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Netbase Quid-How Social Media Listening Helps Your Business Strategy

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Social media listening is an important strategy businesses use to pay attention to what customers and clients are saying about their business, products and services. Another term used to describe this strategy is social media monitoring. It can be used to search online and on social media platforms to find what is being said about your competition, your business, and any topics that relate to your brand

Companies like Netbase Quidhelp businesses find creative and effective ways to monitor their brands online through social media platforms, blogs and their websites. Once data and information are gathered, Netbase helps clients enhance their content marketing, product management, business development, customer support and human resources. Below are some ways your business can gain an advantage against the competition by using social media listening.

1. Solve Problems By Generating Leads

One way social media listening can help your business by finding keywords that people are using when searching for answers to their problems. These problems are often related to competitors’ products, and this will give you a way to find solutions to their problems to get their business. Reach out to potential customers and ask them where their current products are falling short, and explain how your products can benefit them and solve their issues.

2. Find New Customers

Social media monitoring is a great way for businesses to attract new customers. To find new leads, you can use social media monitoring to find keywords people are using and track them across different social groups and forums. You can gain trust and loyalty from potential customers by joining in their conversations and finding out their needs and expectations for the products they use. For best results, be genuine with your responses and forgo pasting generic responses.

3. Find Advocates and Influencers

In this day and age, advocates and influencers for brands are the best way to find new target audiences. Reach out to influencers you identify in your industry and start building fruitful relationships with them. Allow them to engage with you as your brand grows, and help them find ways to offer your products and services to their social media following.

4. Determine Where Your Brand Community Hangs Out

Using social media monitoring will also help your business find potential and current customers and where they hang out to talk about your products and services. It may be through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or blogs. Continuously track conversations and find the right time to join in and offer help solving their problems.

5. Improve Customer Service

Social media listening integrated into your business strategy can also help you improve your customer service. It allows you to find negative and positive feedback about your brand to help improve your operations. For better results, track common misspellings of your brand to find more information. Not only will you have the opportunity to find remedies for unsatisfied customers, but you can also show appreciation for customers that love your brand and post positive comments. When customers post about issues with your products, it shows they are open to getting help with solving them.

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