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RARBG Proxy Sites List 2021(100% Working RARBG Mirror Sites)

RARBG alternatives

What is RARBG

RARBG was established in 2008 and become very famous because of its simple and easy interface. People use with peer to peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol. This website gives the facility to their users to download torrent files via magnet link. RARBG, the most popular torrent site due to its huge database of torrent content. You can find and download here every type of torrent file just like for games, software, videos, movies, etc. But you also know that torent sites have been banned in many countries due to their facilitation of copyright infringement. After banned most popular torrent sites like RARBG, PRIDE BAY, Torrentz, EZTV, and Extratorrent million of users cant access torrent sites. But no need to worry there are many proxy sites and alternatives for helping us to unblock RARB and other torrent sites. In this article, I will share an updated and 100 % working List of Rarbg proxy sites.

Ways to unblock RARBG

Although there are plenty of RARBG alternatives available on the internet, users are still looking for RARBG only. It’s also because of the fact that the content available on RARBG is unmatched with any other torrent site. And if you are facing difficulty with using RARBG then you can check here different ways of how to unblock RARBG website. The most papular ways to open RARBG are mentions below.

  1. RARBG Proxy/Mirror Sites
  2. Tor Browser
  3. Unblock RARBG Via Vpn
  4. RRABG alternatives sites / Sites like RARBG

1. RARBG Proxy Sites

Before using Proxies, it’s essential to know how proxies work. In short and simple words, proxies act as a server that sends data to the visiting sites on your behalf. In this way, the websites that you are about to visit will never know your real IP Address.

Updated Working Rarbg Proxy Site List 2021


2. Tor Browser

TOR (The Onion Router) is one of the simplest methods to browse the web anonymously. With the help of TOR, users can secrete their online activities.
If you’re reviewing an opponent, investigating a competitor litigator in a legitimate conflict, or simply think it’s offensive for your ISP or the govt to identify what websites you visit, then the Tor Browser might be the best choice for you.

How to use TOR Browser

We mentioned below steps which required to install and use Tor Browser
  1. First of all, Install, configure Tor Browser and begin by downloading and installing Tor Browser.
  2. Get online with Tor.
  3. Select your security level.
  4. Rethink your browsing practices.
  5. Get Tor circuits.
  6. Build a new identity.
  7. Use HTTPS.
  8. Access .onion sites
  9. Try Tor over VPN

3. Unblock RARBG Via Vpn

These settings enable you to access blocked and even banned sites all over the world and also protect your identification. According to this method, it’ll be hard for someone to trace the sites you visit and the sort of content you downloaded.

How to use VPN to unblock RARBG

  1. Firstly you need to Sign up for a VPN service provider.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your computer and phone.
  3. Start the VPN app and login in using your VPN account.
  4. Then, connect to a VPN server.
  5. Lastly, enable RARBG from anyplace in the world.


4. RRABG Alternatives sites / Sites like RARBG

RRABG Alternatives sites

1. 1337x

1337x is one of the greatest torrent sites on the net. A huge no of public visit this site on a regular basis to download free torrent stuff on the Internet. Users can find in 1337x not only recent and latest torrent files of movies, videos, games, software, ebooks, Tv seasons but also includes old data like old versions of software, movies, and games. The Great thing about this torrent site is the details of data. You cant get this kind of torrent data on any other site.


some working 1337x proxy is mention below.


2. The Pirate Ba

TPB is one of the most beloved torrent sites because of its vast library of torrent movies, torrent music, torrent tv shows, torrent software, torrent ebooks, and other fantastic stuff. Millions of visitors visit The Pirate Bay regularly from all over the world. Users can find all types of data movies, Games, TV shows, Tv Series, Apps, Anime, Documentaries, Documents, and more. The Pirate Bay is supported by an amazing group that is always uploading the latest and most reliable torrents on this site.

some working The Pirate Bay proxy is mention below.


3. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is a well-known brand name within the torrent ecosystem and always at the top of the best torrent sites list. Like Pirate Bay and Kickass. It was started in 2006 and was a vast standard among those who want to download data, movies, video games, and TV shows through the P2P file-sharing methodology. One of the best prominent options of this torrent website of its excellent search performance.

some working ExtraTorrent proxy is mention below.



EZTV is a trendy name when anybody wants to download tv series for free on the internet. On this torrent site, users can search the latest tv shows, tv series, and anime series worldwide. EZTV is also improving its level for years like enhancing its user interface, attaching different features, uploading the latest torrents, and many more.

some working EZTV proxy is mention below.


5. Zooqle

Zooqle is one of the essential torrent websites Because all torrent content in this platform is practically verified. If you are searching torrent stuff like torrent movies, music, torrent software, ebooks, and torrent images for free, then Zooqle torrent is the best choice. You need to have a BitTorrent client like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc.


some working Zooqle proxy is mention below.

Zoogle Proxy

Conclusion :

These are excellent RARBG alternative sites for movies, games, and TV show downloads. They have the most useful collection of torrents and magnet links. Whenever RARBG is down or unresponsive for any reason, you can still use RARBG for downloads from these sites.

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