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Role of Digital Media to boost online shopping in Pakistan

The digital media took over the world after the 21st Century. The significance of digital media in our lives is unparalleled. As the use of this means of media grew rapidly, more people started to use it for advertising their products and businesses.

Definition of Digital Media Marketing

Digital media means the act of advertising with the help of the internet. In today’s Generation, if someone wants their business to become successful, they must use the strategy of digital marketing.
If businesses do not adopt the methods of digital marketing, they will be almost non-existent. In Pakistan, approximately about 75% of the population has access to the internet, even though it is a developing country.
If an individual plans on starting his campaign for marketing, he must study the various companies that are successful in Pakistan. He must understand that the methods are simple: to advertise as much as he can. Marketing for Online Shopping has now emerged as a great opportunist for the new Generation. It is creating new Job Opportunities and some Breakthrough in the eCommerce industry in Pakistan.
The answer is to plan out a strategy for digital marketing.


Careem is a cab service that took over Pakistan rapidly in a short amount of time. Everything about Careem is remarkable, from their products and the quality of services that they provide. They are responsible for the massive success of this brand.
However, digital marketing plays a part in its success too. It is hard not to notice the ads of careem almost every day on major platforms for marketing. Teaming up with renowned companies, Careem offers discounts to its customers.

Strategy for Digital Marketing

To achieve one’s goal, the individual must have a strategy of digital marketing. The things to be included in this strategy are about where one wants to be, what assets does he currently has, how his company performed previously, and what schemes need to be applied in the coming years.

Digital Marketing Steps

The first step to digital media marketing is to find out who the customers are. It is only by determining the customer’s characteristics can one gets the idea of how his products will be sold.
Companies or organizations can collect data from the internet or through direct communication for marketing strategy techniques.

Marketing Tools

The developers of marketing consider a lot of the customers, such as their location, age, goals, hobbies, affordability, and interests. An outline for marketing goals is what business truly needs.The businesses need to start looking for appropriate marketing tools, once the goals have been identified.
There are various marketing tools available online. Some of them are:


This is a marketing program that helps in the optimization of a website through the research of keyword. These can also be done by carrying out an audit of SEO on an individual’s blog.
The content that the audience would want to read, this program helps to produce that.


This is a program that helps the business owner to know what kind of content is trending on the internet. This is based on the sort of content trending on the internet.


This is a program that checks the black-links, and it is also used as a tool of analysis for SEO.

Google Analytics

This is a program that is excessively powerful and is free to use, as well. This is a tool that helps the website owners how many people visit their website, where they live, who they are, and what they do while browsing their websites.
To attract the right customer, this is a tool that helps a lot.

Open Site Explorer

With this tool’s help, the website owners can get links that are inbound and target the audience that is the same.


This program has been used by approximately every businessman. Self-link analytics is one of the significant sources of link, optimization of SEO, management of control, and social media marketing.


Canva is one of the essential tools for the marketing of digital media. It helps the marketers to make headings, posters, presentations, graphics of social media, and content of visual representation that is similar.


Digital media is playing a vital role in the world of digital marketing. Moreover, it has helped people boost their businesses, i.e. Online Shopping around the world too.

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