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The Applications of Background Checks in Everyday Life

When people hear the phrase ‘background check,’ it may automatically bring up a feeling of dread. After all, it can be uncomfortable knowing that someone is searching in your past for things that you have done wrong. However, background checks are a common part of life and have many real-life applications that are useful in everyday life. 

Job Applicants

The most common use of background checks is for employers to screen their job applicants. The employer has the purpose of determining whether the applicant will be a good fit for their organization. To do so, this sometimes means doing a background check to verify a candidate’s employment history, criminal record, and education. The candidate will need to give written permission before the employer can start the background search. 

A background check will typically reveal if the candidate has lied on their resume or during the interview. For instance, a candidate might put certain dates that they worked at a particular job on their resume. The background check may show that the candidate worked there for a much shorter time than they had claimed, and they were trying to fill in a gap in their employment history. In this case, the employer may choose to speak with the candidate about the discrepancy and decide if their explanation is reasonable. 

Another aspect that candidates sometimes do not realize has to do with their social media profiles. When employers conduct a background search on them, all their social media accounts will be accessible to view. Candidates should be aware of what they are posting online because anything and everything can be potentially used against their job application. 

Romantic Partners

Online dating has become a rising trend in recent times. Many modern-day relationships start from an online dating app. It is a good way to meet people, but this method can also come with its fair share of risk. If you go to meet someone unfamiliar to anybody that you know, there is a higher risk that something could go wrong, and you may get hurt.

Running a background check on your date may seem like overkill, but it is a very smart thing to do. You could try out a beginner-friendly background check service such as to check for known aliases, possible criminal charges, and relatives, including a spouse. If you find anything that seems concerning, you will be more prepared, and you can always cancel the date if you feel uncomfortable with what you found. If not, then you can go into the date feeling more confident about the person, and you might even be able to laugh about the situation together later on. 

Firearm Buyers

When people purchase handguns or larger firearms, they must agree to undergo a criminal background check. This is also the case if someone applies for a concealed weapons permit. This is to ensure that the buyer only has good intentions and is not a threat to the general public. There is also the required waiting time between applying to purchase a gun and being able to obtain it, which reduces the chance that someone will commit a crime out of raw emotion. The waiting time differs depending on the type of guy that is being bought. 


If you have a new neighbor who you are unsure about, it may not be a bad idea to run a background search on them. This is particularly a good idea if you have children who may come in contact with the neighbor. A parent’s instinct is usually right, and it is better to check on someone to be sure that they are safe to be around. During their background check, you would be searching for such things as criminal activity, including sexual offenses. Once you have this information, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to move or remain vigilant around that individual. If it turns out that your suspicions are inaccurate, there is no harm done as the neighbor would not know that the search had occurred. There is no personal information getting distributed, such as their credit history, so you do not need their written permission to perform the check. 


Background check services are great tools that have many different purposes in everyday life. Reviewing a large compilation of data about a person can you give you a good indication of who they are and whether they are trustworthy or not. Background checks can reduce the chances of a poor candidate getting the job, going out with a person of questionable character, someone buying a gun to kill others, and your children getting hurt by a dangerous neighbor.  

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