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Identifying Signs That a Budding Business Needs to Automate Marketing

Automate Marketing

Budding companies will try to resist upgrades, especially costly ones.

The financial pressure that small growing businesses are under can feel overwhelming, so the idea of adding even more pressure to the company feels wrong. Well, there comes a certain time when blossoming companies can no longer avoid certain upgrades, like automated marketing. The following are some identifying signs that your company can’t put this off anymore.

What Exactly Is This?

Before pointing out the signs, it’s important that businesses understand what marketing automation software is.

Yes, learning about what’s out there is vital because that will help you understand how to find the best marketing automation tools out there for your specific needs. What this software will do for your company is streamline and automate the little marketing jobs you normally do.

Those tasks are going to take up your time. If you are in demand, it’s not wise to waste time doing them. You need to dedicate time to your growing business, and that’s no good. Everything that this software does for you will be based on lead intelligence. It’ll analyze the data and help promote the company’s marketing strategies in the most effective way.

Some of the software available out there will include things like the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing page marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead lifecycle management
  • CRM
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing data analytics
  • SEO capabilities

It’s important to point out that automation doesn’t replace marketing experts on a company’s team. This tool automates campaigns, but everything still needs to be created by a marketing team.

This software ensures that, once these marketing ideas are introduced, they go out without further input. This software is only as good as your team. Try to keep that in mind. It does free up your marketing team to potentially create more campaigns.

Signs You’re Small Company is Ready for Automation

The following are the signs you want to look for:

Small But Big Dreams

Small companies grow for various reasons. Some grow because they want to be bigger than they are, while others grow because the financial gains they are experiencing are not good enough. For whatever reason, you need to grow, and that’s a big sign that automation may be needed. Once a company becomes too big, it’s challenging to keep up with little tasks, like the ones needed to push your marketing campaigns.

The good thing about automation is that it helps collect customer information quicker since it sends off marketing campaigns immediately. It’s able to collect this information and give your marketing team a chance to adjust. Maybe one campaign is working better than another. This type of intelligence can take longer to collect without automation, which means you could be investing in a campaign that isn’t effective.

Using Too Many Marketing Tools

Usually, when a company is just starting off, it has to use a number of marketing tools. Sometimes, this happens because you don’t have the ability to get software that meets multiple needs. The software could be too expensive, but for whatever reason, you have many marketing tools.

The worst thing about having many marketing tools is that they usually don’t integrate. This requires that you learn a different digital language and sometimes an expert to run it well. Every so often, they are hard to maintain, and that’s a problem, too. An automated marketing tool normally offers all of those marketing tools under one roof. You only have to worry about understanding one digital language and that’s it. This will simplify everything for you and help analyze data in unison.

You’re Using a CRM to Send Email

Some small businesses turn to CRM to send emails once email campaigns start to get a little too overwhelming. While this can work, it’s not ideal. The reality is that CRM can’t do what marketing automation can do. If you have both, then your system will work pretty well, but CRM alone isn’t enough.

The reason CRM isn’t as effective is that its primary function is to store information about customers. This information is stored and linked to sales. CRM can send emails for you, and some companies use that function, but they can’t send emails in bulk. Most of the time, you’ll hit a limit at some point, and you’ll find it tedious to input emails manually. Nurturing customers is one of the primary functions of automated marketing software, so it does this for you.

Moving to An Inbound Method of Marketing Without Support

Another big sign that it’s time for your small company to invest in automated marketing software is if you’re moving into inbound marketing. For a long time, businesses had to rely on all sorts of things to get folks to their business. Some people had to attend tradeshows, and those could pop up anywhere in the country or world. Sending an entire team or a representative to these tradeshows is expensive, and it doesn’t always work in your favor anyway.

Companies also had to purchase ad space either on newspapers, television, or billboards. The number of folks who were able to reach people through those means was always limited. The focus on inbound marketing is to create quality content that’ll eventually get visitors to the company’s site. High-value content is of the utmost importance online. That’s the reason it’s so effective, but it’s important that potential visitors find this content first, which is where marketing automation comes in.

Having the support of this kind of software will make that high-value content find your audience more effectively. All your work will be worthwhile if you have this strategy supported by this software. The last thing you want is to invest in high-quality content that isn’t seen as much.

Too Small of a Team

A small company that is barely growing usually only has a small team of marketers. If that’s you and you know your marketing campaigns could be more effective if your team had more support, then automated marketing software is the support your team needs. You could have the most capable individuals on your team, but without the right support, that team will simply be taking on too much on their own.

Every so often, small companies expect their team to do more than just marketing. Sometimes, their team has to take on other departments, like sales, business development, and sometimes even customer support. In essence, you’re probably stretching your marketing team too thinly. This leads to subpar marketing campaigns and implementation.

Automated marketing software will free up their time and help your team focus on the marketing campaigns that are having positive outcomes. Allowing this software to lift some of the tasks they had to perform will improve their happiness, which is great for productivity, too.

If you’ve identified these signs, it’s time to invest in this software if you want your business to match its growth. Yes, it’s going to be costly, and it may take a moment for your team to get used to some of these changes, but once everything is said and done, you’ll be a happier blossoming company.

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