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How to Restrict Content on Google Chrome?

The Internet has made contents easily available to us. Everything we need to know is supplied to us via the internet. Google chrome is one of the latest web browsers where you can surf for your required content in the most convenient way. Though chrome is used by most of the people in the world, there are some drawbacks there. There are some contents that are not appropriate for the kids of your home. So if your kids are working on the internet for their studies and other reasons, you need to take care of them so that they don’t get access to those inappropriate sites. Since in the modern age, anyone can access the internet through any of your devices like laptops, smartphones, and so on, it is high time to take control of your devices so that your kids don’t get exposed to any explicit content.

Process of Chrome’s Functioning

Chrome is a web browser which searches for the content you are looking for. You need to put the topic on which you want to know things from chrome. Then you will get lots of links to get to know about the topic you want to know. There is no difference in approach to an adult or a kid. Thus this is the only thing you need to look after that your kids also can get access to the explicit contents. But there are certain features which help you to restrict those sites. Chrome can help you in the following ways if you customize the browser for the use of your kids.


  • Chrome restricts access to the apps and the extensions from the Web Stores.
  • The use of the incognito mode of chrome is forbidden for the children.
  • It is up to the parents which sites they will allow their kids to access and which sites they will forbid.
  • You can block or restrict access to violent and porn sites by using the option of blocking mature sites.
  • Google has a special feature named Google Activity Control to help you personalize the browsing of your kids at home. It will show you the history of browsing as well as will help to increase the experience of your child with the Google products.


Ways to Restrict a Particular Site

You might have thought that you can block a particular site to prevent approaches to extensions from that. Thus you need to know that blocking a particular site doesn’t work to stop the extension pages actually. For that, you need to personalize your chrome. Here are ways to block any site.

First of all, you need to open the family link app where all your members use the browser. Then put a tick on the checkbox beside “your child” to stop them from seeing any inappropriate content. Now the setting card will appear in front of you. Click on the Manage Settings option to set filters on Google chrome. Then select the Manage sites option and finally click on the block. But the most important thing you need to know that if you want to block a website or domain along with its extensions then you should put www before the site name or the URL. Now you can close the window as you have finished with blocking your chrome to show any kind of explicit content to your children. Chrome parental controls are always helpful for working parents to keep track of the internet usages of their children.

Forbid the Websites to Visit through Chrome

There is another option to restrict explicit content for your child. You can stop site permissions so that your kids can’t visit such sites or share or use their locations, camera, or any kind of notifications from those sites. For this, you need to open the family link app and then select the option “Your Child”. Now as the setting card will appear, you will see Manage Settings and from then you can go to set up filters on Google chrome. Now the option to get Google Dashboard will appear in front of you. Now you need to turn off “Permissions for sites and apps”. This will also prevent your child to turn on the permission for the particular sites.

Parental Control Software to Restrict Contents

Other than the Google settings of parental control, you can also install different parental control software so that you can track your child’s internet usage. The parental control software gives you the privilege to block and restrict sites at the source. Here are some of the features that parental control software makes available for you.


  • Most of the parents are working parents now. Therefore it is important for them to arrange for the best security options for their kids. Since there are tremendous developments in teaching technology now a day, the internet has become a necessity for everyone. As mature people, the kids are also lame without a proper internet connection. So you need to put a shield of parental control on the devices.
  • Parental control restricts the inappropriate sites or unsafe extension links to appear on the screen. Therefore the kids don’t get exposed to those websites or the people who are running these sites.
  • You can select the option to restrict the websites from the source. For this, you need to set up the parental control on the router you use. Since there is a barrier at the basic entry point, the sites and the extensions will not even appear on the screen.
  • You can keep track of the usages of the internet by your kids. The parental control software will notify you if any breaches of the set regulations are there. You also can track the browsing history of them while you are not at home.
  • You are also allowed to set the time when your kids will access the internet. It facilitates the time barrier after which the internet connection will automatically stop working. Your kids will get time for other work too.


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