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Top Quality Sound Cards For Gaming PC

Sound Cards For Gaming PC

A great sound card can transform a mediocre gaming experience into a rich and formidable one that is joined to blow your socks off every time you fire up your favorite game. Whether you want to increase your immersion in an open-world RPG or need to hear footsteps more clearly in a battle royale match, a top quality sound cards for gaming PC upgrade will always be able to exert your gaming set up to the succeeding level.

Gamers often forget just how vital sound cards for gaming PC and sometimes overlook it when building a new PC. If you want a genuinely great setup, though, a high-quality sound card is an absolutely essential purchase. This article will describe what you should be marking out for from a sound card and then recommend a few options that we think are great.

Top Quality Sound Cards Gaming PC in 2020

Now that we have performed over a few of the features to look out for from a great gaming sound card, let’s look at a few of the best sound cards around for the budget buyer.

Creative Sound Blaster ZxR

Another exceptional option if you are looking for high quality yet the affordable sound card is the Creative Sound Blaster ZxR. This card is top-rated in the gaming community and can elevate your sound setup to the next level.

This sound card is built with a surround sound system in mind, but it still works very well with headphones or desktop speakers. You’ll struggle to find better sound quality at this price point, and the inclusion of Crystal Voice FX software provides superior voice chat capabilities when you are playing with friends.

The Creative Sound Blaster ZxR is highly recommended. If you want to discover some more fantastic sound card options for gaming, then head straight to BestBudget. They regularly review sound cards for gaming PC and computer equipment and are always hunting for budget gems.

Asus Xonar SE

Asus is one of the most popular and reputable manufacturers of computer equipment globally, and for a good reason. Their products are always exceptionally well built, influential, and can be relied on to deliver top performance for years to come.

The Xonar SE lives up to the high standard that Asus sets. It has 5.1 surround sound audio, which means you can hook it up to your home theatre system for a truly immersive experience. This is complemented by some excellent 3D imaging, which catapults you straight into the game.

The sound card also has excellent sound quality, with rich bass and clear highs. It is effortless to install and has a very low profile bracket, saving space for other components in your build.

Features Of Top Quality Sound Cards For Gaming PC

The best gaming sound cards will have several great features that will improve the quality of your audio. They will have a super-rich sound stage that will make your games sound infinitely more detailed and immersive. This section will list a few of these features and what they can bring to your setup.

3D Sound cards For Gaming PC

3D sound, or 3D spatial imaging, if we are using the posh name, is a feature that many gamers look out for when choosing their next sound card. These 3D sound gives the user a full directional picture of the sound around them in their game and can be used with headphones or a speaker system.

Moreover, 3D spatial imaging is particularly great for first-person shooters or battle royale games since you can listen out for an enemy’s footsteps and sounds and efficiently work out whereabouts they are. This can give a player a significant advantage compared to someone who does not have a 3D sound.

This feature isn’t just for shooters, though. It can enhance an experience and significantly increase immersion in games from any genre. 3D sound really makes you feel like you are in the game, so it is excellent for sprawling open worlds. If you also want to hear music out of your PC, then 3D sound can also make songs sound more impressive and powerful.


If you want to link your computer’s sound up to a home theatre system or even to your headphones. You want to make sure that the sound card you buy has the necessary ports. You’ll probably need S/PDIF ports if you’re going to hook up to a speaker system since this type of connection offers the fastest and most reliable connection to your speakers.

If you want to link to a home theatre or surround sound system. Here, you also require to make sure that the sound card compatible with them. Look out for cards described as Dolby Surround sound cards because these will provide a 7.1 or 5.1 surround output. Depending on what type of speaker setup you have.

Gaming with a surround sound speaker system is a truly magical experience. And when this is paired up with 3D spatial imaging, the result will blow you away.

MIDI ports

Although musicians typically use MIDI connections to input sounds from an external instrument. They can also connect joysticks for playing particular games. If you’re into games like Street Fighter. Then you might well be familiar with using a joystick. So, look out for MIDI ports if you know that you will be connecting specific controllers.  Or use sound cards for music creation.


Now for the boring part. Although weighing up the different sound cards’ various features. The most important way to choose which one is right for you. It’s always worth looking at the warranty and guarantee that the card manufacturers offer.

A warranty will protect the buyer from manufacturer defects and any problems with the card’s build quality. If issues develop that wasn’t the user’s fault, then a product under warranty will usually be replaced free of charge. Most sound cards are well built and reliable these days. But there’s no harm in having a warranty if something goes wrong. You don’t want to waste loads of money on an expensive sound card. Only for it to stop working a month later.


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