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The best solution to send large videos on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the best social app that is popular among everyone across the world. It is used for sending instant messages, emojis, replies, images, videos, documents, and many from the mobile. However, there is a restriction of sending video files. If you want to send a large file sized video through WhatsApp, then you might experience the problem. In such a situation, we need to reduce the file size within the acceptable limit of the WhatsApp so that you can upload the video and send it across to your recipients. Multiple WhatsApp video compressor tools are available online. However, they are slow and do not supports all types of file formats of video files. In case you want to compress the file size of video for sharing it on the WhatsApp then you are in the perfect place right now. Here we are going to provide you with the best solution to send large videos on WhatsApp using Whatsapp video converter software.

Whatsapp videos are used for various purposes. They can be shared on groups for promotional purposes as well. In case you want to promote your business by making a video and face challenge due to large file size, then you must use software that can reduce the file size. We must also have an accessible and permissible file format for WhatsApp for sharing of video thorough WhatsApp application.

Let us understand the restrictions we have on WhatsApp applications for video sharing.

  • WhatsApp Maximum Video Size:-Maximum size of video files that can be shared using the WhatsApp application is 16MB. If we consider the time duration of videos, it could be approximately 3 minutes on many mobile phones. This restriction of file size prohibits you from sharing the videos on WhatsApp, which is larger than 16 MB.
  • WhatsApp Supported Videos Formats:- Whatsapp only supports the most popular video file formats which include MP4, AVI, and MKV with MPEG4 or H264 video codec. The audio codec supported by Whatsapp application is AAC or AC3.

Best WhatsApp video converter software

To make the video-sharing through WhatsApp a better experience, we need software that can effectively compress the video file size as well as convert the video format to an accessible format at the same time. Wondershare UniConverter is the best WhatsApp video converter software that can be used for compressing the large-sized videos or changing the file format of videos to accessible formats in bulk. Wondershare UniConverter is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to compress videos for WhatsApp using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1:-Firstly we need to download and install the Wondershare UniConverter from its official websites. The software is available online for both windows and Mac operating system separately.

Step 2:-Open the Wondershare UniConverter by double click and add the videos from the local drive of computers.

Step 3:-Select the permissible file format for whatsapp from the drop down like MP4, AVI and MKV with MPEG4.

Step 4: Change the parameters like file size, resolution, quality, and bit rate and then click on preview.

Step 5:-Select the path or location for storing the output video and then click on OK.

Step 6:-Finally click on the Compress button to store the output video in the specified location.

Whatsapp videos can easily be compressed for video sharing using Wondershare UniConverter. Not only the interface of the software user friendly but is easy to operate. As this software finds no compatibility issues with Windows or Mac operating systems, it is the most popular video converting software that can effectively compress the videos in bulk. It supports more than 1500+ file formats that can be used for file conversion. The basic video editing operations like compressing the file size, interchanging the video file formats, etc. can quickly be done using this software application.

There are many online tools available free of cost that can be used for compressing the video. However, they too have certain restrictions. Firstly they do not enable users to compress the videos in bulk simultaneously. Secondly, online video compressing tools have a maximum upload size limit which makes it impossible for someone to compress video with large file size. Wondershare UniConverter software does not have any restrictions at all. You can use this software without any problem. There is no complicated step to convert the videos from one file format to another. This software can also be used for resizing the video to correct resolution so that it can be viewed across all devices without any compatibility issues with the screens.

We should always download the software from the trusted and official website of Wondershare UniConverter for getting a better experience. The software is available free of cost; however, the extended versions can be purchased online with additional features. It is all in one video converter software which makes video editing, video compressing, and video resizing easy tasks.

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