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UVC Lighting Application for Disinfection

UVC Lighting

As the world continues to fight new infections every day, including the most recent coronavirus, there has been a lot of attention shifts towards germicidal UV technology, which was only used minimally before. Germicidal UV technology also referred to as UVC, is one of the most effective ways to prevent hospital-acquired infections and kill germs and viruses in health facilities and homes.

When used correctly, UVC had the potential of killing up to 99.9% of disease-causing germs. According to research, UVC also has the potential if eliminating SARS-CoV-2, the covid-19 causing virus. This discovery has seen most hospitals replace normal lighting around the hospital with UVC lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Apart from hospitals, it is also possible for homes, restaurants, and retail stores to adopt UVC lighting for disinfection. Here are different ways UVC lighting can be applied to different environments.

Upper room ultraviolet fixtures

According to lighting industry experts, the use of upper-room UVC to kill germs is one of the most effective methods of reducing bacteria and virus transmission. Upper-air units can disinfect a room by continuously emitting upper-room UV rays without direct contact with humans. This makes them safe for occupied areas.

Different brands offer different upper room fixtures that are ideal for almost any room, be it at home, in the office, or public spaces. Other fixtures use UV LEDs and HEPA-carbon activated filters to disinfect the air, passing it through a troffer where UV lighting is present.

UVC for HVAC systems

It is also possible to introduce UVC to air before it reaches an occupied space. Adding UVC products to HVAC systems can help to disinfect air before it reaches people in a building or room. The type of UVC products to install in your HVAC system depends on the type of system you have and can be either in-duct or on-coil.

On-coil UV systems target the rays to the drain pans and cooling coils, while in-duct systems are installed in the ducts where the air is disinfected as it moves through the system. Because HVAC systems are usually outside a building or in and maintenance area, the UV radiation cannot harm humans.

It is important to use safety measures when the HVAC systems are being repaired or serviced. It is also important to note that using UVC in HVAC systems cannot be effective in sanitizing surfaces but can be used to maintain a safe and clean environment.

UVC fixtures

UV fixtures for killing germs are usually installed in a way that they disinfect from above. Most of these fixtures can be mounted or installed in walls or ceilings. Once in place, they do not cause any disruptions to day-to-day activities since they run on a switch and timer. It is important to ensure the room is empty whenever the UVC fixture is activated.

These disinfecting fixtures are ideal for banks, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, or any premises that have a lot of traffic during the day. Setting the UVC fixture to disinfect at night ensures the space is clean every morning.

Handheld UVC equipment

These types of UVC units are most suitable for hard to clean surfaces such as keyboards, handrails, doorknobs, lift buttons, and chairs, among other surfaces. Handheld UVC devices are also some of the most affordable disinfecting units in the market.

You can replace the lamp in these UVC devices, which is easy to do. However, most other parts cannot be replaced once they malfunction. Always ensure you purchase from a trusted dealer to get the best product.

UVC mobile units

These are portable UVC units that can be moved from one area to another based on need. This is an economical way of disinfecting a large space without having to invest in UVC fixtures for every room. Portable disinfecting units are already used in different areas like hotels, hospitals for disinfecting PPEs, and for disinfecting rooms in general.

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