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How You Can Leverage Social Media For Your Business

Social media has become part and parcel of our life. It became a part of our day to day activity as marketers, consumers, and social beings. Everything we need is available in social media; finding the right place is all we need to do. Social media helps in business growth if used efficiently. We are very much aware of how the usage of social media has improved drastically over the years. Be it a kid to an old aged person; almost everyone has social media accounts. These are not only for entertainment; they have become a platform for business. Most users say that social media plays a major role in running and marketing the business or product. Here are a few tips to maximize your business using social media:

1: Social Publishing

Social media marketing is building its publishing platforms using Content Marketing as its crucial tool. LinkedIn Pulse, Instagram, and various social media platforms laid a publishing path in growing the business. Twitter Movements, Facebook Instant Articles, and many more are a part of this marketing. The secret behind this social marketing is that these social networks allow users to publish full articles to attract a large audience. Sharing a link could not bring success and growth in the business compared to content publishing. Therefore, include this content strategy on social media platforms and see how this has impacted your business’s growth.  

2: Identifying Where Your Market is

You don’t need to have many social media channels, instead maintain 1 or 2 main channels to target a large audience. For example, if you can spare 3 hours on social media marketing, then focus all your targets in 1 or 2 channels instead of many. Publish all the required content on 1 or 2 channels to get a greater number of audiences. Some quick tips to improve social media statistics are:

  • Publish about your business more on Instagram, as 90% of the Instagram users are under 35 years.
  • The LinkedIn platform is used by people aged 30 to 49, and most of them are professionals and executives.
  • YouTube can reach the audience aged between 18 and 34. YouTube is more efficient than a single cable network
  • Snapchat is also the best social media network used by 18 to 24 age groups. 6 out of 10 people use Snapchat. This could bring more audience compared to other social media platforms.
  • Other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter also work efficiently in expanding the business by social marketing.

3: Engage with the Social Media Influencers

There is a huge impact on social media influencers on marketing. Influencer marketing is a big thing nowadays, and this is the place where SEO, Content Marketing and Paid Advertising join to advertise about the product. This is termed as “Influencer outreach” in SEO and Content Marketing. This is a creative approach to meet the audience by building a relationship with subject experts and advertising the product. This is a cognitive approach to reach out to large targets at once with small efforts. Keep these points in mind before engaging with social media influencers:

  • Choose the right influencer. The huge following may bring many likes and comments, but it fails in improving product publishing. Most influencers can only publish the product, but it requires the audience interest when it comes to improving the market.
  • “Brands are interested in value, not empty view,” said Frank Narra. You must focus more on the quality of the content than the quantity of reach. This means that do not go by the number of followers the influencer has, instead go by the influencer’s impact. Focus on influencer’s ability to reach the audience with branded content.

Influencer reach is a very good approach; it improves your market and brings reputation and immediate sales. It also adds value to your organic rankings and long-term visibility. Influencers are best at attracting the audience. 

4: New Content Formats Experimentation

There are different ways to approach the audience, depending on your market requirement and business goals. Try experimenting with new content formats. The following are some quick and important statistics regarding content formats:

  • 58% of marketers believe original content is the true and important form of social content. 19% believe in visual content, whereas 10% say curating some others’ content is important.
  • Most of the audience value images, videos, and importantly customer reviews on social media. Ebooks and white papers are not given much value nowadays. 
  • Social media posts with videos attract the audience three times more than that of a plain text. 

Once upon a time, it was easy to conclude how social media visual content impacts the viewers, but now it is quite a different story. The above statistics keep changing and remind us to do social media or content marketing more creatively.

Keep checking about what your competitors are doing. Improve your approaches and resources, experiment on the ways that improve your business. You will get a better idea when you collect information about your business from the reviews of others. Keep experimenting and change the ways to improve your business. 

5: Gain the advantage of owned distribution channels and influencers

Owned distribution channels mean your existing clients and followers, your employees, and the marketing team. Owned distribution channels are nothing but the owned media every business has.

You may think about what your employees can do to meet the business goals. They can talk about your company and products repeatedly on social media without any prompting. A study says that nearly 60 million US employees out of 120 million chose to talk about their company and employer online.

You may not be aware of what your employees may be talking about the company, but this will surely make your business reach more people if they talk well. This also may pose some critical issues in the company. Try to empower your employees on how to market your company optimistically. Empower them to take part in a company-wide marketing strategy. This method worked for companies like MOZ and HUBSPOT. This helps in the career growth of the employee as well as the marketing of the company.

6: Sponsored posts and Paid Advertising

Publishing content is a half task; promoting and distributing the content is a real task here. This distributing and promoting can be considered as a game-changer. Increasing social media use, Instagram rolling out its own sponsored ads, joining the ranks of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter having their advertising or marketing models has transformed the content publishing battle to a paid one.

With a strategic plan and ideas, there is a greater chance of reaching out to the target audience more efficiently and effectively. All that matters is identifying the best strategic plan which can fill your pockets. Choose the right sponsored content. Brand partnerships, placements, and social media influencers creating ad pay, are given much thought while marketing the business.

Nothing is impossible if you think and execute properly. All social media platforms are the best resources for marketing. Ensure you make a proper of it. First, understand what is required for your company and then act accordingly. Social media is the best influencer in people’s lives compared to any other strategy. The above-mentioned are the best ways to know how to leverage social media for your business.

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