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Qualification of PRINCE 2 Certification in India- How PRINCE 2 is beneficial?

PRINCE 2 Certification

PRINCE 2 is a highly professional and well-known certification available in India. The methodologies within PRINCE 2 apply to any project within the business. It provides explicit recognition of the organizational project responsibilities. Along with it, the PRINCE 2 framework allows the project managers in India to understand the needs and roles of project team members. PRINCE2 Certification helps not only in private sector companies but also in the public sector as well.

The training of PRINCE 2 Certification is compatible as compared to other project management certifications. Moreover, PRINCE 2 Certification provides industrial structure to the entire framework of the project and compliments softer skills. The certification training of PRINCE 2 helps aspiring professionals.

How to get PRINCE 2 Certification?

PRINCE 2 Certification involves two levels, namely, PRINCE 2 Foundation Level and PRINCE 2 Practitioner Level. To qualify PRINCE 2 Certification, the professionals need first to clear the Foundation level exam. After that, the next level is PRINCE 2 Practitioner. There are some points of differences between these two levels:

PRINCE 2 Foundation Level

The PRINCE 2 Foundation course is for the newcomers who want to gain knowledge about the project management principles. The aim of getting qualifying with the Foundation level is to make the professionals understand the PRINCE 2 methodologies.

  • By qualifying this level, the professionals in India can increase their chances of earning PRINCE 2 Certification.
  • It allows the project managers to manage the business projects effectively. Moreover, the professionals become capable of working within an environment efficient to PRINCE 2 principles.
  • The training of the Foundation level provides an excellent opportunity for project managers and offers them great salary prospects.

The exam cost of the PRINCE 2 Foundation level is £236. There are around 60 questions, and the candidates have 60 minutes to sit in the exam. For qualifying the examination, the candidates have to achieve at least 55% that is 33 marks out of 60 marks exam.

PRINCE 2 Practitioner Level

The Practitioner level is for those project managers who have the experience of managing business projects. Moreover, the principles learned by the project managers in PRINCE 2 Practitioner level are helpful for their career objectives.

  • The project managers who already know about the project management functioning can take benefits from PRINCE 2 principles.
  • It confirms whether the project managers have gained knowledge and understanding about the PRINCE 2 methodologies.
  • In addition to it, the project managers can learn how to apply the PRINCE 2 methodologies effectively while monitoring and controlling the project.

The exam cost of the PRINCE 2 Practitioner level is £389. There are around 68 questions, and the candidates have 150 minutes to sit in the exam. For qualifying the Practitioner examination, the candidates have to achieve at least 55% that is 38 marks out of 60 marks exam.

Does PRINCE 2 Certification worth in business?

The key benefit of getting certified with PRINCE 2 is to get a new job across the world. The theory behind PRINCE 2 methodology is beneficial for project managers. All the project management methodologies promote efficient PRINCE 2 processes and principles helpful for project management. However, there are some reasons which make it useful to think about whether you need to go with PRINCE 2 course or not:

  • The lifecycle of PRINCE 2 processes is quite complicated, and the principles involved are substantial. Some of the project managers certified with PRINCE 2 can find the methodologies inflexible and impractical as well.
  • The major problem related to PRINCE 2 is that it requires everyone to understand the methodologies fully. It helps the project managers to implement PRINCE 2 methodologies while managing projects effectively.
  • Some of the professionals can a simplified tool more appropriate as compared with PRINCE 2, which can be quite complicated. To get the best value of the PRINCE 2 framework, the project managers need to handle the processes with pragmatism.
  • To meet the organizational needs, the project managers need to replace PRINCE 2 processes with their ideas.

Benefits of achieving PRINCE 2 certification in India


  • Salary benefits: 


The project managers can get various opportunities after certifying PRINCE 2. It is because PRINCE 2 Certification enhances the project management skills among the professionals due to which professionals can demand a high salary. Nowadays, many companies in India are demanding professionals certified with PRINCE 2 and thus offer them a better salary. It is one of the reputed certifications in the field of project management. PRINCE 2 in India acts as a critical factor that is beneficial for getting a better salary in the career field.

The professionals can boost up their annual salary in a short time by qualifying with PRINCE 2 Certification. It can work as a considerable investment, which helps in earning high potential comfortably.


  • Better career opportunities 


The project managers seeking to get a job in a foreign company must earn PRINCE 2 Certification. The professionals who want to get career opportunities across the globe must achieve PRINCE 2. It is because PRINCE 2 is a globally recognized certification for which various companies while hiring professionals. In today’s time, almost every Indian business company prefers to hire the project manager having PRINCE 2 Certification. Moreover, the popularity of the PRINCE 2 course has spread in the business field of the USA, Africa, and Asia. The project managers can take on their business projects internationally with the qualification of PRINCE 2.

The PRINCE 2 methodologies are not limited to one organization. Almost every business company in India is implementing the PRINCE 2 processes and thus hiring the professionals certified with PRINCE 2. The project managers can use the PRINCE 2 qualification in production and organization at any scale. The roles and responsibilities of PRINCE 2 are uniquely identified in the area of business projects. The task within PRINCE 2 processes support the plan and makes it successful. It reduces the chances of risks while managing the projects.


  • Promote project management skills 


The professionals can learn the PRINCE 2 processes, methodologies, and terminology used by project managers.

The achievement of PRINCE 2 certification in India helps the project managers to enhance their project management skills. The main aim of PRINCE 2 is to make the professionals capable of controlling different projects efficiently. The course work allows the project managers to manage the resources and risks by using the systems and procedural techniques. It provides the perfect combination of project management skills along with technical expertise.


Whether the professional is looking forward to better opportunity or want success in the current company, PRINCE 2 helps them with standardized processes. The professionals can learn the proficient capabilities essential for planning and executing the projects.

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