirements, including pages, templates, animations, and quick films.

9. Resume Genius

Resume Genius

One of the greatest websites for creating a professional resume in under 15 minutes is Resume Genius. Resume Genius is fantastic since it has a drag-and-drop interface and a ton of resources for creating resumes.

With the abundance of templates, animations, styles, and other features offered by the web tool, you may quickly and easily generate visually striking resumes.

10. Enhancv


One of the greatest and most highly regarded online resume builders with the greatest templates is Enhancv. To export the resumes, users must subscribe to a premium plan, hence Enhancv is not totally free.

You can choose from a variety of templates and resume-building resources with the premium account. Aside from that, the Enhancv user interface makes the process of writing a resume quite easy.

11. LiveCareer


For those looking for a simple and lightweight online resume builder, there is LiveCareer. With over thirty resume templates, it’s a resume builder.

There are various resume templates available; choose one that catches your eye and begin adding information.

It’s simple to create a résumé, but to have full access, you must subscribe. You can use a spell checker to check and fix typos as you type when preparing a resume.

12. ResumeLab


There are several parallels between ResumeLab and LiveCareer. The online tool for creating a fantastic resume has an identical user design.

ResumeLab offers you over 20 expert templates to get you started, just like any other online resume builder.

Additionally, ResumeLab offers an AI document strength meter that rates your resume in comparison to those of other applicants.

13. ResumeHelp


One of the greatest websites for creating expert cover letters and resumes is ResumeHelp. Thousands of job seekers have already benefited from the website.

Because ResumeHelp’s resume creator uses a wizard-based editor to walk you through each step, it’s incredibly user-friendly.

But you’ll need to pay for an annual subscription to utilize the resume builder to its fullest extent and to access all of its features.

14. Resume Kraft

Resume Kraft

A website called Resume Kraft is devoted to producing resumes of a high caliber. There is a free online CV builder available.

With only a few easy clicks, Resume Kraft’s online CV generator can produce resumes that look professional. After selecting a resume template and entering all the necessary information, you may download your resume as a PDF file.

15. Resume Builder

Resume Builder

Another excellent resume builder on the list that makes it simple to tailor a CV for every position is called Resume Builder.

Premium templates that have been hand-selected are what adds even more value to Resume Builder. You must select a template and provide the necessary information in order to generate a resume.

You can download it in PDF format after you’ve filled out the form. Nevertheless, a few of the templates need to be purchased.

Thus, these are a few of the top resume builders available right now. Please let us know in the comments section below if you are aware of any other websites where one may construct a professional CV.

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