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Socializing in the World of Online Gaming

Video Games Industry

Video games have undoubtedly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, especially during the coronavirus lockdown. As technology advances, their technical characteristics are evolving and improving day by day. Video games can be divided into action games, action adventures, role-playing games, simulations, strategy games, vehicle simulations, educational games, and in recent years online casino games have also become popular. Since many popular games can be played on various sites for free, this type of entertainment is available for everyone with a mobile phone, which is the most preferred device for gaming in India.

According to, the market value of India’s gaming industry was around 62 billion Indian rupees in 2019. In four years, it’s estimated to go up to over 250 billion rupees. This industry has been growing at a rapid pace in India, which can potentially lead to over 40 thousand new job opportunities by 2022.

The number of online sites for gaming and gambling is growing every day. The situation in the Indian online world is not that crowded in comparison to other countries, some sites hold the leading position for a long time. People may change their preferences as new trends occur but the quality and the commitment to customers’ needs are always appreciated. For players in India, a good way to gain their points is by focusing on them, as JeetWin sportsbook did by accepting INR as a currency for deposits and choosing a brand ambassador with an Indian background. Although there are some leading companies at every moment, the competition is fierce, and the situation is changing rapidly due to many factors.

The Importance of Social Networks

When it comes to social media, the fact is that it has transformed our lives in many ways. Social media sites make people connect, communicate as if distance does not exist, and offer easy access to detailed information in any sphere of life.

Social networks have transformed all industries from the roots, changing marketing, and customer engagement rules. The gaming industry is no exception, especially today when gaming is much more than a hobby for many. Many people nowadays make a living by playing video games or by gambling. Social networks and other internet services and platforms have certainly contributed to this phenomenon.

Communication between players is greatly facilitated precisely because of social networks, which is certainly an advantage. Gamers who own professional accounts can get in touch with less experienced players at any time. They can offer them advice, recommendations, help them become more successful, and advise them on how to invest better.

The most popular social networks used by gamers to expand their knowledge, gain insight into the latest trends, gaming products, and devices are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nowadays, in addition to streamers that present various online games to the audience, you can also find more and more streamers focused on I-gaming on social networks.

Gamers also care about which device they use. Newbies who are in a dilemma about which device to buy to best suit their needs can also get this information easily using social media. They can find product reviews written by experts and make their decision much easier.


YouTube is another platform where people can make a living from playing video games. This online video sharing service has revolutionized for the last few years. Not only do people play video games, but they also watch others play. On average, gamers (averaging 18-25 years old) around the world spend 3 hours and 23 minutes each week watching others play a video game and commenting on it in real-time or on the footage.

Gaming Communities and Forums

In addition to the mentioned social networks, numerous gaming communities and forums offer information and reviews on gaming sites, games, devices, and other products important in the world of gaming. Such information makes life easier for gamers, especially if they are beginners, as they can find posts with insight into the types of games, rules, strategies, etc. They can also ask questions and chat with other gamers around the world. In India, Gaming Monk is the largest and most reputable online gaming community.

Such sites offer independent and expert reviews of games, comparison of different brands, advice on how to stay safe in an online environment, and more. When it comes to reviewing gaming sites, it’s important to make the review as thorough as possible. The more detailed the review the bigger influence it has on users in the gaming industry.

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