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How to Promote Your Webinar with Email Marketing

Webinar with Email Marketing

In a day and age where more and more things are taking place virtually, webinars are increasingly becoming popular too. But planning a webinar does not begin and end with the actual webinar. It is something that you need to work on from the moment you decide to have one until the actual webinar.

Brace yourself for a start-to-finish engagement strategy. Once you have dedicated your resources to build a stellar webinar, the next step is to dedicate your resources to promote it well and to ensure your target audience is notified about your webinar.

45% of marketing professionals opt for email marketing as an effective tool for webinar promotion. Ranging from choosing the right email signature generator to sending a reminder before your event is all integral in promoting your webinar with email marketing.

In order to equip you with the best tips to boost your webinar using email marketing, here is how to promote your webinar with an email marketing guide.

Use a professional email signature

An email signature is the last part of your email content, so make sure you leave a lasting impression and use this to your benefit. There are great simple email signature options to choose from. Plus, there are plenty of options in email signatures for brand building and promotion.

When you are promoting a webinar, your email signature opens a lot of avenues to get new subscribers to all your content, including your webinar. An email signature can boost your click-through rates if used wisely. Things like banners, buttons, and social icons can direct your recipient to the landing page.

Create efficient headlines

Headlines are what entice your readers to continue reading your email and are essential in determining the success of email campaigns. 53% of all webinar sign-ups come from email marketing, so you want to use this platform to your benefit. Why? Because billions of people are using emails to engage with their favorite brands.

The efficient use of your headlines will ensure your readers continue reading your email and engage in a way your email is directing them. The purpose of the headline is not to sell your webinar but to connect with your readers and lead them towards your goal, which is to make them sign up or subscribe to your webinar.

So, create clever headlines that attract individuals to engage with your webinar and ultimately subscribe to your business.

Include testimonials

Testimonials have the ability to make or break your business. 92% of consumers read testimonials when considering a purchase. Include testimonials in your webinar promotion email marketing campaign. Make sure you use your email marketing campaign at all times to secure feedback and build testimonials.

This information can be crucial for all promotional efforts, including webinar promotions. In fact, if you have conducted a webinar in the past, request your audience for feedback and testimonials and use this in the future to promote other webinars. If you have testimonials great, if not, use your webinar as an opportunity to build on your testimonials database.

Add CTAs to emails

Including a call to action or CTA to your email marketing campaign is a great way to build a subscription base and even encourage sign-ups for your webinar. For example, you can include a “view all webinars” CTA button within your email to entice readers to browse through your webinars.

A webinar promotion email does not have to be text-heavy; it can simply appear as a flyer with a well-placed and effective CTA. Directly ask your users to attend your webinar or build a sense of urgency with your CTA buttons and links. Again, this will present a value proposition to your readers, which will entice them to read on and increase the likelihood of webinar sign-up.

Schedule emails

Scheduling your email campaign well ahead of your webinar will give you enough time to reach as many participants as possible, encourage them to sign up, and remind them about the event once they sign up. Start with notifying your target audience about the event, followed by sending an email to sign up.

Should they sign up, make sure you are sending your registrants an auto-response thanking them and reminding them about the event? In fact, you can even record the webinar and send an email notifying your target audience about exclusive access to that content. Planning and scheduling emails will ensure your email marketing campaign is designed to set your webinar promotion activities to success.

Send a day-of email reminder

Just like scheduling an email is important, sending a reminder is equally important. To ensure your participation is up to expectations, avoid losing truly interested participants to simple things like forgetting about the event.

75% of sales and marketing professionals feel that webinars result in high-quality brand awareness. So, you do not want to miss out on any part of this. On the day of your webinar, send out an email blast to remind your registered attendees of the event that the event they are interested in happening right now, and they still have the opportunity to join.

Regardless of what you create, if people do not know about it, then it will not be effective for your brand. Though webinars are a great way to promote your brand, oftentimes, they do not yield expected results because of a poor promotion strategy.

Keep all these strategies in mind and remind yourself that planning a webinar begins with setting the date, time, and content and ends with you having a desired number of participants. Promotion only ends when the actual event ends, so make sure you are persistent until you have the ability to onboard as many participants as you can. In fact, you can even capitalize on the webinar content after the actual webinar through an effective email marketing campaign.

Use email marketing to your advantage and create a stellar webinar that boasts sizable participation and ultimately helps your brand grow.

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