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The Most Profitable Referral Programs In Crypto


The Most Profitable Referral Programs In Crypto

The price of bitcoin is skyrocketing, and the cryptocurrency business is teeming with chances to profit practically everywhere. Crypto fans can purchase and hold currencies, profitably trade Bitcoin on margin, stake tokens utilising DeFi programmes, and much more.

However, one of the simplest methods to supplement your income is also one of the most frequently disregarded. Because of the fast developing business and how swiftly acceptance is unfolding, referral programmes at cryptocurrency trading platforms, applications, exchanges, and other crypto industry enterprises may often generate significant benefits.

Others, on the other hand, use every instrument at their disposal to earn money, while others focus primarily on holding, staking, or one other section. To assist individuals with more ambitious financial ambitions, we’ve compiled a list of the most rewarding cryptocurrency referral schemes.


PrimeXBT is a multi-award-winning platform that focuses primarily on bitcoin margin trading, or the meat and potatoes of the experience. The Covesting copy trading module allows followers to profit passively by copying the trades of more successful strategy managers. Newly new PrimeXBT Covesting yield accounts provide you direct access to the most popular DeFi protocols including Curve, Yearn.Finance, Uniswap, and others, allowing you to earn some of the finest APY rates passively.

But, in addition to long and short positions in forex, stock indices, crypto, and commodities, PrimeXBT has one of the most lucrative referral systems in the industry, thanks to the fact that people marketing their referral URL have all of the above to brag about. Plus, PrimeXBT makes it simple to share a personalised referral link with friends and family via social media or other means.

A 20% commission is received on all trading fees produced from that user’s trading turnover if they join up using the referral link. The PrimeXBT referral programme is particularly attractive because if the newly recommended user also uses their own unique referral link, they will not only earn 20% on the customer they brought in, but the initial referrer will also receive a commission. Up to four layers of recommendations can earn the first user commissions, allowing anybody who is socially engaged to develop a viral network of commission-generating referrals.

Daily payouts are made in BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC, depending on the user’s preferred cryptocurrency. Users may also utilise PrimeXBT’s built-in exchange facility in the account wallet system to easily convert profits. The aggregate referral commissions of the top three referrers are approaching $10 million USD.


A referral programme is only profitable if the individuals with whom you share the referral link are interested in joining. Referred users will only join up if they are given a clear benefit. Although the benefit of utilising only one account is significant in this scenario, other appealing offers include anything for free.

Lolli, for example, has one of the greatest cryptocurrency referral programmes since the pitch is that anyone can receive free Bitcoin for doing very little. Lolli rewards users in crypto in two ways: a daily BTC stack earned by opening a treasure box, and BTC-back earned on everyday purchases at Lolli’s retail partners.

Lolli was formerly only available as a browser plugin, but it is now also available as a mobile app. Anyone who refers a new user to the app receives $1, and both the referrer and the original user receive $5 when the first transaction is made. BTC-back goes as high as 25% or more at some stores, and free BTC from the daily stack can amount to as much as 100,000 satoshi.

Macy’s, Best Buy, GameStop, and Nike are among the retail partners, with more being added on a regular basis. Promoting Lolli is a no-brainer because everyone purchases at these stores anyhow, and you’ll be doing your friends a favour when they get their Bitcoin back for free. Remember that a dollar in Bitcoin 10 years ago was worth millions now, so don’t pass up any free Bitcoin.


When individuals initially go into cryptocurrency, they are given a few crucial guidelines to follow. For example, you should never reveal how much cryptocurrency you own to others, as this might make you a target for hackers. Furthermore, you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose. And we don’t only mean because cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment that might lose all of its value.

We mention this because crypto assets are routinely stolen as a result of exchange hacks and other problems, which leads us to the last piece of widely provided advice: store assets in cold storage if you aren’t actively utilising or trading them. Cryptocurrency wallets should include both a hot and cold storage option. For everyday usage, a hot wallet like exchanges is essential, but for longer-term storage, a Trezor is the ideal option.

Because Trezor and other cold storage hardware wallets are so frequently recommended and for good reason, advertising a referral link is simple. It’s also a referral link you can feel good about because you’ll be providing value – and security – to your friends and family. Trezor also adds value by offering a profitable referral scheme that rewards out in Bitcoin.

Trezor generously pays commissions of 12-15 percent on each hardware wallet sold, excluding VAT and shipping charges. Payments are provided monthly by wire transfer or Bitcoin, although we suggest using Bitcoin because any referral commissions are added to any long-term crypto holdings. Trezor also offers banners, text, informative films, and other marketing materials to assist sell items and increase commissions for both parties.


Providing value to an audience is part of what makes any referral campaign lucrative, regardless of the scheme you use. It doesn’t matter how large a commission a platform, service, or product gives; if no one wants what’s being given, no commissions or income will be generated – defeating the point of a referral programme entirely. If you want to locate the most profitable programme that also provides the greatest value, stick to the list above.

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