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Sportlemon – Live Sport Streams Online

Sportlemon - Live Sport Streams Online

There are hundreds of sports streaming sites available on the internet, and there are many ways to separate the good ones from the bad ones. You can recognize the good sites that offer an excellent user interface with high-quality links. If the site is providing the best streaming links, you can compromise on the user interface. Today we will talk about the top-rated sports streaming site Sportlemon has been serving users for many years. Please read our article till the end to know everything about this site; it will be very interesting for sports lovers looking for credible platforms to stream their favorite sports.

What is Sportlemon?

Sportlemon is a remarkable website to stream your desired content and delivers comprehensive sports coverage. On this site, you can stream a wide range of sports such as Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, and MotoGP, and many more. Since this site is illegal, government authorities ban the site, and they again appear with different domain names to ditch authorities. Many websites with the same name and different domains use the same design and theme. Some of them are fake and provide false links; if you click on those links, it will redirect you to a gaming, dating, or gambling site.

We dont recommend users to visit this site for streaming or other purposes; however, I still believe that the developers will sort the problems and make it great again. This site has a great history and has provided quality streaming to its users for a great time. Our experts still see a ray of hope and have compiled a list of reasons why we should visit Sportlemon in the future. Let’s have a look at those reasons given below.

Why should you stream on Sportlemon?

The name of this platform is famous, and they can still use it to grab millions of users in the sports streaming industry. There are several threads on the internet talking about the glory days of this excellent streaming site. It has lived up to its name and performed the job of providing various content to its audience. Users could watch sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, American Football, and more with ease.

Free Streaming

You can face a situation in life when premium streaming is not working, and cable/satellite television is not airing your beloved fixture. There are sites Sportlemon that serve you in those situations and provide you free streaming. It has been serving users for ten years without asking for any paid or premium subscription, and you can explore all the features for free. The best thing is you can watch content directly on this site without registering an online account.

Decent User-interface

Interestingly, many free streaming sites have embraced the layout first launched on Sportlemon. For example, fromHOT’s is not related to Sportlemon, but it has copied all the design and the structure of Sportlemon. Developers follow its design, and the reason is its natural and user-friendly interface. It is straightforward, and all the content is organized decently, which is great to see.

We have mentioned all the reasons why people loved this site. Now we are sharing some points on why you shouldn’t stream on Sportlemon anymore.

Why shouldn’t we stream on Sportlemon?


 Sportlemon - Live Sport Streams Online


We read on a forum where an outraged user posted, “What’s wrong with Sportlemon? I’m continually getting redirected to dating apps on my Google Play Store. This site contains many pop-ups, and all the content on this site is fake and dead. Users always complain about this site, as it cheats on them by providing links that are different in reality. So it would be a careful and good option to skip this site and look for other platforms to stream your desired matches.

No streaming content

Sportlemon indeed used to be a popular platform with millions of active users watching different games online. But things are totally different now, if you visit this site, you will see all updated fixtures, but it will redirect you to a dating website or a betting website when you click on them. It doesn’t allow you to watch any content as there’s no inner streaming page. If you still click on any option on the homepage, you’ll get addressed to a new third-party site.

Dangerous for new users

People who dont have the experience of using free sports streaming sites must not visit Sportlemon as it might be dangerous. It contains adware, malware, and pop-ups, that are harmful to your device, and data stored on your computer is also vulnerable to hackers. Recently the site asked the user to upgrade his Flash player for $18 since it was outdated. We are still laughing at this because they can fool beginners but not experienced streamers. And newcomers might not trust any free streaming site, again! If they register on this site. It would help if you used VPN and Adblocker before visiting this site to ensure your privacy and security of the device.


The design of this site makes it a decent option; though there are many negatives about this site, it is a pioneer in designing. You will the contrasting blue colors – Air Force Blue and Powder Blue that still look young and fresh. There is alternate white background in fixtures and the effective use of symbols to symbolize sports 7-8 years ago.


There are ten main categories available in the header section of Sportlemon. Those categories include Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Boxing, MotoGP, and more. It arrives with a powder blue background with a black gradient, enabling the white text to stand out.

Suggestions I have for Sportlemon.

We will suggest the developers restore this site to its glory days, and it hurts to see such a great site suffering in modern times. Users used to stream numerous football and tennis matches on this site, and I urge the developers to turn this passive project into an active one. They can add quality links to allow the viewers to watch content.


As mentioned earlier, Sportlemon is now a shadow of the website it once was, and we strongly advise you to refrain from using this site. If they fix the issue, you might revisit this site. Dont forget to send us your suggestions and feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!


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