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Mistakes to Avoid When Managing an AV Control System

AV Control System

Audio-visual equipment is delicate and requires extensive care. If you fail to manage your equipment properly, it will not last long and in most cases, you may have to spend a lot repairing it frequently. In this article, you will learn the top mistakes to avoid when handling AV equipment.

Avoid the following audio-visual handling mistakes:

Not Following Product Manual

Every AV control equipment comes with the manufacturer’s instructions. The manual contains vital information about the product, ranging from key specifications to management procedures. Not many users study product manuals. How would you know how to care for a product when you do not know the content of the manual? Being experienced in professional AV control solutions since 2003, following the equipment manual is the way to go.

Improper Connections

When connecting equipment, care must be taken to avoid improper connection. Every cord should be used with the right equipment. Using a cord made for equipment A with equipment B can cause extensive damage. 

This explains why only trained workers should be allowed to execute such a function. When it comes to connecting AV systems, make sure you follow what the product manual says. Knowledge obtained from using professional AV control solutions since 2003  shows that improper connection could cost you a piece of equipment. Read more about professional AV control solutions to get more details on other handling mistakes to avoid.

Keeping Equipment in Extreme Conditions

How and where you keep your equipment matters as well. Keep your AV system away from dust, moisture, and high temperature. Accumulation of dust unchecked for an extended period can block the vent. Blocked vent impairs heat dissipation. This leads to overheating, which can lead to severe damage if not remedied.

Elevated temperature causes overheating. If unchecked, internal components may melt or undergo other forms of damage. In addition, moisture causes damage to electronics by making them rust. As a general rule, store your equipment in a cool, dry place.

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