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Top Rated Free Youtube Downloader For Android

youtube downloader for Android

Hello chaps, follow this article to learn which is the top-notch YouTube downloader for android. Technology should be accessible, and you should view YouTube videos for free at any time or any place. All you need is your Android device. Even if you do not have an approach to Wi-Fi, it is great to watch videos from your most-liked influencer or get tips from the motorcycle channel you love without wasting mobile data loads. Furthermore, suppose you’re traveling by train, and you want to have some entertainment, or on the other hand. In that case, you’re experiencing connection problems; the good news is that you can download & save YouTube videos to Android and view them later with ease.

Let’s face it; you can watch an entire 10-minute video clip or a 1h long movie from beginning to end without anxious about running out of mobile data. Also, you can do this anywhere without being restricted to a Wi-Fi connection. It is an excellent alternative to check what’s new on Facebook.
If you ask whether you can save YouTube videos to your mobile or not, then read on.

Youtube Downloader For Android

1. Dentex

Dentex is one of the best apps for a YouTube video downloader for Android that permits you to download YouTube videos in seconds. The interface is segmented into three parts. 

  1. You can search the YouTube video and observe the results.
  2. The second part gives the quality and format options.
  3. Last but not least, the third part lists the earlier downloaded videos.


  • You can adjust the format of either video even after downloading it.
  • Moreover, You can quote audio files from the videos and later transform them into an MP3 format.
  • The last distinguishing feature of this app is that You can remotely download by SSH.


  • An added plug-in is required to convert the format of the video.
  • The app is not fit with older Android versions such as Gingerbread, Froyo, and Éclair.
  • The downloading process might seldom stop, asking you to resume the process.

2. InsTube

InsTube Free Video & Music Downloader permits you to download YouTube videos at tremendous speed. Its supporting MP3, MP4, 3GP, as well as M4A formats. You can download the YouTube videos in HD, Full HD, or 4K is at your fingertips with this medium. You can download videos from more extensive than 40 websites apart from YouTube and enjoy them offline.


  • It has an inbuilt closet to preserve videos and keep them secret.
  • The hassle-free and handy interface provides for easy operation.
  • High-speed downloading choices across 40+ websites and free YouTube video download are also plausible.


  • Undesired Ads popup on the screen, urging you to install updates.
  • You see the clipboard identifier symbol only for few moments on the screen.

3. WonTube Youtube Downloader For Android

With WonTube, you can gather and store YouTube videos on Android. Its high translation speed protects your time. The simplistic interface of the App executes its user friendly. The App can merge videos and convert the result to any format that is a unique feature.


  • It supports AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, and MPG.
  • Also works well with poor internet connectivity as well, compared to other video downloaders.
  • This can convert videos into 20+ formats.


  • Even though multiple videos can be downloaded simultaneously, the same batch videos can be converted only to one output format.

4. Newpipe

NewPipe is one of the best youtube downloader for Android. Analyses YouTube videos by itself to collect the necessary data for downloading the videos. This downloader can, therefore, operate with phones that do not have Google Services established in them. The App enables you to download audio and video with various formats and resolutions. NewPipe also retains your modernized about your favorite YouTube channels. Furthermore, You protect YouTube videos on Android.


  • It is slightly 2MB.
  • It has a pop-up method, which is adjustable and resizable, using which you can watch the videos while bringing out other ventures on your mobile.
  • This is the Ads free app.


  • It does not have a login option, so you cannot view your history.
  • It requires additional settings.


Using TubeMate, you can now save your favorite YouTube videos straight on your phone and appreciate them wherever offline. You can determine the character of the video, as this tool helps different resolutions. If you are a learner user, this App is manageable as one two three. You require to search the video on YouTube and tap the green arrow behind the screen to download it.


  • Multiple download choices are available along with the background download option to bring on with other routine work on your phone.
  • It can download audios and videos both.
  • Videos can be transformed into MP3 formats.


  • You cannot download videos in 4K Format.
  • TubeMate does not download the genuine YouTube video. Preferably, a video encoded video by YouTube. Therefore, the video sometimes fails to play, and downloading a low-resolution video to save YouTube videos on Android might help.

Is Youtube Video Downloader For Android is Legal?

It is illegal to use third-party tools to download YouTube videos or audios against YouTube’s service terms. When downloading a YouTube audio or video, you risk copyright infringement unless you have got permission from the entity, the copyright holder, that content is in the public domain. Or, of course, if you’re the one who owns the video. That said, YouTube Premium paid service to benefit from its features without using 3rd party apps. And one of the characteristics is the ability to watch videos offline. Other than that, you are probably doing an illegal download. Proceed with caution and remember whatever you do, you’re fully responsible for your acts.

Concluding Note

Dear followers, as you studied from our article- Top rated free youtube downloader for android, you can get a YouTube to MP4 Converter app to your mobile. You can also use an online converter website to download YouTube video or audio for your smartphone. That is a very straightforward process that will enable you to use the downloaded content even if you are out of Wi-Fi range. Very useful when traveling or even when spending some time outside without consuming our mobile data package.
We expect that these suggestions will help you learn how to download YouTube for Android using the best Android YouTube downloader.

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