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How to Celebrate Employee Birthdays in Tech Workplace

As a result of the current circumstances, many companies around the world have transitioned to remote working. While employees enjoy performing their duties from the comfort of their homes, they are beginning to miss being in the office surrounded by their colleagues. This really hits when a celebratory occasion comes such as a staff member’s birthday.

Fortunately, with the huge advancements in technology, people can celebrate a fellow colleague’s birthday virtually and make it just as meaningful as the traditional way of celebrating. This gives them the perfect opportunity to get together to honor the man of the hour while maintaining a certain level of normalcy.

However, the biggest challenge for team members regarding this is how to actually celebrate someone’s birthday remotely. Luckily, there are many activities you can do and events you can organize to honor your employees virtually on their special day.

Here are five ideas you can borrow for your coworker’s next virtual birthday party.

Tech Workplace

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Host a virtual happy hour

Birthday celebrations are the perfect excuse to attend a happy hour with colleagues. Since you will be celebrating the occasion remotely, hosting a virtual happy hour is an excellent online birthday idea.

You can ask everyone to get dressed up as if they are really going to the bar and indulge in some refreshing cocktails or delicious wines.

If you choose to celebrate with wine, you can look for the best non alcoholic wine out there and send a bottle to your employees’ homes. Get online on the birthday of a coworker’s special day and enjoy a taste of the good life without the guilt of drinking alcohol.

Send them a personalized gift box

If you are looking for a more personal way of celebrating your coworker’s birthday remotely, then you always have the option of sending them a customized gift box to their home. You can ask all team members to chip in so you can create a gift basket consisting of practical and thoughtful items that the man of the hour would love.

For example, if the employee is into books, you can look for reading material of different genres and add cool and interesting bookworms and some snacks to create a personalized gift box.

Organize an online birthday themed party

Another unique way of celebrating your employee’s special day remotely is to organize an online birthday-themed party. This is a great step up from the regular virtual parties as you can be creative and host an event that is specifically tailored to the man of the hour.

For example, movie themes are a very popular choice. You can ask your team members to attend the online party wearing a costume or a mask from the birthday employee’s favorite movie to make the event as special as you can for them.

Play a game of online trivia

If you are looking for something more interesting, then you can play a game of online trivia. This type of virtual activity is great for team bonding and enhancing the relationships between coworkers who have been physically distant for a while.

When it comes to coming up with trivia questions, you have several options to choose from. One is to include questions from different categories like movies, music, history, or sports, or you can make it more personal and add trivia questions about the birthday employee.

Be sure to look for a trivia generator online to create a quick and simple quiz that everyone will enjoy.

Tech Workplace

Photo by Anthony Shkraba Production from Pexels

Share a video

Probably the simplest way to celebrate your coworker’s special day virtually is to share an online video. This idea is often the best option in case you cannot get the team all together at the same time for the celebration. You can ask everyone to film a brief video message wishing happy birthday to the man of the hour and send it to them via email.

If you want to make the video more special, you can insert funny videos or memorable events from the birthday person’s life. By doing so, there is no way your colleague won’t feel appreciated and loved by everyone in the office.

Final thoughts

Although you may be physically apart from your coworkers, that doesn’t mean you can’t get together to celebrate special events. The advancements in technology have given us the opportunity to use various platforms through which we can connect with our team members and make occasions such as birthdays more meaningful.

In case you need inspiration about how to organize a virtual birthday party, be sure to borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and celebrate your colleague in a fun and memorable way.

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